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Chicago Bears and NFC Playoff Picture

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Thanks to the Detroit Lions, the Bears remain in the drivers' seat for the NFC North title, despite an embarrassing 36-7 loss Sunday at Soldier Field.

Currently, the Bears are 9-4, which would be good for the second seed in the NFC, behind the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons. The Philadelphia Eagles (9-4) are the third-seed, followed by the 6-7 St. Louis Rams. The current wildcards are the 10-3 New Orleans Saints and the 8-4 New York Giants.

The Giants play the Minnesota Vikings tonight at Ford Field in Detroit, and the game is significant on several levels. A Vikings loss would essentially ensure they do not win the NFC North again. They would move to 5-8, which means they'd need several other NFC teams to not win another game in the final three weeks. But, the Giants do have the victory over the Bears, which could prove important down the stretch for seeding positioning.

As noted yesterday, the Bears can clinch the NFC North by having the Green Bay Packers lose to the New England Patriots, in Foxboro, Mass., and then beating the Vikings next Monday night. If both scenarios happen, then the Bears would be guaranteed a better division record, which is the second tie-breaker.

The Bears didn't lose any ground in the battle with the Packers. But, they hurt their chances for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. The Falcons have two of their final three games at home, and their only difficult game is against the New Orleans Saints at the Georgia Dome, Dec. 27. Their other two games are against the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers.

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You need to run a scenario in which the Bears lose their last three games......that is the most likely thing to happen. The "real" Bears showed up yesterday: bad blocking, bad tackling, bad angles, bad scheme, bad preparation, bad drafting, bad play calls....

Let's review the season so far:

Sept. 12: Lions - Actually lost this game except for an arcane NFL rule

Sept. 19: at Cowboys - Beat the Cowboys when they stunk, wouldn't beat them today

Sept. 27: Packers - Won this game because the Pack had 150 penalty yards, won't happen in Lambeau

Oct. 3: at Giants - Got crushed, as expected

Oct. 10: at Panthers - Beat the worst team in the NFL

Oct. 17: Seahawks - Lost to one of the worst teams in the NFL

Oct. 24: Redskins - Lost to an average team

Nov. 7: at Bills - Beat one of the worst teams in the NFL

Nov. 14: Vikings - Beat the Vikes due to a crumbling Favre

Nov. 18: at Dolphins - Beat a team with an inept offense

Nov. 28: Eagles - Beat a quality team that, if they had another 2 minutes, would have beat the Bears

Dec. 5: at Lions - Beat one of the worst teams in the NFL

Dec. 12: Patriots - Got blown out as expected


So now we have the worst of all possible worlds:

- the Bears lose the rest of their games, but they have won enough to give the McCaskeys the cover to possibly extend Lovie yet again, or

- they win the division because of Rogers injury which pretty much guarantees that Lovie gets three more years

...either way, we are stuck with a few more years of mediocrity.

the still need to draft offensive linemen,theirs is atrocious,im supprised jay can do what he does.when are they going to draft a power running back?bo do they need some good receivers.i suppose theres allways nect year?

Just git their ass beat, maybe this will wake em' up.

Just git their [butt] beat, maybe this will wake em' up.

I was just trying to figure out how the Bears would have the 2nd seed with the Saints having a better record. Then I realized that the Falcons and Saints are in the same division so Da Bears still have a pretty good chance at securing that seed. A Vikings win tonight would be great for the cause and the playoff picture.

John F, i gurantee u are over the age of 40, i have this theory that any male bears fan over 40 is undoubtedly a pissed off bitter hater, Everything u said there is flawed, lets review......

week one- snuck out of a game that alot of people pinned as the Lions coming out party, if the lions win that game who knows how their season goes

week 2- DEFIANT WIN with solid first half adjustments against a playoff team the year prior, they played badly because we made them play badly, we crushed their season

week 3- Biggest win of season against HEAVILY FAVORITE GB, and those penalties were caused by Julius Peppers dominance, check the tapes, holds and false starts on Peppers, and hes no fluke, oh yea and Devin Hester the greatest kick returner of all time and an ICONIC forced fumble by Urlacher

weeek 4- Gut Check time against a team coming off 2 losses and was a very underrated at that time and knocked Cutler out for the second half, but our GREAT defense kept it within one score the whole second half but seriously Todd Collins?!?

week 5-Underrated win without our Starting Quarterback, had to run the ball to win and did, but yes Carolina is garbage, so ill give you this one even with Todd Collins

Week Six- Defense laid an egg in the first half and the offense was rusty with Cutler coming off a CONCUSSION and hadnt played in almost 2 weeks and really couldnt get anything going other than Devin Hester the greatest kick retuner EVER but Im sure you can just operate soo well with a CONCUSSION

week 7- By far worst loss of season and the only game so far this year where we saw BAD JAY, but still took 2 negated TDs to beat us, one DJ Moore pick 6 nullified by a delay of game by the Redskins BS, and a Cutler dive across the endzone that WAS a TD but Lovie doesnt challenge and stays a fumble, even bigger BS but dont forget GB lost to Washington too even with the great aaron rodgers

week 8- Bye week, but im sure you think they shouldve lost that week too

week 9-Big Pick-Me-Up Game with our season on the line against a PESKY Bills team who has given all sorts of teams problems including the Steelers, that game showed character coming off 2 ugly losses

week 10- Whooped up on a beleagured team without Rice and a QB that looks too old, prolly around your age! But took care of business like a GOOD Team Does, but u can hate.

week 11-Beat a Dolphins team that has beaten the Jets and GB on the road yes even with the great aaron rodgers, and yes they were without Chad Henne but no ones mistaking Henne for a pro bowl quarterback and that dolphins defense is underrated, ask green bay

week 12- STATEMENT GAME im sure you thought we would get crushed and i wishi couldve seen your face when we were up 31-13, legit win and the score was definitly not indicative of the game, very misleading, dominated a good playoff team in ALL phases

week 13- A MUST WIN in a tough enviroment where the lions have given problems to just about everyone that has traveled to detroit, philly, new england, the jets, green bay, just ask aaron rodgers how his head feel, this was a game playoff teams find a way to win, which is the difference between us and green bay

week 13- Yes we got put on Tom Bradys footbal knee and took a spankin, but for a team likely headed to the playoffs with a GB loss and Chi win next week I argue that blowout wasnt such a bad thing, and could be a good teaching tool and source for motivation the rest of the way, Tom Brady has made a HOF career of winning games in that condition 19-2 in snowing cold temperatures games and Cutler could learn alot from Brady that day and maybe he will, im sure you dont think so.

