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We don't have many rules on this blog, but here's one I insist upon: If your prediction for Sunday's game is wrong, mum is the word.

If you are correct, however, or even close to being correct, feel free to crow about it.

I said the Bears would come from behind to beat the Packers 27-24 on a late field goal ... So close!

Brando called the right final score --- 20-17 Bears --- but thought it would be decided in overtime and predicted the Bears running game would finally click.

Kevin Armstead almost nailed it. He predicted 21-17 Bears, which brings us to this week's pick.

I don't have a good feeling about this one.

It's not that I think the Bears will play poorly but the Giants need this one desperately and the most desperate team often wins in the NFL.

Put it this way: I'm not sure the Bears are good enough to be 4-0 and I don't think the Giants are bad enough to be 1-3.

Therefore, 24-21 Giants in a cliffhanger.

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I say, a 30 - 10 Bears win, Eli will hit the deck 3 times, and the defense will score 2 or 6.

Man, I hope I'm right!

The Bears are good enough to be 4-0 - it's not how "good" you are but how you play the game each week. As we all know every game is a challenge, but I will say the Bears win big - 31-17

I'm going with 24-21 Bears. I do agree with you that the Giants are more desperate team going in. I also think that the Bears are going to be that scrappy team that finds a way to win the close ones this year. This is going to be a close one.

Bears 30 Giants 16

3 by Robbie Gould. A turnover by the defense. Cutler twice to...I don't know, whoever is active.

I believe that good teams find a way to win no matter the cost. Ill take the Bears 24-17. giving them a 4-0 start to the first quarter of the season.

24-20 Bears

the giants are a mirror image of what the bears would be if they had stayed with rex grossman as qb. eli manning should be rex's twin brother. i'm glad i'm not a giants fan.
bears 28 giants 10 (at most).

I've been right three weeks in a row and crowing about it, even telling you where the Bears will excel... and I get less love from this blog than the Bears do. wahhhhh poor me.

Anyhow, the Bears give up over 100 yards rushing and right around 4.0 yards per carry, but because they force the Gmen to be one dimensional with a dominant pass rush and at least one pick. Giants receivers take more punishment than the Boys did.

On offense Matt Forte finally runs his way into the end zone and Cutler bounces back throwing two more TDs, (let's say Olsen and Knox, who gets 100+ yards). Offensive line struggles continue but Jay steps up in the pocket and uses hot reads and screens to nullify a strong pass rush that gets to him early.

27-23 BEARS

The Bears are going to continue to improve. Confidence is a powerful tool. O-line will start to click and the Giants really are that bad. Bears 27 giants 17

I think the Giants are going to bounce back from their poor performances over the last couple of weeks, and give the Bears a run for their money.

Bears 27, Giants 24--INT by Eli Manning on final drive by Manning to seal the victory. Will be Giants 4th TO.

Forte and Taylor will account for the 2 of the TDs this week, but none on the ground. The third will be Bennett.

With Packers playing the Lions this week, the Bears have a must win to keep a game ahead of the Packers. The Bears players know that the media has doubted their record and if they are a playoff team. Beating up on the Giants isnt going to deem them the best in the NFC but a 4-0 record will tell a differnt story.

Bears 35 Giants 13

23-9 Bears

So what if the Giants run the ball? They're going up against the #1 run defense which means, by all accounts, that they won't be running the ball much. This will force them to pass and if the game against the Pack is any indication, the D will bend but not break and Eli's affinity for turning the ball over and making head scratching mistakes will eventually happen.

Defense and special teams will make sure the offense has a short field to work with so even if they are going up against another good defense, they will still be able to hit some points.

Bears win a close one 17-14.

The offense is not clicking on all cylinders with the O line and blitzing causing havoc with Cutler. The Bears running game still is stagnant but the offense and some recovered turnovers by the Bears defense helps save the day.

Special teams continues to shine and helps create field position that helps win the game.

35-17 Bears. Forte and the running game get over 100 yards. Cutler airs it out and we all rejoice in 4-0! Defense also scores.


This week the Giants fall apart. Bears click in all 4 phases of the game and win big.
Bears 38 Giants 10

outI had the Bears the first 3 weeks, also this week as well. Had them 27-21(i think) last week expecting them to come out strong. Little did I know they are more tough than strong right now.

Usually week 4 is when I see some growth in an offense, I have a feeling this curve will be exponential and not tangent. Sorry, math major. The thing I love about this offense is it does not give away downs running the ball to protect a lead, this in turn makes the other team have to play shootout(be it real or imagined).

