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Williams comfortable with move inside

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Former starting left tackle Chris Williams said playing guard for the first time in his NFL career felt natural.

"I felt comfortable," he said. "We have to get more communication and do a better job of letting Olin [Kreutz] know what's going on and playing better football. That's what it comes down to."

Matt Forte benefitted from a solid block from Williams while scoring a 6-yard touchdown run early in the game. It was Forte's sixth touchdown of the season.

"He did a hell of a job," Olin Kreutz said. "Chris is a smart football player and he's going to be good wherever you put him. He came out there and took it on his shoulders and played well."

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"He did a hell of a job," Olin Kreutz said. "Chris is a smart football player and he's going to be good wherever you put him. He came out there and took it on his shoulders and played well."

Yes Chris is great everywhere, except RT and LT and I will even say LG. Lets see 6 sacks, I think 10 or 11 pressures and at least 6 hits. No run game again, and Omiyale and Williams spent all day blocking the same guy at the same time. How nice. Not much in the way of inside blitzing today for Williams to deal with but he still can't run block. He also has not faced a formidable DT yet.

But how exciting he was part of a line that gave up 6 sacks, couldn't run block, and a ton of pressure and hits against a defense that is not good at rushing the passer. Well at least not until this game. Cudos to you Chris Williams.

Second half of the season is not looking to good right now is it? Take a look at some of those defenses coming up. But hey we have Buffalo.

I sat there in stunned disbelief watching that same mental error over and over again, seeing free rushers heading right for Cutler on pass attempt after pass attempt.

Is it communication from Kreutz, or a missed blitz call by Cutler? I remember one play where the slot receiver was pointing at the blitzer, and shouting to let the line know he was coming, and Omiyale still missed him, and Williams blocked down instead of outside... Are they too poorly prepared for a simple slot blitz pickup(which by the way the Bears run more often than any other blitz, so it's not like they haven't seen it in practice). Either way, I don't know how long Cutler is going to be able to keep his mouth shut about these protection issues. The poor guy will be drooling like Aikman before the end of the season if it keeps up, and he is a better man than me to take the high road week after week.

Between Kreutz, Cutler, Tice, and Martz, they need to fix this. It's not like teams are sending 8 guys. They are sending 5, the front 4 and a DB or LB. And that is too much for our line to handle. That should get Jerry Angelo fired all by itself. Tice isn't getting the job done, but I am not sure any line coach with this offensive scheme could do anything with the complete and utter lack of talent we have on the line.

Maybe Kreutz is the one suffering from a concussion, not Cutler, because if he saw any positives in the performance of his position group today, it was because he was watching the Seahawks line from the sideline....

Chris Williams was totaly awesome Creighton. Frank omiyale was just as wonderful. Its youer boy Cutler's fault he got sacked he should know better then to hold the ball loonger then one second. Danny LeFlavor would have passed for 15 touchdowns today if he was under center.

Neil I want you to ban Creighton from this blog. He is not areal Bears fan like me.

Be4 the Bills, Bears have to play Washington Redskins duhhhhh

Yes Chuck and Mike, Bears are 4-2 yea,they are the worst or luckiest 4-2 team in the NFL. It is time to remove the lips from Lovie's rear because he needs to go. I don't get to see the games down here in San Antonio but all I have to do is see the score and read 2-3 post and I know how everything went. Hey how is Tommie doing, total beast, time to dump him for what ever you can. Trade dead line is near, JA should be a seller because I don't think ownership will let him buy.

My Chris Williams...a feast of Total Beast! All you Bumsteaders out there know that I'm a wine aficionado. Boy did I discover a great, seasoned vintage! It's called Thunderbird, and it was recommended to me by a rather toothless street fellow I met near Beacon Hill Park last night, before I got mugged.

It'll only run you about $3.99 a bottle, but I figure that's because it's yet another of life's great unclaimed treasures. Yeah, it tastes a little like turpentine, but if you want to hang with the movers and shakers of the world, you must acquire their habits and tastes!

So now I raise my glass high in Thunderbird toast to Chris Williams and the Bears offensive line. A fitting tribute. Total beasts!!!!

Joe I could not begin to cover the wrong that happened in that game and has been happening. Not to mention all the stuff we don't get to see on tv.

