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Bears review Patriots loss and move on

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The Bears wrapped up film review of Sunday's 36-7 loss to the New England Patriots earlier this afternoon.

Now, their focus is on the Minnesota Vikings.

Next Monday night, at a stadium to be determined soon -- almost certainly in Minneapolis -- the Bears will play the Vikings. If the Patriots roll over the Green Bay Packers Sunday, then the Bears can clinch the NFC North by beating the Vikings.

"There were things we did do well, but not even close enough to be competitive, let alone win. But believe it or not, this week we can wrap this whole thing up, which, at the beginning of the season, was our ultimate goal," tight end Greg Olsen said "For as bad as things looked yesterday, we're fortunate that we're in a position to achieve everything that we wanted."

If they lose and the Packers pull off an upset, then the Bears will create huge headaches for themselves.

"The easiest way to get into the playoffs is to win your division," Olsen said. "You don't have to count on wildcards and tiebreakers and all that. Just win your division, and you're in, then, as you know in the past, anything can happen.

"We have our future in our hands here, going forward. We have a huge division game, national TV, Monday night, a chance to kind of redeem ourselves from yesterday's poor performance."

Officials in Minnesota are trying to determine whether next week's game can be played in the Twin Cities. Due to a blizzard, which collapsed the roof at the Metrodome, the Vikings "home" game against the New York Giants will be played at Ford Field in Detroit tonight.

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I have reviewed Lovie's coaching incompetence and Angelo's poor draft history....and I am ready to move on......with replacements at both positions......

I actually think the trashing by New England may help in the long run. Coming off a five game winning streak, including a convincing win over Philly, maybe these guys needed to be brought back down to Earth for a week and realize that they can't get ahead of themselves. We'll see though. Bring on the Vikes wherever they decide to play.


I'm glad they moved on, but I hope they didn't bury any footballs.

This is a big game against the Queens. Realistically if Da win, they have the division won. No way they Pack is going to win out, even if they come back and beat New England next week. Their loss was a lot worse than the Bear's loss.

I got a question: If I had told you 2 months ago the Bears were going to lose to the Pats, but could win the division while sitting their starters against the Pack; what would you have said?

It's one game. What matters is how they react. Hopefully Lovie handles it better than Buddy's baby boy. I think he will.

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