John F the bottom line is this, this is football and there are no asterisks next to wins or losses for that matter, every win is clutch and every loss sucks and you will be forever doomed by the ghosts of the 85 Bears and no John they are NEVER coming back, so take the games for what they are and realize in this years NFL ANYTHING can happen and the fact that we are 9-4 shows we are a battle tested and a dangerous team for the playoffs

john you are the epitome of Bears fans I HATE, dont be too upset when the Bears let you down and make the playoffs


Dear Anonymous:

Yes, I am over 40 and because of that I not only remember the 80's bears, but I also remember the 70's Bears. The current Bears wouldn't last a quarter with the 70's Bears and wouldn't come out of the locker room against the 80's Bears.

Part of being a fan is being a realist, not being blind to your team's shortcomings.

If you guaranteed that the Bears would fire Lovie and Angelo despite making the playoffs this year (and going one-and-done), then I will cheer along with you. But any Bears fan that is satisfied with the "once every five years" playoff appearance is not a real fan, but a fool who is willing to overlook the incompetence of this head coach and GM.

I never said the Bears didn't win any games this year, what I tried to do is point out why they got pounded yesterday and I have repeatedly tried to point out why the Bears are not a consistent winning franchise that contends each year (see - Lovie and Angelo).

Why have they won this year (and went far in 2006 and made the playoffs in 2001)......INJURIES, or the lack thereof. Any team in the NFL with as few injuries as the Bears this year had better have a winning record and make it to the playoffs. But relying on the lack of injuries as a basis for being successful is foolhardy.

I realize you are frustrated with my comment(s) but your frustration is more appropriately directed to the people who fail year-after-year to put a consistently competent football team on the field.

Fans, enjoy this "winning" season this year cus next year and for many years to come this team will occupy the NFC North Division cellar.
Just look....
Green Bay- much better and much younger now and would show it if not for all the injuries. Future looks bright.
Detroit- This team will be downright scary and soon. Great D-line, great offensive weapons, youth and more high round draft picks!
Minnesota- They will need help at QB but have youth, Leslie Frazier, and don't forget Adrian Peterson!!
Bears- too old, no receivers, will need to revamp entire O-line because of age and horrible play, bad coaching, and Jerry Angelo making the draft picks! YIKES!!!.....HELP!!!

Forgive me cause I wasnt alive in the 70s and was 2 months old on january 26 1986 but I dont recall any dynasties during that era, seriously is this really gale sayers, you are such a hater.

You act as if the Bears earn absolutely nothing. No one gave us a mulligan when 2/3s of our linebacking core went down last year did they.

Im not going to apologize for the Bears being healthy, the Colts never won shit until Bob Sanders could stay healthy, you need a multitide of things to go your way to have a good season, we could argue semantics all day long.

Truth is, we both have a point, and thats the point, the differenxe between winning and losing is soo close that any person can find things to support your argument,

The reason we have been successful is because of DEFENSE AND SPECIAL TEAMS, they have proven that.

There is a difference between being a "realist" and being blinded by your hate for Lovie and Angelo.

And your love for Sayers and company has blinded you as well the Bears only made the playoffs 2 times in the 70s and that was when Sweetness came in 77 before that they didnt do shit that decade.

And as for the 80s, there couldnt be a bigger failure for this franchise, to finally build one of THE GREATEST TEAMS OF ALL TIME and only come away with ONE ring, again your blinded by McMahon mooning choppers and Ditka grading peoples IQ and the Super Bowl Shuffle.

The Bears in the 80s made the playoffs from 1984-88 winning 62 games in that five yr stretch (most by any team ever) but yet only won ONE super bowl, as a Bears fan I can say that pisses me off.

So which brings me to this last decade, my favorite so far as a 25 yr old Bears fan, where we have made the playoffs in 2001, 2005, 2006, and pretty soon 2010, which will put us one behind your 80s Bears, as far as making the playoffs (In no way am I saying this team is better than the 85 Bears) but if not for a Daniel Manning kick return fumble against the Texans in 2008 from matching your prestigous mark.

But I digress, my new bottom line is this, yes I agree there are better coaches, GMs, owners, players, and ball boys out there and No I dont think we just win everything on luck, cause Im not a moron.

You are like Gale Sayers, Trent Dilfer, Dan McNeil, Dan Bernstein, My Dad, and Santa Clause all rolled into one, and what you need to do is appreciate that at the very least we have been competitive this last decade more so than the horrid 90s and SOME of that has to do with Lovie teaching turnover defense and Angelo making some pretty good moves (along with some pretty bad 1st Rd draft picks) with Peppers and Cutler and drafting Hester who has single handedly revolutionized the Special Teams game.

But Ill say this much if this conversation had taken place last year at this time, you might not sound soo much like a blowhard, but the fact is they have righted the ship and its ok to say "I WAS WRONG", but Im sure you would never say that even if thet LUCKED their way to a SB trophy.

Oh yea and I had my name up but someone made it anonymous, god how I would LOVE to sit with you during this Monday Night game and teach you a thing or two about football.

Keep fightin the good fight sir.......BEAR DOWN

Yeah, the Bears got their sphincters cleansed on Sunday by NE but at time's like these, there's always the Bears-Patriots SuperBowl in 1986 to remember.

Yes, the '85 Bears met the first team to win 3 playoff games on the road (that would be the Pats) and totally annihilated them. I'm talking crushing a can on your head dominance. It wasn't fun to watch (and I was too young to drown my sorrows in booze).

So don't be too sad. The circle is complete. Balance is once again with us.


The naysayers are sure out today.

I am very disappointed by the loss, but have a really hard time believing the Bears are going to drop all three of their final games.

I expect Chicago to win 10 and get into the playoffs. Depending on the match-up, they could even make the second round.

After yesterday's game, and looking at the season on the whole, I agree with many that it's pretty safe to say the Bears are pretty far from the NFL elite.

That said, they should be good for the next 3-4 years (good being 8-8, 9-7, 10-6). Unless they draft really well (cough) and take offensive line talent in rounds 1-3 (cough) and get lucky on a late round defender, they might get to the promised land.

I admit that's a long shot, but not impossible in today's NFL.

No need to run that scenario. Bears must win at least 1 of the last 3 to win the division, and almost certainly as well to get a wild card. If that 1 win is over the Vikings then they need GB to lose to either NE or NYG. If the 1 win is over the Jets, then GB would have to lose to both NE and NYG. If the 1 win is over GB then the Bears win the division. GB's only hope for the division is to get it down to that last game, and their chances of a wild card even at 10-6 are tenuous at best.

Cool it, guys. The Bears got their heads handed to them, and no one realizes that more than the players do. Obviously though, they are still in pretty solid shape for the playoffs, and anything can happen there. Sometimes the stupid mistakes pile up, and against a team like the Patriots when they are in top form, any team is going to look overrated.Look at what they did to the Jets. Let's just hope the Bears recover better than the Jets did.At least there is time to correct the mistakes, and incentive here on out should not be lacking.

