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Belated Christmas gift: Vikings hand Bears first-round bye

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The Minnesota Vikings weren't given much of a chance, but they endured an unprecedented delay and upset the heavily favored Philadelphia Eagles 24-14 Tuesday night.

That means the Bears will be at least the No. 2 seed, and they still have a shot at the No. 1 seed. To get the latter, though, the Bears need the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the New Orleans Saints and -- more improbably -- the Carolina Panthers to beat the Falcons in Atlanta.

Both games are set to kickoff at noon, local time, while the Bears game was flexed to 3 p.m. That means the Bears will know what's at stake.

But I still don't expect Bears coach Lovie Smith to rest his players Sunday, either way. They can knock the dangerous Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs, ensuring the NFC North rival can't beat them down the road.

The New York Giants certainly are rooting for the Bears; if the Packers win, the Giants are out. The Giants can only get in by winning their finale against the Washington Redskins then having the Packers lose to the Bears.

Another thought: the Vikings might have a player in Joe Webb. The rookie played with composure, he didn't force much, and he also made some plays with his feet, including a touchdown run.

He finished 17 of 26 for 195 yards with no interceptions.

He also ran for 31 yards.

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I can't believe I am saying this but...Way to go Vikings!

The falcons game is at 1 pm and will be over by the time the bears game starts so they will be playing for nothing seed wise. The panthers aren't beating the falcons on the road.

Starting to look like a Bear's year. Simply awesome! I still think the Pack will win this Sunday, but they will have to go to Philly for the WC round. And if they win that one, will have to go to Atlanta after that. Really tough road.

I hope they play to win this coming Sunday though. They don't need any extra motivation than knocking the Packers out of the playoffs.

I am a Minnesota Vikings fan in Minnesota, but because we are out of the playoffs, GO BEARS!!!!!!!! I will be rooting for you all the way to the super bowl!

Well Sean, looks like it's time for the likes of Gearheadboy and Seedy Backlash to put the Eagles in their place! Right guys? I mean I can't wait for the likes of you two to totally lay into the Eagles for losing by ten points to a third string QB. Surely GHB and Seedy will lay the smackdown on the city of Philadelphia and all the Eagles fans for believing in these frauds who got shown up by a below .500 tea-

Ohhhh wait. My bad. The Eagles aren't the Bears.

Let me guess Seedy and Gears, the Eagles just "had a bad game" and "weren't themselves." Afterall, they "dominated" the Redskins so that means they're going to the Super Bowl.


Well thanks, Anne. Sweet game by the Vikes today. Hopefully with Favre's blessing we will beat the Pack out of the playoffs.

This is a disaster for Philly. Andy Reed is going to have an uneasy night, not to mention Mike Vick. The Vikes used about the same formula as the Bears to knock off the dirty birds. That was to hit Vick early and often. It worked too.

Vick was dinged up at the end. My guess is we don't see much of him on Sunday, but the game film is already in the can. Teams in the post season are going to take notice and use the "get Vick" game plan. Even if they win early, the Eagles are going to have trouble getting him all the way through the playoffs.

The Panthers aren't beating the Falcons on the road? I think that's what could have been said about the Vikings beating the Eagles on the road.

If I were a Raven, I'd be worried, because this doesn't look like it'll be a good year for birds of any feather.

Cut off the head. Beat the Pack. It's dangerous to have two teams from the same division.

It was wonderful to see "superman" vick fall back down to earth. GO BEARS! If the Bears rest players and the pack gets in, that can be pretty dangerous...but it could be rather nice to see the pack knock off the Falcons and there be a NFC Championship game in Chicago, as long as the Bears do what they are supposed to do.

I see the haters are out in full force lol! Go Bears!!! Must hurt to see your team not in the playoffs...Bear Down!

I guess you can say Chicago set this up. Had Wooten not knocked Favre out, he would have started, thrown 3-4 picks and lost the game. Thanks to Wooten, Webb starts and somehow beats Philly. Good job Wooten!

Loved seeing Vick get nicked early on and turning the ball over several times. Still hoping to see this vermin dragged off the gridiron one day on a flatboard. After all, animal abusers are a half step away from child abusers. Wishing Vick nothing but bad luck for the rest of his life.

Remember jason, we're in Chicago so when you say 1:00, we're thinking 1:00, which would be 2:00 your time. The appropriate time would be noon.

The Packers have suffered bad luck all season and still managed to produce a number of excellent games. Let's hope their misfortune continues one more time and they are knocked out of the plyoffs by the Bears.They're capable of beating any team in the NFL and could prove a real problem, like the Giants did, and end up on top.So come on , Bears. Don't let that happen.

Mike --

Do you feel all better now? I hope you have a Happy New Year, but somehow I doubt you will.

Eagles looked uninterested, unmotivated and got what they deserved. Simple as that. Now, if I were Andy Reid, I would have sat Vick after halftime and let Kolb finish the game. But hey, that's me. It's all about the wins, baby. Not the fragile egos.

Btw, the Bears SHOULD play hard this Sunday. The Pack will be a good yardstick. Going into this season, I thought the Pack was ready to make a run to the Super Bowl, but for every fortunate bounce the Bears got this season, the Packers got an equal dose of misery. Still, they are on the verge of a playoff berth. If they can overcome McCarthy's penchant for mind-numbing plays in critical situations, they are a very tough opponent.

Mike -- keep flinging the zingers. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Last nights game proved the NFL should wait to announce the Pro Bowl squad! Mikey Vick sucks and proved it once again! No way should he even be in the Pro Bowl let alone start. He's not even the best QB on his own team! He can't play in the cold and the Eagles will be one and done! GO BEARS!

Good job Vikings! Now go Bears. Chicago needs a Super bowl.


What did I say again?

"Let me guess Seedy and Gears, the Eagles just "had a bad game" and "weren't themselves."

And what does Seedy come back at me with?

"Eagles looked uninterested, unmotivated and got what they deserved."

Hee hee. So like I said, when another team like the Eagles faces a below .500 team with a third string QB (rookie nonetheless) and LOSES you and your like-minded pals will say things like they were "uninterested." But when the Bears face a below .500 team with a third string QB and WIN you start shrieking how "lucky" the Bears got.

Personally, I think it's some sort of neurological disease.

And thanks, I will have a Happy New Year. You on the other hand are the one who is wallowing in your own misery when the team you supposedly root for is doing good and exceeding expectations.

Let's end with a laugh shall we?

By Seedy Backslash on November 18, 2010 12:52 PM
Wow, the smugness has returned so quickly. Lovie's got the smugness going on... Urlacher... Martz... Cutler. The Bears haven't played that many good teams while the Dolphins have played a lot and still have a winning record.

I say it's time for the Bears to get their comeuppance.

Fins 35 - Bears 14. (And we all knew Thigpen was starting...)

You've been hating all year long. Maybe you can start your New Year with a positive outlook on life.

The Bears coach Lovey Smith Said His Job when Hired was to Beat those Green Bay Packers! So He needs to do his Job and make Sure the BEARs Sweep the NFC North Division,You dont want to go into the Playoffs Loseing your last game in regular season do you?I dont think any Bear player wants to give Those Packers anything , So come out running,throwing, and kicking some Packer Butts.With all the non believers the Bears need to put the pack away for this year and take charge.GO BEARS !!!!!!

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