Giants are not ready for a shootout. No Plaxico to cover int-boy's arse. Bears in a laugher 35-21.


gusess waht loosers ia ma ALLAweys right...not brando. ohhhh so MAD taht little BRANDO makes me! can you loosers beleave it? brando comes here ans he is happy abot teh bears ans he roots for tehm to do good???? ANS he EXEPCTS tehm to WIN???? man wah ta looser.

teh bears will LOOSE 900000000000000 two 0 against teh GIants ans you will se sense i am allways right ans i only give FACTS.

angelo youre days are nummered....i am coning for you angelo...ANGELO i wills not be IGnored!!!!!!!! ia m KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but you guys now me old crap-ton..just trying ti be posatvie

ps hey everyones put on youre pink panties ans do the crap-ton! :) gor crap-ton go crap-ton :) is you birthfay!!

I am affraid this is a trap game. Bears coming off a big win and Giants need this one badly but I feel the Bears are improving each week and the Giants just dont have it together right now at all and that trend will continue this week. 31-20 Bears

We'll crow, alright...Bears by 15!!!!

And if Eli Manning cares...I will wear my NYG hat on Monday morning and root for them somewhere down the line.

Sounds like O'Hara is out for the Giants, so this is the week for the DTs to get off their duff and get some hits on Eli. he is already looking shell-shocked this season, so a few hits early, and he will be a basket case in the pocket.

If Osi and Bulluck are out as well, that bodes well for the running game. Tuck and Kiwi are not great at holding the point of attack, so we should be able to run at both ends and get some seams to work with.

I am changing my score to Bears 31, Giants 12 (4 FG).

Bears 84-0

Bear Fans, can I ask a question?

Though the team won Monday night, when has Green Bay, Minnesota & Detroit stopped being a hated rival? I listened as many Bears players made statement after statement that the rivalry is no longer there with Green Bay.

If knocking the snoot out of the opposing player does not create a rivalry, what does it do? Just good ole fun at the ballpark, huh? Maybe the Bears will be good this season, make the playoffs and what the heck, win the Super Bowl, but I thought rivalries is what keeps your team with an edge.

I thought football or any sport for that matter is all about the rivalry. I must be thinking about a different generation of players.

oh well, go bears!

By ChiD on October 1, 2010 10:04 AM
"I've been right three weeks in a row and crowing about it, even telling you where the Bears will excel... and I get less love from this blog than the Bears do. wahhhhh poor me."

Hmmm looking for your posts but I can't find anything posted by you under predictions. However I think you are on the worng site. There are many internet sites that do specialize in many forms of love. This is not one of them.

The Giants will work us over passing the ball, they will be better than the previous teams at running the ball but still won't get much, we will win the turnover battle and score enough to get the W!

Bears 27, Giants 20

Bears run defense will once again force a QB to try to beat them. If Romo and Rodgers couldn't do it, there's no way that Eli can. On the other side of the ball, Gints don't have the pass rush that Dallas and GB do, so a good day for Matt and Jay.

Bears 34-13

I am a Bears fan but the giants will win this one 27-21 cause the giants just have to good of team the bears give up to much yardage pretty easy win for the giants.

With the Giants trying to establish a running game, and I think atleast partially succeeding, I don't see a high- scoring game.I think the Bears will run more too. 24-14 Bears.

To me, the matchup I like for Chicago is the Bears receivers vs the Giants corners. Both of the Giants cornerbacks have nice size, Terrell Thomas is 6-0, and Corey Webster is 6-0 also, but neither one of these guys will remind anybody of Deion Sanders. Thomas has a pick and a fumble recovery through 3 games, he's solid, but nothing to write home about. I look for Knox to have his first 100 yard receiving game of the season sunday, Bennett will also have a nice game, again, this is a nice matchup for Cutler and his receivers.

The Bears offensive line will have it a little bit easier with the Giants ends banged up, but Justin Tuck is still healthy on the left side, he leads the Giants front in tackles so far this season with 19 tackles, Shaffer/Webb will have their hands full with him. Inside the Giants have a DT thats kind of under the radar right now, but is having a pretty nice season, that would be their under tackle Barry Cofield 6-4 306lbs, he has 15 tackles this year, 2nd best up front for the G-men, and a 1/2 sack. Bears right guard Lance Louis will have his hands full also with Cofield, but overall, I give the edge to the Bears o-line. The Bears passing attack will overwhelm the Giants back 7, opening things up for Forte.

The Bears defense has gotta be licking their chops with Eli Manning who has already put up 6 picks. A lot of Eli's picks came from passes coming off the Giants receivers hands, but the Bears secondary will make you pay with to many tip drills Bears 28 Giants 13 GO BEARS!!

This could be another nail in the Tom Coughlin casket. The Bears win the toss, go down and put 7 on the board early, get a rare 3 and out on D and score again to take the crowd out of it. Cutler has a very nice game and the Bears win 28-13.

