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Updated: Your prediction for Bears-'Skins goes here

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For weeks now, I had figured the Bears would beat Seattle and lose to the Redskins. I have no idea why, that has just been my hunch.

I don't know where that leaves me after the Bears lost to Seattle at home.

One look at the second-half of the Bears schedule tells you this is a must-win game for the home team, especially after last week's debacle. I think they're going to get it done. They can move the ball against the Redskins vulnerable defense and I like the matchup of the Bears' defense vs. Washington's offense.

I said 24-13 Bears last week and was wrong, obviously. Iron Mike (28-6) and Mike (24-21), a Bear fan from Seattle, were the only readers who predicted the Seahawks would win, or so it seemed until I got to the second-to-last comment and saw that Creightom (that's not a typo) nailed the final score --- 23-20.

For that, I originally wrote that Creightom (again, no a typo) should hear nothing but knees and then palms touching the floor.

Upon further review, however, I take it all back. As several alert readers (more alert than me, anyway) pointed out, Creightom's prediction was posted after the game ended.

Therefore, his prediction is fraudulent and he deserves no credit whatsoever.

As for this week, I'm going with 24-23 Bears.

Feel free to disagree.

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I predict 6 sacks for the Skins (I am going with 4 for Orakpo), and a 28-17 victory over the Bears. I don't see how we are going to block better against a 3-4 than we did against a 4-3, and I can't see us playing great defense for 40 minutes again when we don't stay on the field on offense. Hester will not get one (a TD)this week, but the defense will... That means 10 points for the offense.

I would love to believe the story at Halas Hall where they say they have all of this figured out, but so far, we haven't seen that in Lovie's tenure. We hear a lot of talk, and the same problem shows up week after week.

Bears 34 Skins 28

Bears:27 Skins:24 last
Nail Biter

This team is now exposed.. weak OL.. no running game.. and an OC who cant see the error of his ways. A deadly combo and the start of a losing streak. Skins have our number.... 27-10 Skins win it.. D is playing well, but they will wear out. How JA does not trade for an OG/OT is beyond me. His ego is as big as Martz. The only bright side to this..the losses will seal the fate of Lovie and JA.. and it cant happen soon enough. Hopefully Cowher will be on the coaching radar..

Skins 24-17. 2 picks and 5 sacks for Cutler.

Thats right. Get on your nees and bow down to me. That includes you to Brando. Kiss my feet to for I am youre King.

Lets see when have I ever been wrong these last 3 years? Oh right I have never been wrone woops my bad.

All you loosers kept telling me how I was being so negative and how Ishould go be a PAcker fan or a Viking fan. Whose laughing now. Hahahahaha, man it feels good to be write so much.

Redskins 35 Bears 17

Except for the Dallas and Carolina games, the Bears could easily have lost every other game.

A referee's call saved their butts against Detroit.

The Packer's had to set a world record in penalties to lose.

The Seahawks did nothing amazing or dominant, but built a commanding lead that produced a win.

The Giants owned us.

Washington hung in against a pretty good Colts team. That may give them enough mojo to foil the Bears hopes.

Redskins 23 - Bears 20.

This game 's outcome depends entirely on how fired up the Bears coaching staff can get this team during this week's practice following last week's humiliation at home. This will also be the test of how hard headed Martz is about mixing up his offensive scheme.

I think Martz will want to redeem himself, as will Tice and the O line, to silence their critics. With Briggs back to spark the defense I think the Bears will pull this one out but it will be close.

Bears 30 Redskins 27

Neil, I don't see how this "Creightom" can be credited for making an accurate prediction hours after the game ended.

By Creightom on October 17, 2010 5:14 PM
23 Seahawks 20 Bears. Bears are the worstest team in the NFL.

Note the time the post was sent.

Anyway, I'm going Redskins 24, Bears 20. Shanahan will simply not kick it to Hester after what happened in '07 and McNabb doesn't make too many mistakes. Expect to see some more run plays like the Bears promised but more of the same silliness with the offensive line. And by silliness I mean runs that go for no yards and Cutler being smeared on the field. Also, the Redskins have taken a few players out this season (Vick, Addai, bunch of Packers) so I don't think Cutler will be left standing.

Would love to be proven wrong though.

The Bears could have easily lost against the Cowboys and Carolina too:
An alien spaceship could have landed and used a tractor beam to lock onto the football and move it a foot further to disrupt Devin Hester's spectacular catch.
Todd Collins could have hit his head so hard he actually thought he was playing for the Panthers and thrown 21 picks instead of just 4.
See there are so many reasons the Bears should be winless. How they got to 4-2 is beyond me!

Bears 21 - Skins 17

20-16 Bears

Hey, Neil-
I was actually the first to predict a Bears loss at 27-19. Creightom deserves nothing since he posted his pick after the game was over. I hope that you do a better job of checking the facts for your reporting...

