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Terry Bradshaw's Top 10 QBs under 30... and it doesn't include certain Bear

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Hall of fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, now a Fox analyst, provided his list of top 10 quarterbacks under the age of 30 before Sunday's games. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn't make his list.

Trying to be fair and impartial, I just don't see how that's possible, especially given his comments on a few of them. But Bradshaw's sort of like that cooky uncle everyone kind of tolerates and expects to make statements intended to elicit a reaction.

Here's his list:

1 Philip Rivers Chargers 28 104.9 6-5
2 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 28 99.1 8-3
3 Aaron Rodgers Packers 26 97.4 7-4
4 Matt Ryan Falcons 25 94.4 9-2
5 Sam Bradford Rams 23 82.0 5-6
6 Joe Flacco Ravens 25 93.2 8-3
7 Mark Sanchez Jets 24 81.9 9-2
8 Josh Freeman Buccaneers 22 89.3 7-4
9 Eli Manning Giants 29 90.3 7-4
10 Matt Schaub Texans 29 92.6 5-6
?? JAY CUTLER BEARS 27 90.4 8-3

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Aww Sean-

Bears win a few more games, Bradshaw will be "slobbering" all over Jay.

you know how "Fickled" media types can be. just look/read Mully or Morrissey's columns...

We have a lot of affection for Terry Bradshaw because he was a great quarterback and is a unique personality.

You have to take something like this list with a grain of salt though. The reason it's a top 10 list, and not top 12 for example, is that he only has ten fingers. In his case it may actually be true that he would have to take his shoes off and use his toes to do a top 20 list. The great thing about Bradshaw is that he knows this is true and doesn't hide it. The down side is he would never be able to forgive a smart Vanderbilt guy like Cutler or a Harvard guy like Fitzgerald.

Before everyone goes off, half-cocked, consider the source. Terry Bradshaw is considered a great quarterback because of the team he played on; his career numbers are actually quite pedestrian. Most everyone considers Terry Bradshaw to be playing with "one can shy of a six-pack". If Jay Cutler continues to improve, as he has, with the stability of the same system and somewhat same personnel, he will surely be considered on everyone's Top 10 List. Patience.

bradshaw couldn't Spell C-AT, if you spotted him the C and A... whu would we care about his bias against Cutler?, he's never liked him since the whole trade thing 2 years ago..maybe terry needs wife #6 for who really makes poor decsions in life

I love Da Bears as much as anyone around here. Having said that, I can completely see why Cutler didn't make that list. He throws too many dumb INT's. If he can continue to improve in that area then he would be on everyone's list. Also, I'm pretty sure this list came out before Jay's 4TD's yesterday.

Jay Cutler is the most exciting Bear offensive player (yes, even more than Hester) since Sayers. And the Bears' fortunes will ride with his decisions at quarterback. The fact that he's underrated at this time is a blessing in disguise.

Terry Bradshaw is out of line with that list.

Where is Orton? Where is Rexy? And just how does he leave Danny LeFlavor off that list??? I swear if I met Mr. Bradshaw face to face I would give him one heck of a stern lecture. I would-




Bradshaw has been hit in the head too much! Anyway, asking that scrub QB who the best QBs are is like asking Jerry Angelo to rate offensive lineman in college!

Bradshaw is one of the most overrated QB's ever.

Jay has yet to lead a team to a winning record. He stands a good chance of ending the drought this year. Perhaps that is part of the explanation.

Regardless, when I look at the list, I am not so interested in the specific ranking as much as the knowledge that the NFL has a pretty good group of young QBs in its stable. If this group can continue to develop, stay relatively healthy and produce, it means a lot of good football to be played in the next several years (barring a lock out next year).

There is nothing worse than watching a back-up QB try to perform in a game. It makes for incredibly boring football (e.g., our games against the Lions, the Panthers, the Dolphins).

I agree with most of the list. But, to me, Jay Cutler should have made the list over both Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman.

As far as Sanchez, yes he is a good game manager, but you have to wonder, would he be on this list had a team like the Detroit Lions drafted him? Being a game manager type QB is all good when your on a team like the Jets, but this list is about the individual, and at the end of the day, Jay Cutler is more talented than Mark Sanchez will ever be, arm wise and mobility wise. Cutler is clearly the better QB.

This will make you laugh, but hear me out, Kyle Orton actually should have made this list over Josh Freeman. Not saying Freeman won't ever develop into a good NFL QB, but as of right now, among all the leagues QB's under 30, Orton is clearly better. Think about it, last season Orton put up 3802 yards passing to go along with 21 touchdown passes. this season he's on pace to making his first Pro-Bowl. Orton has already put up 3370 yards passing to go along with 20 td passes so far this season. Kyle Orton has had back to back 20 or more td pass seasons, and he had 18 with the Bears the year before. Inside of 59 career games started, Orton already has 71 touchdown passes, not Hall of Fame numbers, but not bad either. Here's something else to think about for an Orton to Sanchez comparison, put Orton with the Jets, and Sanchez with the Bronco's...think about it?

Overall not a bad list, but Cutler and Orton should have made it over Freeman and Sanchez. On a final note as far as QB's under 30, Sam Bradford, if he remains healthy, could be the best QB drafted since Peyton Manning, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Josh Freeman... better than super bowl MVP Eli Manning? really?.... - someone tell that cooky uncle too shut his bald yapper

Really peck, the most exciting player since sayers. How old are you? Payton is the last most exciting player since sayers. Hester is exciting on special teams not offense.

Up rooted, I'm old enough to have watched--and admired--both Sayers and Payton. Sayers had a sudden strike ability; 1 in 7 times he touched the ball it was a touchdown. Cutler has similar abilities in that when he is "on," he can strike from anywhere--at any time--into the endzone with a pass. Thus the excitement. Hester is, of course, more exciting as a returner than receiver, but surely anyone would concede that returning kicks--even on special teams--is an offensive act.