We all know about blitz recognition. That's a huge problem for everyone. I am not trying to yank my own chain on this but I talked about that before the first preseason game. Mostly because that's one of the main things a team works on in the first preseason game. The Bears can't seem to figure that out.

Other things that are problem.

Recievers running the wrong routs. I am not putting it all on the recievers by any means but Hester has been a major culprit just today they showed him and Knox running the length of the sideline together. Hester actully brought over the top help on a pass play. He actually broke up the play, he got a questionable penalty call to go his way on one play that led to a score but my god if the Bears don't get that call. The offense would have scored 6 points today.

I don;t think Jya was ready to go and I see a snow ball effect happening. He doesn't trust his line, he doesn;t trust his recievers and he knows he has no run game. He is playing with no confidence, and is panicing back there.

Play calling. Martz is crazy, sorry but that deep drop that ended up as a safety is all on him. Who calls that when you can't protect and your inside your own ten.

From the line to the running back nobody is doing a good job blocking. Not the recievers, not the TE's and Forte is being pulled on third downs now because he is so bad at it.

There is no ability for Cutler to check down. He can slide protection and use hot routs.

Guys are lining up wrong across the board, Cutler had to call timeout twice to fix this problem.

The limted ability of the players is giving teams the abiltiy to predict what the Bears do on offense.

Knox is a deep threat and thats about it he is also limited in his ability to run routs.

Olsen is nothing more than a big reciever but Martz uses him in the slot or at H-Back more than anything else. He also can't block and the keep asking him to do that.

BM is a big blocking TE who can't block and is not a reciving threat.

Forte continues to prove to me he is not a major threat to run the ball on a consistant basis. He is a good third down reciever but becuase he can;t block teams know exactly what he is doing out their. And if he does try to block, you can probably get a sack off him like today.

Taylor is just like Forte except he can block, but is not a major run threat and is really just a third down back.

Hester, Devin is a mess and it is showing, he doesn't know the routs. he doesn't know where to lineup and he can't block worth a damn.

Tice is a run blocking guru working in an offense he does not know very well, with little talent to work with and a pass happy OC that is making his job a lot harder. In fact Martz is making everyones job harder.

It's also Cutlers first year in the offense and his 3rd offense in three years. He has already been concused at least once.

Basically you have a great big snowball effect going on.

I talked about this before Martz even got hired. There is a reason that nobdy wanted him. It's not some bashing or original insight by me or anyone else. He puts his players in bad situations. His game plan is more important to him than what he has to work with and what they are able to do. He is well known for putting his QB's at risk. His offense is also very limted in the red zone withouy a guy named Faulk. Tice and Martz are a mismatch. Then you have the worst of the worst, you have a high risk OC with a high risk QB and Martz is telling Cutler to look big play first, and Cutler likes to look for the big play. But Martz needs to tell him to make his hot read because they can't block enough to excute all those big plays they keep going for but Martz keeps saying you gotta go for it.

Joe I am pretty sure on one play today that half the offense ran one play and the other half ran a different play.

Not to be left out are Lovie and Jerry. Lovie and Jerry have been very selfish building their defense. They have spent a lot of money, trades, FA, and draft picks on that defense and both have been very guilty of ignoring the offense. Lovie has almost nothing to do with anything offense, he don;t care about it, just give him what he wants for his defense so he can try and make himself look good. How do you trade for a franchise QB and then put nothing around him. The line has been bad for years and has been getting worse, yet they do nothing. The ywill trade a second round pick for Gains Admas, bit seem to feel a guy like Mankins can't do the job of a Garza or a Williams or an Omiyale.

Even if you draft O-Line with your first three picks and they all hit, you got three rookies on your line and it's still going to take a couple of years to gel.

Garza and Olin don't have much left in the tank, Omiyale is just all kinds of bad, same for Williams, Webb has no buisness on the field, Louis and Williams have done little to nothing to impress.

By the way they need help on the D-Line as well. You have Peppers and that's about it. Everyone else is a rotation player. Some good rotation players but rotation players.

One last thing Joe it seems that the O-Line players do not know their assignments, because Olin has to tell them who to block, if he doesn't they make a big mistake. Webb and Omiyale seemed to make a habit of combo blocking or doubling to the inside when they should have been blocking to the outside. In fact most of the day I noticed the entire line spending time blocking only two or three guys. At one point they had 4 guys trying block to defenders and it was a stale mate.