What a bunch of moaning. Bears are a good team. Patriots are a very good team. But good teams often step it up for a playoff run ( look at the giants a few years back )

Right now the bears simply need to beat the Vikings and the Jets and they are in the playoffs and the Packers are home watching. Sounds very reasonable to me.

Oh and by the way, I am over 40 and agree JohnF is a fool

"Bears are a good team"

The Bears are a relatively un-injured today's violent NFL, that equates to victories and possible playoff appearances....just ask the 2001 Bears how that worked out........

Sorry, I am not going to apologize for being frustrated at Lovie/Angelo's incompetence and the occasional playoff appearance.....the Bears mean too much to me to settle for what I've gotten the three prior years when if Angelo had only hit on at least 50% of his high-round draft picks and Lovie hadn't had to fire his staff over-and-over, things would have been much different.

Lovie wasted the best team he had in 2006, thought he was smart instead of lucky (Angelo too), and we have been paying the price ever since.

I agree with 1 thing JohnF said. The bears winning evry 3-4 yrs is BS, Why is it that the pats can be winners over the past 15 years? It is strictly because they know how to draft and coach, even if they get someone hurt the have depth. Brady goes out and they still weren't that bad, Cutler goes out in game 1 and we would be lucky to 3 games. Anonymous I guarantee it the bears stay course and 15 years from now you will be saying the same thing. I don't want a team that wins every 3-4 years, I want a team that wins and reloads every year. They do not have to win the superbowl every year or even be in it, but damn at least go deep in the playoffs every year. JA and lovie are winning because there jobs are on the line, why do we have to wait for this before they do something about the team. Lovie will be in the last year of his contract next year and because of a possible lockout I have no problem with him staying 1 more year, but JA has to go and they can't sign lovie unless he proves that this year is no fluke.

Hey Anonymous. count me as your newest fanboi! Gee willikers, that was scintillating analysis! They say that youth is wasted on stupidity, but hey, like me, you just let it all hang out, don' ya? Are you a Garrett Wolfe fan too? I actually think he'll beat Craig Steltz to the Hall of Fame. Keep posting your wisdom. I'm sure you might even pick up an admirer in Larry Mayer, the bestest and most wonderfulest objective, hard=hitting journalist in Chi-land! Woooo! Woo!

I am over a couple of years, but dare say in much better shape than the 25 year olds on this blog. There's no Butkus or Ditka jersey stretched over my gut. There is no gut, for that matter.

John F,
You can't talk to people who have a kool-aid buzz. All you need to know from Anonymous' post to point to his ignorance is the quote "Angelo making some pretty good moves. {along with some pretty bad 1st round picks.}" Really, Mrs. Lincoln? Other than the shooting, blood, brains, and dead husband, how did you like the show? Are you kidding me? Let Gear review for you as he has done over the past months and years if you listen to any Chicago sports talk radio.

"Bad 1st round picks? How about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks that completely fail or are drafted 2-3 rounds before ANY other GM would have taken them. How about giving up a 2nd round pick for a guy who couldn't play at all and then 3 months later teams are giviing up 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks for pro bowl CB's, WR's, and safeties. And Mcnabb is traded for esentially what Gaines Adams was. Hows the Brandon Manumaleuna{sp} deal working out for those millions? How often does Belichick dip into free agency big time like Angelo has done twice since being with the Bears? Why does JA have to dip into FA? Sit back and keep playing the X-Box and I will answer it for you. BECAUSE HE HAS FAILED SO MISERABLY AT THE DRAFT!! And now when we have a franchise type QB, we expect Angelo to handle a draft with all the picks available? OK That would be like letting Jeff Skilling handle your investment portfolio.

This team is far from being a good team. It is above average at best that has had the benefit of "quirks" in a schedule like hasn't been seen before. I agree that you don't put asterisks next to wins, but let me ask this question. When is the last time a team...any team has played two 3rd string QB's, a team that, at the time, hadn't won a game, and a team that had quit on it's coach? If you encounter 1 of those "quirks" in a 16 game season, you would be lucky or fortunate {which ever one you want to choose}. But the Bears encountered all of that in FIVE WEEKS! Yes, the Eagles game was a nice win. And I disagree with you, John, there isn't 62 minutes in a game and it wasn't as close as the score indicated. And to add to the 5 week list of "quirks" above, the Bears played the Carolina Panthers 2nd or 3rd string QB when they played them. And now, they might get the Vikings with a pathetic back up QB {watch the game tonight} at a neutral field? Like I said, no asterisks, but I have been watching football since the mid 70's and these types of situations are very rare individually, let alone piled together in 1 season.

You look at what the Redskins are doing now and how the 49ers beat the crap out of the Seahawks and as a Bears' fan it just makes you scratch your head. Those are the games they should have won. I mean, I can't believe the refs missed all of those false starts and holding calls against Peppers in those games. Give me a break.

And ANY fool, young or old that compares the 2000's Bears with the 1980's shows their ignorance at best. At worst they're a moron. Born in 86, do you know ANYTHING about the teams of the 80's? Yeah, it is a shame that they won only 1 SB. But their failure falls on the shoulders of one person. DITKA. {That and McMahon couldn't stay healthy. But that was a non issue after 86 when Mike Tomczak proved he was more than ready to lead the team.}

*1986. Ditka brings in Doug Flutie late in the year, makes him a starter, has Thanksgiving dinner with him and completely divides the team.
*1987. {In my humble opinion, had the potential to be the greatest Bears team of all time}. Season starts out with the Bears destroying the SB champs at Soldier Field on MNF. Then they beat the crap out of the TB Bucks. Then there was the work stoppage. All Ditka had to do was what Buddy Ryan did in Philly...Support the players who were across the picket line. But no, what did the ego-maniac do? {I am sure at 1 year old, you remember, don't you?} He said that the scab players were his players. Ditka...the guy who has "championed" for player rights F***s his own team. Then when the stoppage was over he tells the returning players that 2 guys from the scabs were going to be on the regular roster. That went over like a fart in church.

Any team from the 80's would beat this team like a rented mule. It is much easier to make the playoffs now than it was back then. The same issues that haunted Ditka are also what derails Lovie. #1 is his ego. The whole Ron Rivera thing was all about ego and Rivera being more aggressive and liking the Cover 2 less. Then go back and look at the big 3 headed press confernce with Phillips, Angelo, and Smith. He came across like a pompus idiot. Lovie is a terrible game manager. Forget Cutler's 4 Int's, it was Lovie's misshandling of the challenge flag that cost the Bears the Redskins game. {The last 2 Int's probably wouldn't have been thrown.} And take today for an instance, Lovie tells us he's not too concerned/worried about Tillman? Really? A guy like Belichick or Cowher would be all over that. Funny how Lovie was all concerned weeks ago with Zach Bowman and his short comings. Lovie is also terrible at in game adjustments.