Mark Sanchez? If the list had been the best 20 QBs under 30 then maybe Sanchez could be included. Maybe.

How is the league continuing to let the Bears ownership cheat by intentionally allowing the Soldier Field to fall apart every year?

They just say "woops, our field fell apart again!" This is after a half a billion dollar renovation!

Lucky Lovie and his turf Leprechauns seem to reach up and trip the visiting team with more slip and falls than an ambulance chaser!

It was revealed that the Bears had the choice to re-sod the field after the Vikings game, but told the Park District not to. Seems like intentional sabotage to create a disadvantage to the visitors who never seem to be ready for the worst playing field in the league!

It won't look so smart if Cutler or Peppers tears an ACL on it!

Is this a joke? Mark Sanchez? Wait... this is a joke, right? I would argue he is one of the worst QBs in the league. The Jets are 9-2 this season, no thanks to Sanchez. They won a couple games against horrible teams in OT thanks to field goals... they would have lost to the Lions if their kicker didn't MISS an extra point. Just look at the Packers game.... shut the Jets out 9-0? When your defense lets up 9 points, you're supposed to win the game. The Jets have been lucky this season more than anything.

Another one of those "much ado about nothing" days.To date, Cutler has not deserved the recognition. If he performs consistently like he did Sunday, the world of sports will beat a path to his door, and he will get a lot more acclaim and attention than he or the bears want.

This list is a joke. Not because Cutler isn't higher, but because of all of the factors that go into what makes a QB a success. Of all the QB's listed above, Cutler, by far, has the worst GM trying to help him with adding talent around him to help make him a success. That part is not even close. Cutler also has the worst offensive line in front of him. I wonder what Sanchez would do if he had Omiyale, Williams, and Olin instead of his OL. Or how about if you put Mangold, Ferguson, & Woody, in front of Cutler. And let's not fool ourselves, fellow Bear's fans. This turn around has very little to do with a gelling of the OL and miracles by Tice. It has to do with Martz {on the order by Lovie} changing up the game plan and Cutler moving out of the pocket and yes, making better decisions. Of the 10 guys listed above, 7 of them have better WR's than Cutler. The other 3, it's very close.

And before we put up a statue in Canton for Josh Freeman, let's let him have 3-4 good to great seasons. Eli is way too low on the list. He is the most level headed of the group {comes from the family} and once again, several of these QB's are blessed with a defense that can give them the ball in the opponents territory and also cover up for some mistakes the QB/offense might make. Until this year, the Bear's didn't have that.

A few weeks ago in the question and answer section, I asked Sean about a scenario where Lovie is kept and Angelo is fired. 6 weeks ago I, and alot of other Bear's fans wanted the whole crew gone, but for the sake of Cutler's maturity, stability, and development, maybe it would be best to have Martz and Tice there longer.

Cutler is exciting, but he's nowhere as exciting as Hester. And it's my contention that Hester would have already been well past the return record if Lovie and Jerry hadn't reduced his role on ST's 2 years ago. Harvin is good, so is Cribbs, and Ginn Jr.. But if you kick to those guys, it will prbably get you yelled at by the HC. If you kick to Hester, it might get you fired.

As for Sayers, I don't know where the "1 in 7 times he touched the ball it was a touchdown came from. It was more like 1 in every 21.8 times he touched the ball it was a touchdown. In his career Sayers touched the ball 1221 times and scored 56 TD's. Hester has 461 touches with 24 TD's, a ratio of 1:19. And his punt return ratio is incredible.

It was late november, it is grass, of course it is crappy. They didn't resod it because they knew with the other events planned, it would end up in the same condition by the time Bears-Eagles played. It will be "ok" for the pats game, then crappy after that. Look up talk about Heinz field in Pittsburgh - another northern grass field that is often seen as worse than Soldier Field.

Both teams play on it, with one team being slightly more used to it (Bears don't practice on it). Home team advantage? Sure - that's you play for homefield advantage in the playoffs.

They could it make it a dirt field for all I care. I just don't see what the big issue is. Oh my god players slipped! Do we cancel games if it's snowing or raining?

Well where should Jay Cutler be in the list of younger than 30 QB's in the league?

Great game last week, if he could string a few more in a row of those types of performance maybe he could move into the top 10 under 30.

It is all about the decsions not the arm or accuracy. Lately the last four games all wins Cutler has been controlled more and guess what the Bears win? Wow what a concept, less turnovers (in the redzone and elsewhere) and they win. WAHOO!!

Cutler has the potential to be #1 on the list of the under 30's but when it comes to where he stands within the league you have to think that his ranking is about where he stands and that would vary from 15th to 18th best QB in the league and it is all about his decision making, albeit his last few games makes me feel we could be looking at the NFL 's next great QB. Cutler could be thought of along the lines of Manning, Brees or Brady but then the turnover reality kicks in or the penalty which was stupid for complaining to the refs and we all come back to reality, Cutler is middle of the pack in the NFL until he gets the mental aspect of the game under control.

Right now Cutler is middle of the pack when adding in the veteran QB's to the above list.

Here is to Cutler making the move to the top 5 of the entire league including all of the Qb's iin the league young and old. He has the talent but can he control his emotions or take control of making the right decision at crunch time?

We will see and I hope he and the Bears win the Superbowl he is capable of leading the team offensively into and winning it all, but not if he can't make the right decisions at crunch time.

Cutler and the bears are looking good everyone keeps waiting for them to fail but the bears keep taking names and kickin ass so keep doubt the bears and we keep kickin ass the bears are one of those teams u dont expect to make the playoffs and maybe winnin the bowl

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