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Where things stand with Jay Cutler

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It's a positive sign that Jay Cutler practiced today, even if it was on a limited basis.

Cutler missed the second half of Sunday's game against the New York Giants with a concussion. His mere participation in the practice means he passed an important step, giving doctors enough confidence to let him even exert himself. Now, after his limited work, Cutler will be evaluated again to see how he handled the physical exertion.

At some point, though, as Bears coach Lovie Smith pointed out, an independent doctor will have to give him the green light in order to play.

"Before he goes back out onto the football field," Smith said, "he'll have to be checked out by an independent doctor, independent physician before he's completely released to play in the football game."

So, there is reason for optimism, but he's not out of the woods quite yet.

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If Todd (J. Quinn's clone) Collins plays we'll be 3-2!

Hanie should start if Cutler is unable to go, we have had him long enough to give him a run, Collins (as Tripper noted) is no better than Quinn, I was at the game on Sunday, he looked far from the seasoned vet when he came in, he missed Hester by miles on a out by the sideline for what should have been an easy first down, the throw was so short it looked as if he hadn't thrown a ball for years. At this level you don't get "warm up" passes, Hanie maybe young and inexperienced but has looked good when has been given a chance.

Collins looked worse for ware than Cutler did. I mean really Collins looked like Edward Norton in American History X during the prison scene.
Hanie should get the nod vet or not, Hanie has the stronger more accurate arm than Collins

I agree with ukbearsfan....go with Hanie...I keep posting this everywhere I can. He may be young (with good legs), he may not have that much playing experience but every time Hanie get's the ball in his hands it's a positive outcome. So what I don't understand is Hanie was #2, then got hurt, signed Collins, then made him #2 with very limited offense practice time, so now Hanie is back and knows the offense from OTA's to preseason so why would Todd start over Hanie....Bad move if that happens...Go Hanie Go Bears. End of story.

I as well was at the game sunday and collins looked very stiff, slow and weak. He had no movement, his pass to hester was very short, and he plane just looks like an old quarterback. When Hanie was in he moved extremely well and had a great zip on the ball. As in Philly where Michael Vick is better suited for their offense as he can make plays with a below quality offensive line, the same should be for us. Caleb Hanie is much better suited to make plays in this offense and is mobile enough to adjust to the constant pass rush. If Collins plays all they will be doing is short dump passes and running plays... there is no reason caleb hanie cannot handle that as at lease we can mix in few play action passes for him and he can get the ball down field for a big play or two... Im not on the coach hating band wagon like many other fans but if collins were to start over hanie i could seriously say these coaches have lost my confidence....

Throw the Ball Jay

Can we please start Hanie instead of Collins if Cutler can't play? It's more likely Hanie is going to be with the Bears longer than Collins. So why would we waste valuable playing time on someone who isn't a long term solution for backup on this team? I'm sure the coaching staff thinks Collins gives us a better chance to win than Hanie, but what is that based on? The last game of the preseason? Hanie looked 10 times better in a regular season game, even if it was only for four throws. He's more comfortable in the pocket, and needs the playing time to learn to manage the game.

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