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Cutler expects to play the entire game vs. Packers

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Jay Cutler said he expects to play the entire game when the Bears meet the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday even though the Bears have already locked up a first-round playoff bye.

"Lovie said we're going to be going hard in that game and we're going to be going full go on Sunday," Cutler said. "That's what we expect."

Several players said that halftime adjustments were the difference in Sunday's 38-34 win over the Jets. Cutler, however, said his three third-quarter touchdown passes were more the result of him settling in and feeling more comfortable.

"There wasn't an adjustment," he said. "With a team like that that plays multiple defenses and [is] walking around and showing different looks sometimes it takes a minute to really settle down and figure out where they're coming and getting a feel for it. Once [center] Olin [Kreutz] got a feel for it and I got a feel for where the ball had to go we had some good stuff happen."

Green Bay's pass defense ranks fifth in the league (199.3 yards per game). Opposing quarterbacks are averaging a miniscule 69.1 passer rating against the Packers D this season.

"They're going to show you a lot of different looks and bring some pressure but they're going to be smart about it," Cutler said. "That's why they're tough."

With a win Sunday, the Bears go undefeated against NFC North opponents this season.

"I don't think anyone has done it since they re-grouped everything," Cutler said. "That's definitely in the back of our mind. We don't really want to take a step back as a team or as an offense the way we have played the last couple games. We're kind of putting things together. We want to keep that going."

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As much as I would LOVE to see the Bears knock the Packers out of the playoffs-

I would be "P-od-ed" if 1- of the starter got hurt in this meaningless game.

The Bears run of being (practically) injury free is part of what has enabled them to be in the position they are in today, why chance a "catastrophic" injury???

Its pretty obvious Cutler is coming on as a quarterback and the Bears offense is coming on overall as a unit under Mike Martz. This offense isn't gonna put up big numbers overall statistically on the season, but anyone who has been watching the Bears offense throughout the seasons knows, they've been getting better and better under Martz.

I won't lie, at first, I didn't like the Mike Martz hiring. I wanted Kevin Rogers the Vikings quarterback coach to be hired as the Bears new offensive coordinator. Partly because I figured the Bears already had the personnel in place to run the west-coast type scheme that Rogers runs, and you do gotta love the job Rogers did with Favre last season cutting his interception total down below 10 for the first time in his career, and the job Rogers has done this year with this young Webb kid. As far as Martz, I didn't like the type of scheme Martz ran, I thought Martz's scheme was all about gunning it 50 times a game and that he would try and force his scheme on the Bears who simply aren't built to run the greatest show on turf. I was wrong about Martz. When Martz was first hired, he said he tries to mold his scheme around his personnel, he didn't lie. Early on the Bears were trying to run a full blown Martz scheme, but like I said, simply don't have the personnel, namely the pass protection, to run a lot of 5-7 step drops like Martz would like. Martz fixed this by running plays the personnel on Chicago's offense can be more effective running, and have become more balanced. The offense has been on a roll ever since. Jay Cutler and the rest of the offense, Forte and the receivers, are growing into this scheme nicely and most importantly winning GO BEARS!!

Much as I'd like to see them knock out the Packers, I think this is probably window dressing. The Bears can't come out and say they are going to play it safe for a couple of reasons, both having to do with getting a nasty and expensive note from the league.

First, there are other dogs in the hunt, like the Giants. If the Bears openly talk about handing the game to the Packers, the Giants are screwed. The other reason is that the TV has already flexed the game to 3:00, meaning they want a good game for their national audience. They lose big bucks if the Bears go in the tank and everybody takes a nap instead of watching the game.

You have the influence of a New York market team, and the influence of the national TV media who basically pay most of the bills in the NFL. That is why you won't hear the Bears say they are going to rest their starters.

The Bears will puff up their chests and sing about beating a division rival, but if they get down by a couple touchdowns, watch who sits and who plays.

Well i think cutler should come out score alot of points fast and sit out the rest of the game. Possible maybe or maybe are D can shut down rodgers early..Truth is no so i say just go all out with starters till the end of the third and go from there...we dont want them to get rusty for the playoffs and hopefully not hurt. I wouldnt want to see the packs again in the playoffs. When it comes to rival games these teams know each other to GO BEARS BABY!!!!

I have felt cheated in the past when teams rested their starters once they had nothing to gain from winning.The fans do not get a cut rate to attend the games and are paying to see their favorite team's best players perform. Of course injuries are always a possibility, and key ones could even cost a team a Super Bowl win.Even so, I think every team should play the players most likely to help them win the game. Resting players who have injuries which limit their performance or may lead to more serious physical problems is a different scenario. Those players should be rested and be given a chance to heal.

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