Bears win: 38-20

Bears win: 38-20

Bears offensive line struggles to protect early again and fails to provide much of a rushing attack, again. Cutler compensates with alot of 3 step drops and screens/quick slants. Cutler throws 2 picks though, maybe a few tipped passes. Bears d causes 2 turnovers. Gould hits 3 fgs. Giants will rush for over 100 yards as bears run d has trouble bringing the rb's down.

Bears 30-24.

Well, I guess if Neil wants Da horn tooters to trumpet, I got a right to at least a humble Go Bears! bugle charge--Da Bears and Da Prognosticator are 3 and 0.

MSBearsFan has hit on all three cylanders better than the rest of us. MS must surely mean "more sense" than the Lovie-hating critics. Send MS to Vegas and send the critical dimwit experts to Venus where they can a little closer to seeing the big light often affectionately called "the sun."

Speaking of the sun, wouldn't it seem appropriate for some of the major "sun" time writers to see ahead a little more accurately. Or maybe they should rename the sports section, the "Times of Darkness." Or maybe Da Bears should hire a coach named "Hatie" Myth. Or maybe Sean and Neil should get a raise and a few old boys well maybe...

Why give Lovie love? If you spend all your time gazing through the lower lenses of coke-bottle bifocals while chewing Vladsic dill spears all you see is Lovie challenging officials and decreeing boring media bytes of nothingness. When you lift your eyes a little and watch Da Bears play for Da man, you actually see a fairly disciplined unified bunch of properly positioned improving talent that faces adversity well and often beats superiorly-talented opponents-- from Minnesota at the end last year, to Dallas, to Green Bay, Da Bears have beatin' more talented teams. Oh that means you must have a bad coach.

Da Bears and the giants are fairly similiar in talent and style. Good QB's, good RB's, good young receivers and TE, good front 7, decent secondary. The advantages: Bears... big MOMO,Martz,Toub,health. Giants: Despairation, home field. Da bears Defense and Cutler concern me with weariness. The packers exhausted the D on monday night and gave Cutler a knock-out punch he withstood. Hope the older (Not Old) LB's have Tony Gonzales' nutritionalist.

Gotta like the front seven fresh blood. Peppers is beastin' beyond the discernment of our statistical gurus. AA, MToe, Robinson, IA and MA are all giving their fullest effort. I really like the explosivite potential of Henry Melton. The rotation is good for unity and MOMO and Marinelli's all-out-now style. Tommie's problem is that he is being forced to be a pusher rather than a gap slasher like he used to be. Hope he submits himself to reality and then goes back to slashin' in short yardage situations. I'd like see them use MELTON ON THE GOAL-LINE OFFENSE MELTON ON THE GOAL-LINE OFFENSE MELTON ON THE GOAL-LINE OFFENSE as a big back/Fridge. He was a back in college and looks like he could severely pancake a LB in a full blast collision.

The innate weariness concerns me, but I sense the O'hara and Kiwi injuries and the overall drama of NY play into a Bears victory. Da Bears stuff the ground, shake Eli, produce steadily on O and special teams and win 27-13 in primetime. If Da Bears go up early, they win easy. If they falter early, they win struggling. Da Bears, Da Prognosticator 4 and OOOOOOOOOOOO!

BEARS 28-14 we will start da season 4-0, shud b able to run it 8-0 looking at da schedule. GIANTS recievers saw how da PACKERS recievers was gettin hit so i hope we continue to put da hit on da opposin teams and get sum interception. i think since Eli is not dat mobile our DEFENSE (PEPPERS) shud get sum sacks. GIANTS will stay wit da runnin game to keep PEPPERS off Eli, but da run will not get goin BEARS too gud on stoppin da run. BEARS O-Line is better den expected and da BEARS running game have a gud chance of gettin goin. GIANTS secondary is not as gud as da PACKERS so im lookin for the BEARS offense to have a gud day, by da way GIANTS have sum key players missin on da D side.

Well I don't think much of the Giant's and they are also beat up. However, it seems like one of those strange weeks. After winning back to back big games the last two weeks this game could be a let down game for the Bears. However they have been resiliant, i'll say.

31-17 Bears.

I would like to see the Bears offense start clicking and putting up more points. Most I would like to see Cutler start using the field a little more. He uses the left side and middle a lot but does not attack the right side much. He could probably take advantge of the right side sense not many will be looking for it.

Well here goes just under the wire. My head says that Hayes is right and the Giants are desparate. I would add too that they really embarrassed themselves last week. That adds up to the Giants coming out with smoke pouring out their ears. On top of that the Bears have a road game, following a short week after an emotional win. They are due for a little letdown. I'd call that 24-17 Giants.

That's what my head says, but that is not my pick.

My heart says 31-17 Bears. That's my prediction.

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