We need to get Mankins... quite being a douche Jerry A. and make this trade happen now or you'll be looking for work like the rest of us that pay your salary!

Creighton not to bust your pebels but you talked about bad play from everyone on the offense except for one player. Jay Cutler was ready to go he just had a bad game. When WR were open he was over throwing and under throwing the ball all day. Knox made a great play comming back to the ball. Deven A. and Deven Hester were over thrown 4 times I saw. Bad play by the defense and bad play by the offensive players, all 11 of them.

Give credit where credit is due.... bad credit.

Halloween came early for the O-Line:
Stan Thomas dressed up as Frank Omiyale.
Terrence Metcalf dressed up as Chris Williams.
Orlando Pace dressed up as J'Marcus Webb.
Steve Williams dressed up as Edwin Williams.
Olin Kruetz dressed up as Olin Kruetz.

Halloween came early for the Bears QB:
Jonathan Quinn dressed up as Jay Cutler.

By up rooted 2 TX on October 17, 2010 8:02 PM
"Yes Chuck and Mike, Bears are 4-2 yea,they are the worst or luckiest 4-2 team in the NFL"

yEAH Mike we all know what a big Lovie fan you are. You love yourself some Lovie. That's all you ever talk about your love of the Smith. Heheheheheheheheh, hahahahahha. Up rooted seems to know you so well.

Now to address an idiot who is affraid to post his name.

First why do you care what I write? Second the first thing I say is I can't cover it all. Third I mention in other posts things about Cutler and the game. 4th Joe didn;t ask me about Cutler, so I did not address him much in my reply to him.

You say Cutler was ready and I say he wasn't. Can you prove you are right. Unlike a you a guy who is affraid to post his own screen name I am not putting a lot of this on Cutler because not a lot of it was him.

They are asking Cutler to do it all and nobody is that good. I don't think he had a great game but he didn't have a horrible game. His accuracy was off. He didn't call a 7 step drop on the 5 for a safety. He didn;t call a 7 step drop and not pick up the corner blitz that had been coming all day. no he got sacked at the end of his drop and knocked out of field goal range. He didn't call a 76/24 run to pass ratio. He didn't have 3 guys standing around the backfield not knowing where to stand because they didn't know what to do. He didn't make the tackles duble up to the inside and let the corners run free. He wasn't Matt Forte just standing there letting a corner run past him to sack the QB. He didn't call a single play, he is not allowed to audible, he has nothing to do the blocking, he didn't make Hester run the wrong routs, he didn't make Knox catch a third down ball that would have been a first down but Knox decided to run back. He didn;t make the recievers get blanketed all day, he didn't shut down Olsen, and he didn't create hot reads that left the team short of the first down.

Cutlers accuracy was off and that's about it. Of course that can happen when you are getting hammered time and again. He didn't throw a pick, he had 290 yards. Cutler did not create this offense. Was he great? No, but he wasn't bad. When a guy has gotten beaten sensless all year and is coming back off a concussion, I will give him a little extra room to mess up. If that bothers you to bad. I have pointed out he was having problems making hot reads. It would have been nice if he audibled to a run play on some of those bad downs or called his own play at the line, but he is not allowed to do that.

Culer doesn't change the line protection, Kruetz does, that's his job.

Creighton you said you cant cover everything? You wrote a book in your second post. Then you come back and write a short story. You can cover it you just dont want to say one bad thing about Jay (Jerk Face) Cutler. At this point, playing with the Bears, Jay Cutler is another Jeff George. Jay stinks. He didnt play well last year and has had moments in this "QB friendly" system.

"First why do you care what I write?" Why do you post anything anyway if you dont want people to care what you think.

Face it to this point from last year to this point Jay Cutler is a Bust! Bust! Bust! When you give up two first round picks and a starting QB that out played Jay Cutler(last year and this year) then he is a Bust!

Hey I see Jay Cutler having all the tools that GM's drool over, heck I did, but he stinks playing for the Bears. In my eyes Jay Cutler is a BUST.

Why does it matter what my name is? Are you gonna google my name hunt me down and shoot me for saying Jay Cutler is a bust?


I have to disagree with you about Lovie and Angelo not being offensive, I think they both are very OFFENSIVE!!


Lovie and Angelo need to go regardless of this years record, if they get to the NFC championship then maybe another year but no long term contract extension for teams that are ill prepared and don't play with heart like was shown on Soldier Field on Sunday.

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