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Cutler, officials, not perfect

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Perhaps the only possible criticism of Cutler after he compiled a 146.2 passer rating against the Eagles was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he drew in the fourth quarter. Cutler was trying to convince officials that defenders had interfered with Forte on third-and-9 pass near midfield at the time.

"You want your quarterback to be into the game, and Jay's a fiery leader and all that, but you have to keep your emotions under wraps a little bit when you're dealing with officials," Smith said. "Believe me, I would be the first guy out there screaming and yelling if I saw them changing calls. But they don't. I can see why he was upset --- we were all upset --- but just like we weren't perfect in the game, the officials definitely weren't perfect either."

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Smith would be the first one on the field..etc........Right, after someone told him what was going on. On his own, he wouldn't have any idea until he'd seen the tape on Monday.

Last week y'all were complaining that he was too withdrawn and accused him of smirking around like he didn't care. Which is it?

The Bears definately got hosed on the play. If they get that call, they run off at least 2-3 more minutes and then kick a field goal. A yellow hankie would have meant game over. They missed the call and the incomplete pass gave the Eagles a chance.

What got lost in the shuffle was the play call. That time and one other time later in the 4th Martz called a pass on third down. Both times the dirty birds came with an all out blitz, the pass wasn't completed, and the clock stopped. That's probably about 1-1/2 minutes on the clock that didn't happen. I'm hearing rumblings that Lovie went too conservative intead of putting the Eagles away, but they did throw.

Nice to see some fire and passion from the emerging leader of this offense. You know Urlacher was loving it as he was seen laughing with Jay on the sidelines over the penalty.

That was a stupid play call poorly executed and could easily have been an interception.I think Cutler was as much mad at himself as he was at the officials. He should have just taken the sack.

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