You couldn't teach a short bus full of "special" kids how not to drool and slobber when they speak. If this had been last year, then posts like Johns would have been just one of many who wanted Lovie gone. No ship has been righted. Could you imagine Anonymous on the Titanic?...LOL..."Hey you down below, are you bucketing out the water?" "Yes sir." "Umm, Captain Smith, the ship has been righted, sir. What's that? The bow is dipping below the surface? Impossible, the ship has been righted."

For a "righted ship", there are many holes in the hull. Your GM and his staff are horrible at finding, grading, and evaluating talent. The offensive line is horrible. There are issues at CB and Safety...again. There is no "go to" receiver on this team. For 3 years we were told Hester was a #1. Are we going to go another 2-3 years having this coaching staff tell us that the stuttering, mumbling, wrong route running, route quitting {have I forgotten anything} Knox is a number 1?

This is not naysaying. It's the truth. If you {and others on here} are happy with 8-8/9-7/or even 10-6, then you're not real fans. 10-6 is the lowest record I would put as being "good". 7-9/8-8, and 9-7 are mediocre. Why can't the Bears be like the Pats or the Steelers? Why should we have to settle? Sit back, shut up, and maybe, just maybe you might learn something.

A lot of good points but I believe regardless of the results of this season the Bears need a change at GM and Head Coach. Getting Cutler without getting protection is just plain stupid. Failing to have a real go to reciever is also stupid. As I said several times and was berated by several blog participants Tillman is a safety. Kreutz is over the hill, Williams is a bust and Omiyale is a back-up the o-line has no attitude or power players. Unlike Lovie's feather light defense Martz in his best days had a huge O-Line and one side (his go to side) were graders. If just making the play-offs is the standard around here it's a pretty low bar to set. And fans tolerate it by selling out Soldier Saucer. Maybe we should take a page out of the network and switch to another game.

Kool aid buzz what a joke, yea gearhead I learned alot from that post and mainly its that you turned 40.

Let me just call this for what this is, you guys hate Lovie Smith, fine, but as gearhead made it sound he wasnt too fond of Ditka either, no I wasnt alive or conscious of what was going on in the 70s or 80s but I do know my history, unlike some that were alive in that decade, john f, so I have a right to speak on the subject.

Kevin, Ill address you first since you had little opinions on the matter. No wolfe and steltz arent headed for the hall of fame. But you know who is Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers, and guess what theyre playing at high level right now. Believe it or not but I do have CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM for this team, but am I about to go as far as to compare this team to the TITANIC OR THE METRODOME ROOF. MY GOD

Which brings me to you gearhead, I dont even know where to start, other than your age is starting to show in your blogs. Youre probably just john f as an imposter trying to get someone to support your foolish arguments.

Dont forget where this argument started, this started with john f writing off every game as if hes the nostrodamus of the nfl. And yes Peppers did single handedly force 12 penalties the night we beat the packers, check the tape gearhead, and the only point I was really trying to make was to stop putting asterisks next to wins and appreciate what weve been able to accomplish.

And then John comes into this tangent about how the 70s bears would mop the floor with us, what a joke. I probaby shouldnt of even gone into the 80s but I was merely making a point that the 2000s Bears have had a little more success than he was giving them credit for. In no way am I sayig any of these teams could stand up agaisnt the monsters of the 80s.

Its funny how we went from once every 5 yrs to saying once every 3 or 4 yrs, it keeps going down.

I mean the Bears found a way to make it to a SB with Rex Grossman, are you kidding, Brian Urlacher should go to the hall for that alone. So were you guys cheering for Indy that day, im sure you were never fooled, i bet you had all sorts of vindication when hayden took it back for a pick 6, im sure it felt great, call me a homer or call me larry mayer but I was actually rooting for the Bears and wanted to believe they would defy all odds and pull one more rabbit from their hat. But I guess thats why Im not as good a fan as you elderlys

No I am not a big Angelo fan but I also feel the plan they have fallin on is working and I can see this team improving, which is exactly what you guys want to say wont happen. Was it a bumpy ride, Yes, but
if the end result is a SB in the next 3 yrs , so be it.

No Im not the guy trying to throw buckets of water off the side of the Titanic, but Im certainly not the guy screaming "were all gonna die" next to the women and children.

You cowards, show some moxy, have faith in your team, try to enjoy this, I know its hard.

The Bears came up with a plan to draft forte, knox, bennett, hester, trade for Cutler, sign Taylor and Peppers, find guys like Gould and Tinoisamoa and hold onto guys like kruetz, urlacher, briggs, idonije, maynard and tillman who have been the backbone of this team.

Do I think the Bears could use a taller WR, yes, do I think the offensive line could be upgraded, yes. But do I think the Bears can be succesful in the NFC Playoffs in spite of those defficiancies YES. the steelers won the SB with the most sacked QB in football. And teams have won without a HOF WR, I know hard to believe. You know how to make up for it? WITH DEFENSE AND SPECIAL TEAMS, which we have. But I also think this offense might surprise you before its all said and done.

And u talk about how we could lose the redskins, well GB
lost to them as well. Its the NFL and is been crazy competitive year and the Bears are about to clinch a playoff berth, so this is a debate that cant be finished until we see what happens.

Dont forget gearhead the packers lost to a 3rd string quarteback this past week, or are you another packers/rodgers apologist, u play the games that are on your schedule. Yea 7 wins sucks but 11 or 12 wins doesnt, which is exactly where
theyre headed.

You say "like i said no asterisks" and then immediately go into excuse mode. What a joke

Answer me this, who can the Bears not beat in the NFC?

God I hate you old people.

At least you guys have passion Ill give you that, well not you Kevin, but either way BEAR DOWN

sincerely greg

So gearhead, yes I do listen to sports radio and i do know you, tell me did those 85 bears apologize when they knocked QBs out, did they put an asterisk next to their SB cause they played the lucky, crappy Pats and not the Dolphins or 49ers?

Dont forget the reason we played detroits 3rd string was because of JULIUS PEPPERS, and GB still couldnt beat em hahahahaha.

And do you really think Chad Henne wouldve made that much a difference, dan marino, he is not, but he did beat the packers!!

If we get to the SB you owe me a bottle of jack!!! haha

First off, Anonymous...don't try and put your Bears "fandom" up against mine. You would and will lose. As I have said many times, I haven't missed a Bears game since 1976. I don't go to weddings, or shopping for drapes with the wife, or to cousin "Bobby's" barbeque when there is a game on. Nothing. My kids are named after Bears. I don't root for anyone BUT the Bears.

