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Peppers, Hester lead Pro Bowl voting

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Julius Peppers and Devin Hester are the leading vote getters among NFC defensive ends and kick returners, respectively, in Pro Bowl voting on

Peppers is the No. 1 defensive end in the NFC with 151, 231 votes. The Giants' Osi Umenyiora, who has eight sacks --- three more than Peppers --- is second with 128, 528.

Hester is the top vote-getter among NFC kick returners with 105,204 votes, which is 13,836 ahead of the Vikings' Percy Harvin.

Elsewhere, center Olin Kreutz is third among NFC centers with 65, 653 while Lance Briggs is fourth among outside linebackers. It should be noted, however, that the three players in front of Briggs --- Clay Matthews of the Packers, DeMarcus Ware of the Cowboys and the Redskins' Brian Orakpo --- are pass rushers. Briggs is the highest vote getter among traditional outside linebackers.

Brian Urlacher is second among NFC middle linebackers with 104,242 votes. Patrick Willis of the 49ers is first with 112,436.

In another surprise, Robbie Gould is not ranked among the top five vote getters among kickers.

So, here's two questions for you to ponder: 1) Which Bears' player is either ranked far below where he should be or isn't ranked at all? and, 2) Which Bears player is ranked higher than he should be?

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at this point of the season sounds about right!! they are both MVPs in my book


When will your next question post be up? IHopefully soon. Please and thanks.


When will your next question post be up? Hopefully soon. Please and thanks.


Well it's well earned on both their parts. I am surprised people have realized how good Peppers has played since we get so many people asking about sacks. Anyway no way Osi should be up their though, he isn;t even the best end on his team, and Trent Cole may be the best 4-3 end in football right now. Either way it should be him nad Peppers getting the votes.

Hester on special teams=very good things, Hester as a number 1 reciever=really bad things.

Anyway Neil you and Sean have a great Thanksgiving, I am headingdown south to see my family won't be posting till next week. So not only are you spared my posts, but now you have something to be thankful for. Your welcome.

Enjoy the Holidays everyone even Kevin Armstead and Brando Timmer.

Almost forgot I dig the new format, a little color wouldn't hurt though. And maybe a theme song playing when you click on the insider.

I am thinking this, you can fight over who gets to be who but I am Jack Lord damn it. Jack Lord is like being an action star and porn star all at once. The name says it all.

Or maybe this. However if you choose this opening thing you and Sean have to ride to work just like that.


The answer to both of your questions is NONE and ALL.

There shouldn't be any representation of the Bears. This team stinks.
Through shear luck, they have been able to beat a bunch of bad or crippled teams.

No matter how bad an NFL team is, they can all beat high school football teams.
So that is my comparison to the bears beating bad teams. The end result looks good but it is all superficial. This is a bad team. Should they be so lucky to make the playoffs, they will loose in the first.....and what did they accomplish? Only one make sure idiots like angelo and Lovie have a much longer stay in chicago for a continuation of mediocre football. They have both overstayed a little too long.

Am I reading this wrong, or was it worded incorrectly:

"Hester is the top vote-getter among NFC kick returners with 105,204 votes, which is 13,836 behind the Vikings' Percy Harvin."

Is is supposed to be AHEAD of Percy Harvin? Or is Hester actually second on the list?


I would say that both Hester and Peppers are earning their status, and Urlacher is playing great football as well. Kreutz is definitely living off his former reputation in being the 3rd center for the NFC. As far as under-rated, Izzy is having by far his best season, and is one of the better 2-way ends in the league right now. Not necessarily Pro Bowl caliber, but he deserves a lot more credit than he is getting.

Peppers is creating opportunities, but Izzy still has to take advantage of them. Tommie Harris, Anthony Adams, and Marcus Harrison have not been able to take advantage. Toeaina is playing better than I expected.

The rest of the team is underachieving as individuals, but the team overall is getting the breaks where they need them.

Quick question, How is it that Hester is the leading vote getter amongst NFC Kick Returners when it states that he is 13,836 behind the Vikings' Percy Harvin who is also in the NFC? Am I missing something?

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