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Martz reiterates again that he wants to run the ball more

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This is not Groundhog's Day.

But, Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said he would like to run the ball more. That would seem particularly important this weekend, against the league's worst run defense.

"Absolutely, we do need to run the ball more. As that game went on (against the Washington Redskins), we were way more effective in the second half than we were earlier. It'll afford us an opportunity to do that and we will," Martz said. "Absolutely."

Yes, we've all heard that before from Martz. But truly -- surely -- he must be serious, right?

Here's a few other highlights (and there weren't many) from Martz's press conference today:

* On the difference between Chester Taylor and Matt Forte: "A little different. They have their own different styles but they're both very competent at what we do. They're both excellent receivers, and blockers, and they have their own style of running, which doesn't diminish anything. They just have a different way of doing things. They have their own style, their skill, and both have been very productive. So you really have two starters, and that's unusual in this league. So we're very pleased with that."

* On what the offense can accomplish during bye: "If there's something we want to go back and look at, that you don't have a chance during the week... But there's a couple of things we wanted to look at. Then you get a chance to look at it and decide whether you want to do it or not. Then the other thing is, you like to get some of those guys who haven't gotten the game time (experience) especially the quarterbacks, some time in there. So they get up to speed with the offense. We have both of those guys equal snaps in there, had a chance for them to do some things."

* On the return of Roberto Garza: "You can't overstate it. Having a veteran back, who has played at such a good level for so many years... It's going to help J'Marcus (Webb), first of all, with the calls. Everything has to be relayed out there. You see so many fronts and protections, and run calls; all the dynamics of playing in the offensive line, he's done it for so long, and he can help Webb on the outside as well as being consistent inside and really playing at a high level. So that's a big, big deal for us."

* On if Randy Moss, who was claimed by the Tennessee Titans, fits in his offense: "Here's how dumb I am. Honest to goodness, I don't mean this with any disrespect, but I kind of hide in a cave during the season. I don't look at the Internet. I couldn't tell you anything that's written in a newspaper. I didn't even know that happened, until just recently. I can't comment on that. I would never comment on another player that's not on our squad."

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