A 1 year "blip" is not necessarily an improvement. And once again, I ask you, if the Bears hadn't had the "quirks" in the schedule like I mentioned, would they have come into the Pats game ranked as high as they were on defense? The players you listed as Angelo's draft "bonanza" are mediocre at best. Bennett? A "dime a dozen" possession receiver. Knox...Willie Gault...2010 version. Tillman. I have seen every one of his games and other than a blanket coverage on Randy Moss in the end zone at Sodier Field in either his first or second year, he's been below average as a CB. YES, he punches the ball out 4-6 times a year, but I would trade all of those for a guy who could cover and not slip and fall like a drunk at a DUI check point. And let's not forget why they had to spend a 2nd round pick on Forte 3 years ago. Because Angelo's 5th pick in the 2005 draft FAILED horribly. In less than a decade as GM, Angelo has had to delve into free agency 2X. And up until this year Izzy was a special teams player. This plan is not working. Before you know it, the 26 year old franchise QB will be 30 and still mired in mediocrity with this coaching staff.

I didn't go into an excuse mode. I simply pointed out quirks in the schedule that hasn't been seen in my lifetime. Who can't the Bears beat in the NFC? Falcons, Saints, Giants, are three off the top of my head. And no one is confusing Henne with Marino, but let's not confuse Thigpen with Henne. And it wasn't Peppers that took the Lions to their 3rd string QB. S. Hill got hurt on Thanksgiving.

Hey Anonymous, I have the games on DVR. And I fast forwarded through the game this morning and then double checked on the internet. You say Peppers single handedly caused 12 penalties?...Hmmm...was that on Your Madden 11 game? Because in the REAL Bears vs. Packers, there were 6 penalties on the Packers OL. Did Peppers have a good game, yes, of course, but get your facts straight. In the real game, it wasn't Peppers intimidation of the O-line that caused the Bears to win because in many instances the Packers came back from a FS or holding penalty to convert a first down or in the case of the first FS on Clifton, Rodgers hit Jennings for a TD. What killed the Packers was the personal foul and pass interference penalties.

What I wish is that "fans" like you would stop 'enabling' this team to be mediocre. In a very small way, that is what you do. By accepting less than a superior product on a constant basis, and not demanding better, that's what you help allow. As I have said many times, nothing would make me happier than to go 19-0 every year and have every game 73-0. Obviously, that's SNL thinking, but you get the drift. What I do know is this: Peppers and Urlacher and Briggs are not the most important player on that team. It is Cutler. In the 35 years I have not missed a Bears game, there has been 1 Pro Bowl QB. That was McMahon in 82. There have been a handful of DE's that were Pro Bowlers {Dent, Hampton, 'Wale' (pre-Bears) and there have been several LB's. The Bears have a legitimate QB to possibly take them to the playoffs on a regular basis and the real question is, do you believe Lovie is the coach whos staff can ge the most out of this guys' potential? And also do believe that Angelo is capable of putting the right pieces together around Cutler? My answer is a resounding NO.

I don't want to wait another 25 years for a franchise type QB if this regime fails with this one. Do you? And one last thing. I don't make up other names on here. I have a hard enough time remembering this know, because of the advanced age thing.

Once again, Gearhead enlightens us with an essay that makes no real point and shines yet another light on his body image issues. Hey Gearhead, maybe you should spend a little less time on this blog and a little more time watching Project Runway ... or maybe it's the A-Word?

And what is this "kool-aid" you speak of?

An 8-8 and 9-7 NFL team is good. They're just not great. As fans, I think both of us can agree its high-time the Bears took steps to achieve greatness. Three consecutive years of playoff losses is totally unacceptable. Can we at least agree on that point?

The great Bill Parcells once said: "You are what your record says you are."

So Gearhead, you are saying people are stupid and fat if they cheer for a team who is 9-4 in mid-December?

Lighten up. None of us really know how well the Bears will perform these last three weeks. If the offensive line steps up, and they win 11, Lovie and co. will be back. Tice will be heralded as a genius and Angelo will most certainly keep his job.

If the Bears don't get into the playoffs (even if they win 10), I think ownership will clean house.

BTW, just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't automatically mean they are stupid, out of shape, unemployed automatons. You have no idea what anyone looks like or does with their lives. Such statements make you look foolish.

I am anxiously awaiting your 5000 word reply.


(yes, later is not short enough).

I love how Gearhead qualifies his football knowledge with a statement about his physique.


Particularly considering he has absolutely no knowledge of anyone else's physique or personal qualifications and experience to have ...get ready for it ...AN OPINION ON A BLOG AS A BEARS FAN.

Jesus, Gearhead. Can I call a therapist for you?


"I mean the Bears found a way to make it to a SB with Rex Grossman, are you kidding, "

You kinda made my point here. Lovie playing Grossman in the Superbowl (or at least not pulling him during it) was the last straw for me. That team was SO good in all other phases - playing either Griese or Orton would have won the game in my opinion. Also, if you remember, Daniel Manning blew a coverage in the first quarter that led to a Reggie Wayne TD. Up to that point the Bears were blitzing and getting to Peyton Manning. Lovie told Rivera to call nothing but Cover 2 the rest of the game and the Bears got cut to pieces with short passes and runs. If Lovie had won that Superbowl, like they should have (and could have) you wouldn't see me bitching here. I could have lived with the 2007-2009 failures.

"Answer me this, who can the Bears not beat in the NFC? "

Definitely would not beat:
Philadelphia Eagles (not the second time)
New York Giants (already lost to them)
Washington Redskins (already lost to them)
Atlanta Falcons (blowout)
New Orleans Saints (blowout)
Seattle Seahawks (already lost to them)

Might Beat:
Dallas Cowboys (this would be close)
Green Bay Packers (this would be close, a loss if Rogers plays)
Minnesota Vikings (if they fix the Rollerdome, this is a tossup)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (in Chicago probably, in Tampa I don't know)

Would Beat:
Carolina Panthers (already beat)
St. Louis Rams
San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals

JohnF wow, just wow. You know, MAD Magazine does an annual feature called, "Dumbest People, Events and Things of the Year" and even though 2010 is nearly over, I'm going to try and submit your posts for consideration.

"...the Bears mean too much to me to settle for what I've gotten the three prior years when if Angelo had only hit on at least 50% of his high-round draft picks and Lovie hadn't had to fire his staff over-and-over, things would have been much different."

Seriously? No offense, but I hope I'm not that pathetic when I turn 40.

And I'm not even going to attempt to read Gearhead's, um, "memoirs" which he decided to post since I don't have the time of day but I'm sure it contains much of the same pointless dribble.

Anyway, look we got hosed by New England but guess what? That's what New England does to teams. They demolished the Steelers at home too and no one thinks Pittsburgh is a bad team or has a bad defense. And hey, the Patriots got hosed by Cleveland of all teams. So what does that mean in the grand scope of things? Absolutely nothing.

