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Which Bears should have numbers retired

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In my column for Monday, I'm writing that the Bears need to retire Mike Ditka's number. Frankly, it should have been done years ago. Doing it now during the 25th anniversary of the Ditka-led 1985 Bears makes for ideal timing.

Here are the numbers the Bears have retired. Who, in your opinion, is the player(s) most deserving of being the next to have their number retired. I say Ditka, Mike Singletary and Dan Hampton but you may disagree.

3 Bronko Nagurski
5 George McAfee
7 George Halas
28 Willie Galimore
34 Walter Payton
40 Gale Sayers
41 Brian Piccolo
42 Sid Luckman
51 Dick Butkus
56 Bill Hewitt
61 Bill George
66 Clyde "Bulldog" Turner
77 Harold "Red" Grange

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Enough with retiring numbers, retire some of these stiffs that are playing for the Bears now.

Honestly, we should honor the greats by asking them to play like #51 or #34 or #40.

I agree with your 3, What about Dent?

Ditka should arguably be the last person from his era. Sayers, Butkus, and Piccolo have theirs already. From the 85 team, I agree with Singletary, but would place Dent ahead of Hampton. In fact, arguably Wilson and Marshall may be ahead of Hampton. What about Fencik and Plank from the 70s -- early 80s?

Jay Cutler. He is the only QB that has been on the Bears that is worth anything. They should retire his number now so He would be the one to ever where number 6 ever again for the Bears.

If any of you say anything different then you are not smart. Jay Cutler if it wasnt for a bad coach and a bad o-line he would be putting up hall of fame numbers. Just wait you will see after this year without Lovie and Martz Jay Cutler will be the best QB ever in the NFL.

Mick, all Plank and Fencik did was hit people. This does not deserve retired numbers, just great highlight film. How do even think wilson & Marshall deserve it more than Hampton? It's been awhile and I'm not someone who likes looking up stats, but I believe he had more pro bowls, all pro selections. Hampton did this really playing out of position at DE and 10 knee operations

I agree, and to prioritize.......Ditka, Hampton, Singletary

Wilber Marshall?...Come on. He was here 4 years before going on to Washington. and 1 of those he played behind Al Harris. Uprooted, I agree with you on Plank, but Fencik was an all around good-great safety. Maybe not deserving of a retired number, but much better than being lumped in with Plank. Obviously Mick never saw Hampton. He was what made that defense great. The ability to play both inside and out at DE. I don't ever remember anyone ever talking about how much he bench pressed, or squat, like they did with McMichael, but I do know I saw him throw OG's around like rag dolls. {1985 vs. the Falcons and their number of the most incredible DL moves I ever saw.} Otis Wilson was a 1 trick pony and really wasn't good in coverage or against the run.

My guys would be:

Hilgenberg {maybe the best center of his era}

After that, it might be a while before anyone else's is retired. What the Bear's should have done was build a stadium with some sort of "Ring of Honor" or "Wall of Fame" so the numbers of most could still be re-used, but only a select number would actually be "retired".

I'm really not a fan of retiring numbers.

But, Singletary, yes. His number isn't even retired and everybody's staying away from it anyway. That tells you something. And that may be the best criteria for deciding who's number to retire.

Wow did anyone see the Bears game today it was brutal. Lovie, martz, AMrineli, Phillips and especialy ANgelo need to be gone.

Lets face it the Bears are just not as good team. They are horrible. The defense played ok but Cutler was getting hit all day and there was no run game. His wrs didnt do much to herlp him out either.

The Bears suck and the fans are stupid for supporting these loosers. That is the truth. If you cant hanfle the truth than to bad for you. I ma arealist.


Way too much of this. Retiring numbers across sports and teams is way out of hand. Only retire people who made it into the respective Hall of Fame. Of course, with that we would have to retire 10 more numbers: 11 (Lyman); 13 (Stydahar/ Tafton); 16 (Healey/ Musso); 21 (Fortman); 50 (Singletary); 71 (Connor); 78 (Jones); 81 (Atkins); 89 (Iron Mike); 99 (Hampton).

I believe it is better to honor someone by having their number still in use but given to the player who matches their grit and determination. Besides it would be fun to see some of the interior lineman wearing such low numbers.

Can they retire a number because of more than one player? If so, I vote for #55.......Doug Buffone, Mama's boy Otis Wilson, and Lance Briggs!! GO BEARS!


Gearhead forgot about Hilgenberg, He was a quite behind the scene player. By far the best center I can remember the bears ever had. You could throw Covert in there also.

After today's news it wont be long before #54 may be considered, and rightfully so!!

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