Creighton, when have you ever been wrong, you ask?

How about when you're trying to spell or use proper grammar and punctuation?

1. It's losers, not loosers.
2. It's knees, not nees.
3. It's "Kiss my feet too," not "Kiss my feet to."
4. It's wrong, not wrone.
5. It's whoops, not woops.
6. It's Who's, not Whose.
7. It's right, not write.

Not to mention, there are various cases of misused periods and commas and missing question marks. It's kind of hard to take you seriously when you type like that.

Anybody can get lucky by picking the exact score of a game. I did so on my blog by picking a 17-14 Baltimore victory over Pittsburgh in Week 4. Big deal. Doing so doesn't make you smarter than anybody else.

Anyway, now that the housecleaning is out of the way, my prediction is 20-17, Redskins.

Bears lose to the Redskins, and then after that all hope is lost as they slide from 4-3 to 7-9, winning only three times and losing 6 games to much better teams on their schedule. Go ahead, try it, like I did, and see what you come up with as you imagine how they'll do against teams that they play like the Jets, the Packers, the Vikings twice, the Dolphins, the Patriots, and the Eagles! I cannot see this team improving enough to win any more than three of those remaining nine games after this Sundays loss to Washington. Can you? OK, maybe 8-8, but thats still mediocre and not playoff calibre, which, unfortunately, this team is NOT...and that kills me! Damn the owners and the management and the coaching staff and the offensive line and whatever else needs damning, I 'm so ready for the Bears in the playoffs , but, once again...not this year.

Ahh BearsBrat aka Brando. I see you havw once again cralled out of youre hole. Still mad at me that I called the Bears wil suck? I cant help it if I'm right everythime and you are allways wrong.

You eve nhate Cutler who is a top three qb behind the worstest line in football. Oh you can thank Angelo for that thank you very much. Yoyu know the guy you think is the best GM in sports today even though you sdai he cant draft offwense. yeah real winner their pal.

So first you sday the bears will wion and then you say wthey will loose? Oh I no why you changed your mind. You saw my predicntion and then realize that Creighton knows what he is talking about so I will just copy him. Hahaha you are pathetic.

By thw way its spelled loosers not "losers" you moron. Look it up. Nice try anyway chump.

I guess I get a zero for last week. Was completely off the grid from Thursday till Sunday nite. It really sucks when the Bears play so bad they not only get beat, they don't even get on NFL Replay.

It's a tough call this week because I think it is going to be a good game. The Bears will play better in general and they have a better overall team than the 'Skins. On top of that the offense is going to start turning this around. They will be improved this week and then they have a bye week to really get their ducks in a row. They may never be the Greatest Show on Painted Dirt, but they are going to surprise some people before the year is out.

The joker is McNabb. He always plays well in Chicago and he is good enough to be a difference maker.

32-24 Bears.

Wait there is a Creightom now? When did this fool start?

BearsBeat, is that really you Lex? Even though your addressing Blue Creighton and not myself, I know you probably think it's me, so let me help you. If you actually read the article and stopped acting like an arrogant idiot you would realize that myself, blue Creighton(who you are posting at) and Creightom are all three different people. However you have not been smart enough to pick up on that fact. You didn't even read the article you are talking about or you would know this.

"I got to the second-to-last comment and saw that Creightom (that's not a typo) nailed the final score --- 23-20."

It's Creightom not Creighton.

"For that, I originally wrote that Creightom (again, no a typo) should hear nothing but knees and then palms touching the floor."

For the second time Neil points out the name "Creightom", not Creighton. For a guy getting all up in arms about spelling you don't seem very good at actually doing that. Yes in truth N and M are not the same letters. Welcome to the first grade.

"Upon further review, however, I take it all back. As several alert readers (more alert than me, anyway) pointed out, Creightom's prediction was posted after the game ended."

"Therefore, his prediction is fraudulent and he deserves no credit whatsoever."

Now Neil points out the prediction is false and that Creightom faked his prediction. Mike points this out as well and so does Yikes. Yet here you are complaining about Blue Creighton (aka Creighton with a link in his name) being right and saying he was lucky. Is reading difficult for you?

Let me ask you a question. Can you read? You are not smart enough to figure out that Creightom is not Blue Creighton and Blue Creighton is not me. You can't tell the difference in spelling between Creighton and Creightom even though Neil points it out twice. You clearly don't read the article and then comment on it. You clearly stalk people as you seem to be trying to memorize the way at least one Creighton writes.

"Anyway, now that the housecleaning is out of the way, my prediction is 20-17, Redskins."

For a guy with his head up his own ### about spelling your not very good at it. It's house cleaning, two words not one.

"Not to mention, there are various cases of misused periods and commas and missing question marks."

In a sentence about using commas correctly, you manage to misuse a comma. Nice work.

See, that is what is called house cleaning. Next time do not forget the windows and under the toilet seat. Also if you actually want to be a great writer, stop using conjunctions.