I'm not Lovie's biggest fan, the regulars on here know that but the team has a winning record and next week they have a very good chance of clinching a playoff spot. And once your in the post-season, anything can happen. Look at what the '07 Giants or the '08 Cards (9-7 record, also got blown out of the water by NE) were able to accomplish. Did anyone give those two teams even a snowflake's chance in hell?

Again, we're winning. I can understand the whining and moaning during a bad season but come on. When you're a fan of a sports team you're supposed to root for said team, especially when it's doing good.

Anonymous, good points. Way to stay level headed. By the way, I was only a few months older than you on Jan. 26, 1986.

I appreciate you guys -- for the most part -- keeping it clean and civil.

Here's my two cents: the Bears got embarrassed by the Patriots, clearly the league's hottest team right now. But there's no telling what will take place in the next three weeks. For all we know, the Patriots could suffer some huge injury, and they could be one-and-done in the playoffs. Or, the Bears could catch fire, and go all the way.

Point is, none of us can predict the future. All that we can be certain of is that the Bears are 9-4, and they have a chance to win the NFC North on Monday night, if the Packers lose in Foxboro.

It would appear the Packers would get smoked by the Patriots, based on what happened Sunday. But we've seen enough instances of upsets to cast anything in stone.

Yes, we can't predict the future, but the fun is in the trying!!!

Here's my prediction, it doesn't really matter whether the Bears win or lose their remaining games, because the Packers are toast. Personally, I would love to see the Packers-Bears game at the end of the season have some meaning to it, but I don't think the Packers have the bodies available to compete with what is the toughest remaining schedule among playoff aspirants.

Depending which Vikings team shows up on Monday, the Bears could be in for a physical game. If Frazier can get the Vikes to compete, then I would imagine the Vikes will blitz the daylights out of Cutler early to see if they can generate some sacks to get Cutler rattled. Coming off a woeful performance against the Pats, it might not take too much to rattle Cutler. Besides, what do the Vikes have to gain? Their season is OVAH! If Jared Allen comes off the edge fast and free early in the game, Cutler better have track shoes on for the rest of the game.

The Jets and their mad defensive scientist Rex Ryan will hatch some creative schemes to see if another New York team can put a 10-spot on the Bears o-line.

I had the Bears going 8-8 this season and losing its final 3 games. I will stick with my script and predict the Bears finish 9-7. At least this way, the final game of the season will have some meaning. (I hope it snows in Green Bay, followed by rain, followed by high winds)

(Oh and remember that Cutler had the Broncos on the verge of the playoffs a few years back. Needed to win only one game. He and the Broncos went 0-for.)


I figured you would join in the convo. I am glad to see that you are being enlightened. It is my job to help educate the less fortunate {tongue in cheek}. As far as your TV entertainment is concerned, I can't comment. As for myself, it is of course all the sports channels Directv allows, plus History Channel {love that American Pickers show} and Nat. Geo {got to love "Big Cat" week. And no, it's not the former Bears' offensive lineman.}

I am sorry, but in my book, 10, 11, & 12 win teams are good. 13+ are elite. And Once again, with the Bears leading the league in sacks allowed, even if they were to win out, Tice would not be considered a genius. As I said in training camp {and let me preface it, by saying I like Tice} if you buff a AMC Gremlin with the best wax around, it's still a Gremlin and never will be a Porsche. Tice can't turn these guys into pro bowl caliber linemen without having the talent to work with. is Marinelli a better DL coach this year than last year, or are Peppers, Melton, Izzy, and Toeana Better talent?

And Esteven, I cheer and scream at this team on a weekly basis, and as i have said time and time again, including above, I want them to win every game. But the question still remains...and look at the big picture. Do you want Lovie and his crew coaching Cutler {because he is the meal ticket} the next 3-4 years? {at that point making him 30...not ancient for QB's, but by that age, you have usually established yourself.} And do you as a fan want Angelo holding all the draft cards next year? Who ever is drafting in the next year or two has to hit on 7-8 of the 14 draft picks {barring any trades or compensatory picks} in the next two years. We need linemen, and again, a safety, CB, a future MLB, and a big stud WR.

It's all good. There's not many on here I wouldn't buy a beer for. Including Mr. Eseven here. Maybe even Mike.

P.S. Under 500 words.

*Drivel, not dribble


You have made me want to post again. Gearheadboy is real and different from JohnF. Maybe not more accurate, but different. Gearheadboy wanting to call someone a fool, look at his post. He's comparing 11 years to 5 and saying comparison of decade to decade. Gearheadboy starts at 86 after they win the SB(deletionist history, deleting 80-85), tell the whole story, 80-85 as well.

Halas realizing he sucks and hiring Ditka, if it wasn't for Jim Finks the 85 Bears would not exist, That line needed time to gel(took them 3 years). Frisco spanking the Bears on the regular in the 80s. Miami(need I say more).

Mistakes made by leadership...oh and letting Wilbur Marshall go was not a mistake in his prime? Letting Buddy Ryan leave with his defense was not a mistake. Neal Anderson, good player, but not what we needed. Doug Flutie, CFL.

Never mind the late round picks that made up the SB Bears...or passing over your all-time sacks leader 8 times, handed your Star RB, Converting D-linemen to the O-line. Yeah, that regime was so ahead of it's time.

Flutie a first round pick mind you(I think), was a Ditka boy. Lovie would get creamed if he held allegiance to Briggs over Urlacher. Tomczak a leader? What for 8 games a season? He got figured out, then shipped out. Captain comeback from Mich. let go.

I am digressing though, 85 Bears got some big breaks, Marino,Elway, and we get Grogan... Landetta punting as if he's in Bahamas. LA going for it on 4th and 1 early in the game.

Anonymous, your observations about this season are pretty good, a lot of what I see when I look at this season. JohnF has some points, but that is why common opponents are a tiebreaker, and I believe the Bears are better than the pack in that tiebreaker. I also believe this horrible coaching staff has more victories than Rogers in the playoffs as well.

This season has shown Bears fans what true coaching is, and the addition of Peppers and Taylor, in addition to Cutler last year has us closer to a SB victory than any season since 2006.

If we drink Bear koolaid, then they drink Bear Haterade.

Got more will post later.

Yo Sean, where did my post go? I know, I know...the Sun-Times is not responsible for comments that were lost or damaged in cyberspace.

Well, if it fails to turn up let me just sum it up by saying I agree with most of what anonymous/Greg had to say while disagreeing with professional circus clown JohnF.

First off, everyone Id like to say its hard to have a decent debate about the Bears, and I always welcome a good one, this for the most part hasn't been bad, maybe even therapeutic especially for gearheadboy and I !!. Everyone here is obviously die hards and refuses to miss a game, I figured that was given.

