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Reid on Bears D: 'Pretty stinking good'

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It was a simple question. Eagles coach Andy Reid was asked what he sees when he studies the Bears' defense.

"I don't see a lot of holes," he said, chuckling. "That's what I don't see. There's a lot of continuity there. If you put Rod Marinelli together with Lovie, that's a pretty stinking good combination right there. Fundamentally, they're precise, they're hustling to the football, they're aggressive, they play zone and man well. I just think they are very good and they have good players on that defense."

Use of the word "stinking" quickly became a theme when Reid used it again when asked if DeSean Jackson is the most explosive player in the league.

"He's explosive but you've got a couple right there in your backyard that are pretty stinking' explosive," Reid said, presumably referring to Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. "There's going to be a little speed on that field, as there was last year, and Jeremy Maclin's not chopped liver. He can run too. There's going to be a little speed there on both sides."

The soft, brown turf at Soldier Field will help mitigate the speed on both sides. But Reid said the Eagles are used to it by now.

"I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I feel like I've played there a million times, not only with the Eagles, but with Green Bay," Reid said. "It's a little soft but what you lose in footing, when you land it's a good cushion, so you've got to look at the positive and the negative of it and make sure you keep your shoulders over your toes at all positions and make sure you've got a good base."

The matchup that nobody is talking about is the matchup that will likely decide the game: The Bears' offense vs. the Eagles' defense.

"We're young," Reid said when asked about his defensive unit. "We've added a few young players to the team, which happens when you're someplace for a while. It was just a matter of everybody getting used to each other, working hard and developing a bond. Over the weeks they've just gotten better and I think, like with the Bears, you see similarities between the two defenses there."

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