Why do I have to get all the yahoo's?

Tough to call this one, the Skins are not very good at rushing the passer in fact they are bad at it. Their personel does not fit their scheme very well. On offense they have one of the worst lines in the league. Not to mention they are using a new offensive and defensive scheme. They are physical and have been good at getting turnovers.

I expect the Skins to run their spaghetti defense to disguise their blitz pakage. Lots of zone play in the secondary.

24-17 Native Americans.

It could go either way though Wahington is not a good team and is in transition.

Here is my take. As much as it's going to kill Martz this week I really think the Bears are going to run the ball this week. Seattle stats were not great against the pass, and the Bears threw the ball all over the place and it got them no where. Washington's pass defense stats are no better, but I think after last weeks disaster play calling Martz got reeled in on his pass happy offense.

I think what most people are looking at is that Washington put points up on Indy. They are not playing the soft tackling Colts this week, the Bears TACKLE! The Bears faced two teams already that run a 3-4 defense and won them both. Let's make Washington #3. Bears 20 Skins 13

The redskins are going to come in here and punch us right in the face. I hope Cutler has a good insurance plan because they have no mercy. Vick-out, Addai-out, Dallas Clark-out, packers-out. Sleep well my friend
20-14 Skins

10 touchdowns and 6 field goals. Let's see--I was never that great at math during all those years I spend on that small yellow bus trekking to school--that would add up to 88-0 Bears!
Everybody do the Bumsteadance!

Para Ser El Hombre, Tienes Que Vencer Al Hombre!

Coming off the uninspired Seahawks game, the Goodguys rebound, Bears 24- Skins 10!

Wow creightom is a freaking dildo!

I'm terrible at predictions, but it won't stop me.

The team that can score a third TD will win, and it'll be Bears 21, Skins 17.

The Bears line will bounce back just for one week to look half way decent. But neither offense will light it up, and special teams shall be the difference, giving the Bears good field position.

As a Bear fan in the land of Redskins, I predict a Bears victory -- if only because if we lose then I have to sign the Redskins fight song. Final score: Bears 20-Skins 13.

I said 4 and 12 at the beginning and I say the Bears lose out. I didn't think the Bears would beat the Cowboys or packers but those teams are showing there not as good as everyone thought. The won the Lions game be default and the panthers well the panthers are just bad. We looked like a Juggernaut against them didn't we. Well the remainder of the schedule has the Bears playing against teams that are doing well other then the packers. Bu Bye Lovie!

Now that the book is out on them, until the Bears Offensive Line proves they can be a NFL caliber unit, our outlook is bleak. I want so badly for them to step up, but I am just not sure that this group have the talent to do so. It is almost laughable that Angelo has once again put his trust in a coach elevating the talent- didn't he learn anything from the d-line last year? I put our struggles squarely on him and his incompetence might just ruin Jay Cutler in the process. That said, I see us slipping back yet again- Skins 31-Bears 17

I predict Jay Cutler will have his second concussion by the end of the Third quarter, apart from that, my crystal ball is cloudy.

The Bears will really get going. FINAL SCORE: Bears--41/ Skins--10.

The Bears will really get going this time.

FINAL SCORE: Bears -- 41; Skins -- 10.

Under "normal" circumstances it would be a great weak to work out minor kinks in an offensive system. With this Bear's offense, there is nothing normal nor minor. If..IF the Bear's offensive line can somehow limit the mental mistakes and maybe the Bears move Cutler around {hopefully away from #98's side} they should win 24-17.

Redskins 13 Bears 10

I was thinking just like Neil-- Sea Chicken victory and then a defeat to the skins. Now da Bears are desparate again. We lose tomorrow and playoffs will require packi and viki to doo doo on themselves. Anything could be possible now the second half of the season. Hopefully we win, bye and then beat the worst team in the NFL to go 6-2 and then at least split out that rough 2nd half of season.

Watched the rewind of last week's game. 2 things stood out. The O line did not do as bad as I thought on protection. Most of the sacks were safety/corner blitzs on those tight bunch formations. Jay was razzled and jittery when he just has got to get rid of da rock. If he would just throw or step up and throw da Bears will win this week. The other thing I noticed is that Hasselback played all-pro. Tough to beat all-pro quarterbacking even in a Sea Chicken. McNabb all-pro Bears lose. Need Briggs back. Iwou made some nice plays but was out of position often when we got burn.

O what does a prognosticator prognosticate? More of the same. Give da Bears a victory 17-16 ugly ugly ugly. O for our special teams to be special special special.

Don't look now Butkus but the dildo was right, where was your prediction. Oh that's right another fan who can talk the talk but never learned to walk the walk.

Go ahead MD "sign" the skins song. Not sure how your going to "sign" a song but hey you must be thrilled sense you are a skins fan and have said so on this board.

17-14 Redskins win it. No chance McNabb is comming home!

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