Lets look at the Lovie and his QBs since 2004 since you have deemed that the key to our success.

2004-5-11 Garbage QBs that I will not name, but hey the defense went from 22nd-13th, but Lovie had nothing to do with that. I think Lovie gets a pass for this year.

2005-Starting QB Grossman injured midway through preseason, move to Kyle Orton (who was pretty inept at the time) start 1-3 but finish 11-5, solid job by Lovie and the coaching staff. Grossman takes over late and gives the team SOME life but the some good first steps for the team and Lovie.

2006- Super Bowl- Enough Said- You dont get to the Super Bowl by Luck alone, Lovies Best Year as Head Coach Obviously, but also had to deal with literally several mental collapses from a Quarterback who for the shortest of moments looked almost like a rising star, almost. Luckily the had the one of the top defenses in the league and the GREATEST special teams unit EVER.

2007- An impossible year for Lovie, simply because you have to stick with Grossman after going to the Super Bowl, I dont care how bad he looked at times during the Super Bowl. But quickly into the season the writing was on the wall, Grossman was not the longterm answer, but credit Lovie for not throwing Rexy under the bus everytime he had one his famous meltdowns, shows character and good leadership for the team.

As they say you are only as good as your Quarterback and if you have two Quarterbacks, you have no Quarterbacks and we had THREE quarterbacks including Griese. So we literally had a QB carousel AGAIN ahhhhhhhhh, and a decision had to be made of where to go from there

2008-Kyle Orton, after a transition year coming off the Super Bowl, the Bears try to shuffle the deck on offense and add some pieces to the puzzle. Matt Forte is drafted and Kyle Orton becomes the ultimate game manager. And the plan was working, a VERY competitive year for the Bears at 9-7 with 2 heartbreaking losses to the Atlanta Falcons in what shouldve been Ortons "coming out party" and to the Houston Texans on the last day of the season that ended up being the final blow to returning to the playoffs, but a step BACK in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

* A little " Quirk" on that season, the team that made the playoffs instead of us, the Eagles, finished the season 9-6-1 with a loss to the Bears, we finish with the same amount of wins and beat them and they get in because of a TIE, cmon man. Still bothers me to this day.

April 3rd 2009- In one of the most LOPSIDED trades you will ever see, the Chicago Bears trade GAME MANAGER Kyle Orton and 2 first round picks for Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler and RISING STAR Johnny Knox. Now those first round picks turned into Robert Ayers and Alphonso Smith(who is no longer with the Broncos) for what its worth. A few days before the trade I joked Id trade 5 first round picks for Cutler for the simple fact that Angelo has been awful at getting quality first round picks, but well talk about Angelo in a second.

2009 Season- Alot of anticipation for this team, from myself, the media, from just about everyone. But what was underestimated was how long it would take for Cutler and all the new pieces to settle in, was it disappointing, YES, did I break shit, YES, but was I about to ABANDON SHIP????? Absolutely NOT, This is NOT THE TITANIC. But by the end of the year Jay Cutler had somehow someway found a way to get it together and finish the season strong, which to me had a little to do with the great start we had in 2010, it was a building block at the very least.

Lovies 2nd transition in 3 yrs since the Super Bowl but nonetheless a plan in place, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get the players you want. So we sacrificed the 2009 season to have a "Franchise Type QB". Not a good year for Lovie but certainly not grounds to fire him CONSIDERING we lost the QB of our Defense Week ONE, you might want to downplay the prescence of the future Hall of Famer, but I dont.

2010- 9-4, possibly looking at 11or 12 wins, and who knows in the playoffs. The team that everyone said had no chance, HAS A CHANCE, and thats all you can ask for in the League. The defense has returned to top form, no I refuse to be prisoner of the moment and I will not let one game define a whole season for this Bears Defense. And the Special Teams has returned to Greatness and the offense has a plan in place and whether you want to admit it or not has taken steps in the right direction up until the Patriots taught us a lesson that I believe will end up being a good thing looking back.

So enough rambling. To answer a couple of your questions Gearhead...............

Im not gonna play the game of had we not played this guy and played that guy what would our record be, its just dumb and irrelevant. You play the schedule in front of you, apparently the Packers couldnt handle that simple task. Yes if we played the first place teams from every division every week, we wouldnt be as good as we are now, you got me. Geez almighty this isnt college we dont choose our opponents here people.

I disagree with you about Tillman but see your point, and I happen to like Bennett and Knox thank you very much, call me crazy, but I do agree we could use some size in that department, I had hopes we could see some Aromashadu this year but that situation eludes me.

I love how matter of factly Gearhead and John F say we just cant beat the Falcons, Giants, Saints. Out of those three, Id least like to see the Saints, simple because of their Championship pedigree, but the Cardinals did beat them early on, I know I know stupid arguments. But Im not nieve enough to go as far to say we CANT beat those teams. Id say the Eagles scare me a little as well just because we know how revenge games can work in the NFL. But that could play into our favor if we had to play the Giants again or dare I say the Patriots again.

Enabling this team hahaha, Intervention???, We have been below average for the 2007 and 2009 seasons which as we learned in class today were transition years. 2009 probably doesnt happen if we dont make the Cutler trade, BUT IM GLAD WE MADE THE CUTLER TRADE. So I take the sacrifice, hey If you want to hold the 2004 season against Lovie, go right ahead, Im not.

The only season to me that had no excuses whatsoever was 2007, but cmon, like I said impossible situation, Yes hindsight he shouldve gone with Orton the whole time, but as they say hindsight is 20/20.

And to your most important questions.....

Do I think Lovie can lead Cutler to a SB, yes, If he can find a way with Rex Grossman, he can most certainly bring Cutler a trophy.

Do I think Angelo can put the pieces around him?? Now that question for me is a little more tricky, around 2008 I wouldve said NO, but after bringing in Cutler, Forte, Taylor, Hester, Knox, Bennett, Olsen, Peppers, Tinoisamoa and guys like DJ Moore and yes Izzy Idonije to go along with some of the other mainstays I would say Im willing to give him a chance, not give him an extension but a chance to see where we are at when his contracts up, this draft is a big one for Angelo to say the least. No Im not the biggest fan, hes definitely made some turrible picks (barkely voice) but I dont see him getting fired this offseason either because of some of the moves he has made RECENTLY.

Now obviously Angelo first round luck or knowledge or whatever, it just scares me, and its been awhile since hes made one as well. I take the approach of Parcells, I dont like drafting OLine high, even though he broke his rule with Jake Long a rare happening. I wouldnt mind seeing the offensive line upgraded through FA and not the draft but Tice has found a way since the bye to get some semblance of blocking for this year. This is a problem, for sure, no debate, but until the seasons over they cant do much but coach and from what Ive seen they are improving if anything.

