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Vikings officially release Moss

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The Vikings have waived Randy Moss. If he isn't claimed he could become an unrestricted free agent.

There have been reports that the Bears are among the interested teams. While you never underestimate a desperate coach and/or general manager, and Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo qualify, this doesn't make sense for the Bears.

If the Bears receiving corps haven't mastered offensive coordinator Mike Martz's schemes by now, what makes them think Moss will in coming weeks? It would be Moss' third offense this season, after all.

Although his skills are declining, Moss brings speed and big-play ability, but the Bears already have speed --- lots of it, in fact, with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. What they don't have is Moss' size unless you count the exiled Devin Aromashodu, but Knox and Hester are faster at this stage of Moss' career.

Has there ever been a non-kicker/punter who has played for three different teams in the same season?

Here's the official statement released by the Vikings: "This decision was made based on what we thought was in the best interests of the Minnesota Vikings, both in the short and long term," said coach Brad Childress. "We wish Randy the best as he moves forward in his career."

After talking to an insider in the Moss camp, don't believe much you read. They don't know what's going on or he might end up. Moss wants to play this season. That's all my source could say after speaking with Randy several times today.

Moss wants to play this season. He'll land somewhere. Maybe even in Buffalo, where the Bears could see him this week.

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Lovie, did you see this? A dominant WR with size, speed and playmaking ability has just been released by a division rival. It's a rare opportunity to say the least. Not that you have to bring him in, but at least consider it to better your team!

Lovie: ZZZZZZZZ...

Not to be nasty because it is the Vikings but please do not point any fingers at the Viking coach for releasing Randy Moss. We have seen this when teams have gotten rid of Terrell Owens and when the Bucs got rid of one of the ESPN announcers. Talent that is unused is talent wasted, attitudes that of individual stats is really not needed on a team that is struggling. Not putting the Viking coach in the category of some of the best coaches, but to win a championship no one usually cares who gets the credit if they win. Randy Moss has never been on a super bowl winner...why? He is not a team player, nor will he ever be.
If he alienates a coach in just four games is there any place for him left in the NFL? Let's hope not!

Get Him

The bengals should pick him up

Yeah, let's get him.

That way we can have two receivers who don't finish routes (Knox and Moss).

There are pros and cons here.The Bears still play Minnesota two games, and Moss might give it his all for the Bears in those games and could even give Lovie some tips that might help. On the other hand he might do his mooning trick and would get a different reaction than Singletary did. I doubt if the issue of getting him will even come up though. He'll be picked up before the bears can even think about considering him.

He's not worth the head ache...The Patriots have gotten better with his subtraction... Their running game is better because they have receivers who block well and actually try to disguise what the play is going to be...Moss does absolutely nothing if the play isn't coming to him... We have too many impressionable young receivers who would learn nothing from him. He had 2 TDs in four games with the Vikes. You can get that with what you already have. I am not a Knox fan like that. He plays scared and needs to man up. Having Moss won't make him tougher. If anything it would stunt what little growth he might make in the future. We already have a Moss in Devin A.. Why get another one who is a bigger distraction? If pass happy Favre can't get more than 2 TDs then how would a just as pass happy Martz with little success get help from Moss? As far as I'm concerned he did to the Vikes the same thing he did to the Raiders...Nothing. Just brought them down. Quit on them. We don't need that at all. Like they said "Knox is quit enough"...

Some who comment remind me of a woman who cannot figure out what dress to wear for a night on the town. The woman spends so much time looking for the one perfect outfit without realizing we are going on other dates therefore find one so we can go.

In other words, some of you or it seems most want the perfect person. Sign Randy Moss with warts and all and play him. Like Mike Dikta stated, football ain't rocket science! Therefore Randy Moss know how to run a pass route, I don't give a darn what the offensive scheme is!!

Sign him so you guys can quit whining about the other receivers we have. Maybe Moss can teach one or two a thing about running a pass route!!


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