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Bears' Harris already in playoff mode

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Chris Harris sad he and his teammates feel as if they are already in playoff mode, especially given the teams difficult remaining schedule.

The Bears will host the Patriots on Sunday before traveling to Minnesota to play the Vikings. They will then host the Jets before closing out the regular season in Green Bay.

"This is a three-time Super Bowl champion," Harris said of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "How can you not be pumped up to play him? Some people have this team being the best team in the NFL so we get to see where we're at and how good we actually are."

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I would be a lot happier if Harris was in "take a good angle" mode. He has been awful, and if not for a tipped pass that fell right in his lap, he would not have made the INT against the Eagles. Especially with guys like Woodhead, Welker, and the big TEs that can run in Hernandez and Gronkowski, we are going to need to make the tackle on the first attempt. Any misses, and we are going to be in for a long day.

Manning hasn't been great as a tackler either, but my thinking is it is time for the Wright/Manning duo to start for the Bears. We need the extra speed, and we need to get Wright on the field to see if he can do the job next year. We have 18 free agents coming up after this season, including Manning, so we need to know whether we have to go with a new plan for safety, or if the kid can play. He has the most potential as far as mental and physical of the safeties on the roster (although Lovie will tell you Steltz is a superstar in waiting), so we need to know if he can do the job. Not so easy when they are bailing at the snap, but he has to be the guy. For once, we should have a question answered before training camp next year.

the bears had better be in play-off form and mode. Watching how confused Brady made the vaunted Jets' defense look last night, unless the Bears play their gaps and catch their keys, they may get annihilated.Discipline on defense and a solid Bear running game are musts if the Bears are going to win this game. A terrific game by the defensive line constantly harassing Brady will also be needed. I think the Bears csan do it, but they'll need to be at the absolute top of their game. A weak half like the first one against Detroit and they may as well go home early.

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