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Who starts at quarterback next week?

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Lovie Smith was asked that exact question after the game.

"It's a little too early for us to get into that," he said. "We're just trying to enjoy this win right now. First off, hopefully, Jay will be able to go and we won't have to go down that road. Todd started today. Caleb came in. Both of those quarterbacks helped us win. That's where we are right now. Hopefully, we'll get our third quarterback into the mix next week."

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Well the defense got you the win, special teams helped get you field position and thus helped get the win, the running game helped you get the win. But I pretty sure if you start Collins of Hanie next week you will not win. Carolina is really bad, really really bad. You don't even have to defend the pass they are that bad.

The Hawks are decent, yeah decent will kill you if Collins or Hanie play.

I agree let them enjoy their win, but for the love of god let Jay be good to go. I don't ever want to see QB play that bad again.

Commit to the run and give Cutler and the O-Line a fighting chance.

You started to run the ball now stick with running the ball. 25 30 times a game min. Doesn't matter if it is not working you stick with it and keep the defense honest and the passing game will open up and Cutler will not be getting sacked as much on fewer drop backs. And maybe just maybe the line will get some confidence if you let them do the easiest thing they know how to do. Might even get good enough to score on the one.

Did ANYONE besides Lovie and Martz not see the Collins train-wreck coming? For this we cut LeFevour? The Bears need to pick up, develop and KEEP a young QB on the roster. Failing to this for years is how we ended up making the trade for Cutler!

INVEST in the most important position on the field - don't expect to pick up guys off the scrap heap. Kudos to Collins though, for holding the Bears "leadership" up!

Hanie, no questions asked. Lets keep Cutler out 1 more week to make sure he is ready, why take a chance in only week 6 on getting him hurt for a longer period of time. Collins sucks, I can throw harder and more accurate than him and I haven't thrown a football in 3yrs. If Louis is healthy and ready to go next week maybe they should replace Garza with Williams(Not Chris).

"Both of those quarterbacks helped us win."

For the love of all that is holy...please, please, please shut your mouth Lovie. Stop talking to the reporters and the fans like we're a group of three year olds.

Starting Collins over Hanie was one of those ordeals where every Bears fan in the world knew what the right move should have been (Hanie starting), but Lovie and the Bears had to do the complete opposite to prove they knew better.

On the bright side, the Bears won in spite of the QB which is supposed to be the most important position in the game. That has to be a positive I guess.

Oh yeah, congrats to Oakland and way to go Washington.

At what point did Collins help the BEARS in any way, shape or form? He was about as effective as Henry Burris. He throws a nice spiral... to the opposing team. If Jay isn't ready to go, I think Hanie is a better option.

The Bear passing attack was inept against Carolina, shades of 2004. Collins should have been benched at halftime - at least that might have allowed Hanie to get into the rhythm of the game. Hanie should get the nod if Cutler still cannot go next week. Any coach worth his salt would NOT start Collins a week after this miserable performance.

If anyone has looked into concussions, especially sports concussions (check on the internet), you would see that the normal rest time is 3 to 4 weeks. That is doctors orders kind of stuff.

To even consider to bring back Cutler sooner is very very dangerous. Back to back concussions are real bad to have. Can be career ending.
If the bears bring him back sooner, and I don't know if they can do that, they are more concerned about their own careers than Cutler's.
I believe that an outside doctor has to ok cutler for him to come back.

You can start here...

For the love of God Lovie!!! If you really think Collins helped us win, maybe we should run the fricken wildcat with Brad and Robbie! I feel like that would actually be more productive.

Lovie cannot help saying stupid stuff like Collins did some good stuff. What brainless idiot. It seriously ridicilous that a head coach can be this dumb. Start hanie Lovie, cut Collins and get another guy/

I agree with everyone that cares about this team...Start Caleb, at the very least he can run a lot better. It's nice to see Lovie is still an idiot, every time he talks I just want to punch him in the mouth ! That kid Webb is going to be a good one !

Tough to take losing a young prospect like LeFevour for a possibly washed up veteran. Certainly felt like Hanie did ok but not great. Hanie needs the playing time behind Cutler not Collins.

Enough said about Lovie, he is not the sharpest pencil in the pack. His challenge record has to rank as one of the worst in the NFL for most of the last few years.

Lovie's comments also seem glib and not well thought out. I just do not know why the coach can't be forthright with how the players play. Parcells would have cut Collins at halftime like he did his kicker a few times. Maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but not much of one. I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than watch another QB performance like that one of Collins. Was he within 10 yards of his intended targets all day? Not often was he close.

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