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Bears defensive line terrorizes Vikings

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On a night when several Purple People Eaters were honored, the Bears defensive line was the one that put on a show in the snow.

Henry Melton tipped a pass that Julius Peppers intercepted. Israel Idonije and Matt Toeaina had sacks, and even rookie defensive end Corey Wootton stepped up and knocked out Brett Favre with a sack early in the second quarter, shortly before the Minnesota Vikings honored their 50 greatest players on their 50th anniversary at halftime at TCF Bank Stadium.

"It's good. It's good that everybody can pitch in, and help the team win and do their part," Peppers said of the defensive line's play. "We're going to need different guys to step up at different times. It's good that it happened tonight, in a big game for us."

Wootton, a fourth-round pick out of Northwestern, hadn't seen much playing time this season. But he showcased his athleticism on the sack of Favre, getting past Pro Bowl left tackle Bryant McKinnie and wrapping up and slamming the quarterback down.

"He did a great job," Peppers said of Wootton. "We got some good depth and when guys get opportunities, guys make plays. It was huge for him. We're going to need him, down the road."

Peppers downplayed the fact that Favre was upgraded from out to questionable and started the game.

"We didn't care about it. Obviously, it was a surprise. But it doesn't matter who the quarterback is," he said. "We had to play sound football. We just started slow."

Regarding the field conditions, Peppers said, "It was a little slippery.

"It was hard, but it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be, prior to the game.
Couple of frozen spots. It was pretty good, for the most part."

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Julius Peppers is a beast! And you gotta love how 2nd year defensive tackle Henery Melton continues to make plays. And the Bears might have something in rookie Corey Wootton. The development of Wootton and Melton is gonna be key for Chicago moving forward. Right now the Bears have a nice mix of veterans to young players on their front. But Peppers is the engine that makes it all go. He was definitely the best free agent signing of the year. But again, moving forward, Melton and Wootton are gonna be key. If either one of these guys can step up and take some heat off of Peppers, this unit could be something special GO BEARS!!

If this inconsistent defensive line plays well the rest of the season, it enhances our play-off positioning dramatically. This stud group is very deep, and the competition has to be boiling.

I wish Martz takes a good look in the mirror and realizes 'small ball' is the best route.

Kellen Davis and Devin A. deserve more playing time, especially in cold weather situations. Davis has the size and hands to flourish in this environment, and as well as Knox has played, he 'is not' a nasty weather option. I'd like to see his time split with Devin A., a big possession receiver, under those circumstances.

Giants, first round; OUCH! We don't fair well with a massive, quick 'D' line, right Detroit?

I'm delighted tht Melton got into the act last night and played a whale of a game.I've though all season that the pass rush would be better with both peppers and Melton in the game.Two guys that tall and fast who can also jump and deflect passes are solid assets.

This is my third try. I'm happy to see Melton playiong and playing great football. I have thought all along that having Peppers and Melton in the game together, because of their size, speed and jumping ability, could cause any offensive pass game a world of trouble.

Wow can you say lucky. The Bears beat a team that gave up on the season and now everyone is scelebratibg calling them teh NFC North champs?? Hahahahahaha. Man thehomers crack me up.

Favre is over the hill and worthless and when he left a 3rd stringer came in and did just as bad.

The Vikes had AP and Hutchingson out. 2 guys that would have made a diference. AP owns the bears.

I sae on my DVR that Cutler should have been picked off 4 times but again, lukcy.

I said after week 2 that the bears arent a playoff team and I still say so. They will loose there laast 2 games and teh packers will jump ahead of them and clinch a spot. I just dont see them going anywhere. call me a hater but ive been write the last three years. I now my football.

Whatever keep calling us lucky and doubtting and we will keep taking names and kickin ass call us lucky after the superbowl

I am glad we have all successfully side-stepped and disregarded everything Creighton has said. :D Deliberate typos and and all (purposefully asinine statements) peg you as a troll a mile off, guy! Good luck finishing high school in the next couple of years, but no one here is taking you seriously yet! :D Nor will your post be commented on in specifics. Nice try though, Trolly Mc'troll'a'lot! :D

This isn't Creighton...Someone is trying too hard to be him which is sad...

Where the hell is Creighton? Man up boy and make an appearance. I know that’s not him posting because Creighton has his own style, spelling mistakes and all. And don’t be all wussy an admit you are wrong either come out guns blaz-in boy. I need some entertaining.

Great season so far, a post season appearance is much more than the haters predicted. Go Bears!!!

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