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Bears promise not to overlook Lions

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Although Sunday's game in Detroit is sandwiched between a huge win over the Eagles and next week's showdown with the Patriots, several Bears' players said they aren't about to look past the 2-9 Lions.

"There are no trap games for us this year," Lance Briggs said. "Every week is another week for us to go out and improve ourselves and improve the ball club. It's another opportunity to get ourselves a step closer to the playoffs and a championship."

Back-to-back losses to the Seahawks and Redskins at Soldier Field contributed to the Bears being leery of overlooking an opponent.

''It was frustrating to lose those games the way we lost them," Brian Urlacher said. "But we re-established ourselves after the bye week and got back to work. One thing this team does is work. We go out there every day, put our time in and do a good job on the field."

The Lions may have added motivation after a controversial call robbed Calvin Johnson of a game-winning catch in the season opener for both teams.

"It may give them extra fire for this game. Who knows?," Chris Harris said. "We know we're going to get their best shot. We're going to get everybody's best shot. We're in December. No team has cemented themselves as a playoff team yet, which is probably the first time in a long time. We're going to get everybody's best shot.

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Coming from a 25 year Bronco fan, this team is sooooo much more interesting to watch than the Broncos. Huge Cutler fan, huge Urlacher fan, huge Peppers and Briggs fan...I have nothing to watch on the Broncos' team anymore. '

I'll be watching the Bears Sunday for sure. You guys are effing lucky that you have the next 10 years with a franchise qb and a fantastic coaching staff to look forward to.


It's usually not a conscious decision to overlook a weak opponent. Instead, it's basic animal nature: you only exert as much energy as is needed to accomplish a task. The Bears know that they're a better team than Detroit, as are most NFL teams. What they have to do is overcome the unconscious desire to relax between two tougher opponents. The really good teams usually do this. We'll see what the Bears are made of in this department.

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