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Will Redskins Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley play?

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The Washington Redskins have the league's worst defense, but its offense a lot of premium players.

One of them is two-time Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley, who is second on his team in catches (28) and receiving yards (340) and leads the team with two touchdown receptions.

But Cooley's status for Sunday's game against the Bears is very much in doubt, after he suffered a concussion Sunday night in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Cooley said on WJFK in Washington, D.C., that he endured the hit in the second quarter. But Cooley played into the third quarter, even catching two passes.

"I was completely there," Cooley said on former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington's radio show. "I passed all the doctors' tests and stuff [at halftime], but as I kept playing, it just started to get more and more of a headache, and I was a little bit slow, and I went over to our trainers and just said, 'It's done.' You don't want to risk it."

Cooley told reporters Monday that he was scheduled to take a CT scan today and he would be allowed to practice if he was symptom free for two days.

Asked if he expected to play Sunday at Chicago, he said: "I would like to, yeah."

The Redskins offense is ranked 15th in the NFL behind new quarterback Donovan McNabb. The pass offense is ranked 9th in the league.

Last Sunday, the Bears got shredded by another former Pro Bowl quarterback, Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck. McNabb, though, is more mobile and crafty than Hasselbeck ,whom the Bears failed to sack in the game.

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They may have the league's worst defense now, but after getting done with us, they will be vaulted into respectability. We always struggle with 3-4 defenses anyway, and adding in Brian Orakpo means bad news for the O-Line and Cutler.

Not having Cooley will be bad for the Skins, but we will go and make some other receiver look like a Pro Bowler this week...Armstrong seems to be emerging as a favorite target of McNabb, so he is my choice for the 8-10 catches, 100+ yards performance against our secondary.

Sooner or later, the defense will completely break down this season. The offense had zero 3rd down conversions this past week. That is pathetic, and causes the defense to be on the field for 40 minutes a game. No defense can hold up for that long, and we are not innovative enough to keep the pressure on as the game wears on, and our guys wear down.

Unless the offense starts pulling their own weight, or at least pulling some of it, we are going to rely on a defense that isn't generating turnovers to win the game, and Toub's special teams units to be the difference...

The Redskins do not have "the league's worst defense". They have allowed the most yards... big difference.

The Redskins are allowing 19.8 points per game which makes them the 14th ranked defense in the league in terms of points allowed. It should also be mentioned that they have achieved both of these stats by playing the Cowboys, Texans, Rams, Eagles, Packers and Colts - some pretty high-powered offenses in the early part of their schedule. As more games are played and the statistics become more relevant, you won't see Washington at the bottom of any defensive rankings.

Their identity is they give up yards but don't give up points and they get after the passer to force sacks and turnovers. The Bears' defense is stronger than the Redskins' offense as well, so this should be an ugly, low-scoring affair.

I think Cutler turns it over more than McNabb and that proves to be the difference.

I second that Matt. Calling them the "League's Worst Defense" is a misnomer at best. I've seen a few of their games this season and they actually look like a pretty solid team. On defense they get after the quarterback and force turnovers although their secondary tend to have slippery hands that let would-be-interceptions drop to the ground.

McNabb is a great QB as always who can use his legs to get out of trouble. He makes those mental lapses every now and then but he's still a force to be reckoned with and their running game looks pretty decent too with Mike Sellers at FB.

Personally I don't think Cooley's involvement will make much of a difference.

Washington is not overly talented but they are tough. The O-Line is their biggest weakness like the Bears, they use a run action offense so no matter the talent level or who is in or out they will mix up run/pass unlike a certain team we all know. Portis is a huge loss for them and he shouldn't be back for the Bears game.

Santana Moss is a decent reciever but that's about all they have. Again their O-Line is a mess right now.

On defense they can't stop the run, but Martz may do that for them. In limted use Haynesworth is starting to play some good football again. Vonnie Holliday is not bad, Orakpo is playing really well, Landry is a stud. The good news is Carter is not playing well in this new defense, they have a lot of pieces that don't fit a 3-4. The bad news is they do have some talent on defense and a lot of them have yet to step up, the Bears offense is a good place to start.

Sellers is a good pass blocker for a FB and ok catching the ball out of the backfield at times he is not a threat to run. Torain on the other hand has looked pretty decent running the ball.

Cooley has not been very good this year.

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