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Belichick has more to say about Bears

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Bill Belichick hosted a conference call with Chicago-area media this morning and had more to say about the Bears --- a lot more to say. Here is the transcript.

"They've really been an impressive team," the Patriots coach said. "They are certainly playing well lately.

"Offensively, [Jay] Cutler is playing very well. He's having an outstanding year. I've been very impressed with him. He does so many things well, his accuracy, his release, reading coverages, getting rid of the ball quickly, just managing the team. He's really playing well. They've got great skill players. Fast. [Earl] Bennett has really come on for them. [Greg} Olsen has done a great job for them in the passing game. Of course, [Matt} Forte has been tremendous with big plays, running, passing. You don't often see big plays made by players at that position as often as he makes them in both the running game and the passing game. He's extremely dangerous.

"[Devin] Hester, [Johnny] Knox, fast. Those guys are a threat to score on every play and it seems like they have gotten more comfortable with coach Martz's offense.

"The execution of it, as the season has gone along, they have been very productive running the ball in recent weeks and on third downs and in the red zone, all the situational things.

"Defensively, they are a very disruptive team. Great, great front seven. Guys are hard to block. They make a lot of big plays. Fumbles, tipped balls, pressure on the quarterback, you name it, every statistical category you could mention the Bears are right at the top --- points, third down, red area, rushing, opponent-passer rating. It doesn't make any difference what it is they do a great job with all of it.

"The kicking game starts with the three specialists. They have an excellent snapper. [Brad] Maynard has done a terrific job for them --- field position, plus-50 punts, getting the ball inside the 20-yard line. Robbie [Gould] is an outstanding kicker with a big leg. He's a very accurate guy and right at the top [among] the most accurate kickers. Kicking in a place like Chicago, which is a lot more challenging than other places in the league you can kick in, that says even more about the quality of his performance.

"They are very explosive team that can score on any play from anywhere. They can throw a 90-yard touchdown pass or Forte can make a 60, 70-yard run; strip-sack, turnovers, kick returns, they're very, very dangerous."

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Wow, to hear Bill Belichick talk about the Bears, you'd think it All kiddin aside, Belichick is right, the Bears do have some weapons. Matt Forte is a threat to break a big one every time he touches the ball, running or receiving, and he's averaging 4.2 yards a carry this season. And wide receiver Johnny Knox has an amazing 18.0 yard avg. Also, Earl Bennett has really started to come on, so the Bears do have some weapons. This should be a heck of a test for the Bears, if they win, I can pretty much guarantee Lovie Smith will be up for Coach of the year, it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Belichick is very smart. He is just playing his game.

Bears are good but not not good.Yet!


Belichick is very smart. He is just playing his game.

Bears are good but not that good.Yet!


...........Finaly.....someone has published something in the Suntimes factual concerning the bears.......

Are you high? Lovie as coach of the year? This is a guy Bears fans wanted fired a few weeks back. Once the Bears get destroyed by the Pats and lose 3 of their final 4, that drumbeat will resume....especially after they are blown out of the playoffs in the first round.

I was born and raised in New England but, I have always been a bears fan! With that being said I really respect Belichick and think he is one of the best minds in football today. I also commend him on making sure that his players don't give other teams sound bites to motivate them. I am a little worried about us on Sunday but I am glad we a playing at home.


Let's hope that all of those great elements the Bears theoretically manifest show up big time on Sunday.I suspect he is not as worried as he would make us believe.He is certainly close to the mark about the defense front seven lately. They definitely have to make Brady uncomfortable and mistake-prone for the Bears to eke out a surprize win against the Patriots.Offensive ball control, like a few ten-minute drives to keep Brady off the field and the Bear defense fresh and eager, would also be a solid factor if the bears are to win this game.

Ripdog, I never said Lovie Smith should win coach of the year as of right now. I said, "IF THEY WIN," again for emphasis, "IF" they win. If Lovie and the boys can pull it off, he'll at the very least have his name in the conversation for coach of the year honors. GO BEARS!!

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