Just try to remember that Franchise Type QB that you havent seen since 82 was brought in by Angelo, I know it sucks, but thats the facts.

The most important question is do I believe in THIS TEAM going forward, I would say EMPHATICALLY YES, do I think that improvments can be made absofrigginlutely, do I commend the job by the coaches this season, YESSIR, and do I applaud Angelo for making the NECESSARY moves in aquiring Cutler and Peppers, YES AND YES.

Lets come back to this argument after the Bears season ends, what do ya say guys, Lets all enjoy Monday Night and hopefully be celebrating our return to the playoffs. BEAR DOWN guys, cheers, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years to you and your families have a safe and wonderful holidays.

It's funny how Mikey calls what I say dribble, but in all the months on here, he's never refuted anything I say.
I didn't forget 80-85. I was making a point about not winning a SB AFTER the first SB. Can't win a SB after 86, if the years are 80-85. Even a genius like you can figure that out. And BTW, The SB team was more Vainisi than Finks. Finks got his panties in a bunch after Halas didn't consult him over the Ditka hiring and quit. Covert, Thayer, and Bortz were Vainisi. So were McMahon, Gault, McKinnon, Marshall, Duerson, Dent, Butler, Rivera, Tomczak, Perry, Gayle, Gentry, & Wrightman. And guys like Hilgenberg, and McMichael didn't blossom until much later on. And even with losing Marshall and Gault, the Bears made it to the NFC Championship game again in the 1988 season.

Here are some great insights by Chuck:
"This season has shown Bears fans what true coaching is, and the addition of Peppers and Taylor, in addition to Cutler last year has us closer to a SB victory than any season since 2006" make this too easy Chuck. What true coaching is? You mean costing the Bears a victory over the Redskins by challenging a play that was clearly not a TD and therefore a waste and then the very next play you won't/can't back your franchise QB who was CLEARLY over the goal line before the fumble. Yeah, Lovie, you keep showing us. Or do you mean having 2 sets of standards for mediocre players in your locker room? One for Bowman, one for Tillman? One for Knox, one for Aromashodu? That's real leadership. You mean being horrible with regard to in game adjustments? Yeah, Chuck...true coaching.

Here's another:
"The 85 Bears got some big breaks." I can't stop laughing. They didn't play Elway that year. And have you ever seen the "5 reasons you can't blame the Bears for losing to the Dolphins" on Fox a few years back? Even the Dolphin players admitted that they would have probably gotten beat if the Bears had played the 46 defense that game. They were shocked to see such a vanilla defense that game. It was DITKA who changed to a 3-4 man rush and dropped everybody else into coverage. Hence the fight at halftime between Ryan and Ditka. The Dolphin players also said that they treated that game as though it was the SB. The pressure on them to win from the 72 team was overwhelming. The Bears of 85 created breaks, they didn't get breaks. I was at the Giants/Bears playoff game. Landetta was a great punter for years. The ball was literally blown 1 foot to the side before he could make contact with it.

Don't ever let it be said, Gearheadboy is not a nice guy. Chuck, after trying to read your mish mash of a post, I am going to spring this Christmas and get you "Hooked on Phonics." Basic English/Grammar skills would be helpful.

You people just go on and on, don't you. You even brought Sean out of hiding to make close to the only reasonable blog (other than my prvious one ) in the batch.As probably the most senior senior citizen ( 76 ), I'm sad that one of the bloggers hates us old people. I'm also sad that the Bears lost. However, I'm happy that there is a solid probability for the play-offs and an outside chance, slight as it may be, for another Super Bowl appearance.


I would buy you a beer anytime. Things get heated. We ramble. But ultimately, we both bleed blue and orange. It is, as you say, all good.

Good post Sean. Keep it up.


Ps. Where is Creighton and Crap-ton?

Allright Gearheadboy, one last go round for me...your statement was.."

And ANY fool, young or old that compares the 2000's Bears with the 1980's shows their ignorance at best. At worst they're a moron. Born in 86, do you know ANYTHING about the teams of the 80's? Yeah, it is a shame that they won only 1 SB. But their failure falls on the shoulders of one person. DITKA. {That and McMahon couldn't stay healthy. But that was a non issue after 86 when Mike Tomczak proved he was more than ready to lead the team.}" But you tell me your words were...

"I didn't forget 80-85. I was making a point about not winning a SB AFTER the first SB. Can't win a SB after 86, if the years are 80-85." Even a genius like me can figure that out. No matter what you meant, you said what you said. The Bears of the 80s had the best team for about 3 years. Making the Playoffs and getting STEAMROLLED by the Niners does not qualify as the best team.

This Bears team was never considered the Best at all in any year of the 2000s. So if it wasn't the talent that got them to the SB, what was it? If we all agree this offensive line is probably the 32nd best out of 32 teams, then why are they 9-4 and other teams with much better lines are out of the playoffs? I sipped a lil Grossman kool-aid, because he still was the best QB on that roster, but he is not a savior, or even an above average QB. But the Bears still made it to the superbowl with him as the starting QB. Jay has never had a winning season in the pros, he has one now. Does that fall on the same terrible talent, or the horrible coaching?

About the coaching, CLEARLY over the line....not too sure about that considering if he was THAT clearly over the line, the refs who actually bumbled the call, would have called it correctly. LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. But I know,you were flexing your muscles on that play. Also no one else has double standards for their players...never happens...nope...even the league does it with their flags and fines.

Bears didn't get big breaks in 85? Really, let TB put up what 28 in the first half? Got booed off the field game 1 of the 85 season. Mc Mahon played whole season? Frazier did not get hurt till SB? What was Mike Richardson's nickname again? Toast? Rookies playing out of their mind. Al Harris and the safety holdout for the whole year, and they still win the SB? No breaks...ok and finally Landetta, he was not a great punter for years before that play, maybe after. They got lucky that play, and beat them down after they got the lead. Glad you straightened me out Gearheadboy...I needed that.

Come on Chuck...really?

What rookies played out of their mind in 85? Perry? Perry was more of a media/Ditka hype than he was reality. As for Duerson and Marshall, those were no brainers. They were better players than Al Harris and Todd Bell. And neither of them were rookies. Marshall was a top 5 pick that fell to the Bears only because his agent made it clear that he was going to be hard to sign. Duerson had been around since being drafted in 83 and was surrounded by what? 6 or 7 Pro Bowl defensive players around him. Butler was a kicker who was the BEST kicker in college and rarely did he have to make a crucial kick during 1985. SO, Chuck..enlighten me on these rookies that played out of their mind. And by the way, McMahon missed at least 3 full games and 2 partials. So..So much for that lucky break, huh?

Hey Gearheadboy Chuck only comes out when other people post what he believes. He has no clue what he is talking about and I doubt he will respond. I do hope he does because I would love to hear what he has to say.

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