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Where the Bears rank

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Jay Cutler's quarterback rating plummeted during his four-interception performance in a loss to the Redskins on Sunday. He is now the 21st highest-rated quarterback in the league at 84.1.

Kyle Orton, meanwhile, is eighth at 92.1

The Bears offense is ranked 22nd overall (23rd rushing, 16th passing).

Defensively, the Bears rank 15th in yards allowed (23rd passing, 10th rushing). They are tied for fifth on opponents third-down conversions. Their 11 sacks rank 23rd.

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Why compare Orton and Cutler? They run different systems and have different talent levels around them. Why not compare Cutler to the other QB's who run similar systems- Rivers, Romo, etc. I'm actually curious how QB's who ran this system did in their first year in said system game by game compared to Cutler.

Orton is gone. He's not coming back. He wasn't great when he was with the Bears. He had some solid performances, but he also had some stinkers. Move on Hayes.


This is classic Neil Hayes flame bait.

Different opponents. Different offenses. DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT TALENT LEVELS ON OFFENSE - advantage Denver.

Give me a break.

I totally agree with heron25! If you want to compare the two....Bears 4-3, Broncos 2-5!

Just got back in the U.S. after being gone three weeks and am confronted with negativism from __Sun-Times__sportswriters uniformly. Come on, men, the Bears still lead their division and get to pound on the Vikings twice yet.Perhaps a 14-day cruise has clouded my reality vision, but I think the Bears will still do great the rest of the year and be in the Super Bowl.All the Bears need is an offensive line that finally figures out how to block and they'll be as good or better as any team out there. Martz has to work on Cutler getting rid of the ball more quickly as well, but think positively.


If you want to make Cutler v Orton comparisons, they would both need to play behind Orton's line cause Chicago's line is not half as good. It's on its way, but not there yet.

It quite obvious Paul, that while you were away, you didn't watch these games! The Bears are the Titanic heading for the iceburg! Sorry dude. We should all hope they continue to lose and then clean house. Sad, but true! I'm tired of watching that bumbling idiot on the sideline. This team has taken the identity of it's head coach and that ain't good! Go Bears and take the Cubs with you!!

Hey Neil can you name a QB in the Pats style spread offense that is not having a great mark? Orton, Cassel, Brady, right? Yeah it doesn't have anything to do with the talent level on those teams, or the lines.

By the way Neil, Troy Aikman, Jim Miller, and now Dennis McKinnon have all come out and ripped the Bears recievers. Here is McKinnon.

He points out that the Bears recievers have been dogging it if the yare not the main on a play and that unless Cutler buys time with his feet they don't get open. He also hints that on that last interception he threw the ball at Knox because Knox was dogging it, thats why he was 4 yards behind Hall who he is much faster than.

By the way the Great Ortman is 2-5 this year right? That great offense is 21st in points. Oh and did you catch their last two games? Yeah way to go Ortman, affraid to pick up the ball two weeks ago, and did nothing but watch his team get slaughtered as he threw short pass after short pass. Denver reports it's the end of the Ortman era. Why do you think the Broncos spent a first round pick on a QB? Because they love Ortman? Get real he couldn't even play in the Martz offense, he can't throw past 20 yards, the Bears run almost no short routs and of course their is the line. Orton's passer rating his last two games 72. Oh boy 72. This is the same guy that went 2-8 the last 10 games of last year right? The same guy who when the pressure comes falls apart. The guy is 4-13 in his last 17 games and Neil is in love.

Neil, I'll help you out. Get a real president in here, a real GM, a OC who is not insane and actually plays to his QB's strengths, some real talent on offense, a line who can actually protect and is not on pace to be the wosrt Bears O-Line ever, and give me a head coach who does not still think he is a DC and actually has something to do with the offense and actually looks out for the whole team and not just himself and his defense. You might actually see a good Cutler.

You know Cutler was looking great until his OC and head coach tried to have him killed in NY and nobody on his team, not his O-Line, not recievers, nobody did anything to help him. No they just let him get beaten into the ground over and over until he got his brain bruised. So naturally on his first game back his team let seattle run the same blitz over and over and come free on him time and again.

I am pretty sure Orton whould have one of his ankle sprains, the ones he gets everytime the pressure rises and it's clutch time. Like the one he had last year and the year before. Good ankle bad ankle.

Paul O-Lines don't grow on trees.

Yeah, Creighton, I know the O-line people do not grow on trees. If they did ,maybe the Bears' O-line would not be so shallow-rooted that they blow over as a defensive player sails by to get another sack. I still am optimistic. The bye week should help,and Washington is a better team than they've been labeled.
You are right, Omay. I did not get a chance to watch the games, but even so, except for the Giant game, they have not been all that pathetic.I continue to see solid hope for play-off status and for the Bears gelling into a legitimate contender.

Creighton little fired up because Kyle Orton was compared to Jay Cutler? Alot of sports writers are writing about it because it is a hot topic. It would not be a hot topic if Jay Cutler was doing good and Kyle Orton was replaced by Tim Tebow.
What makes this a hot topic Creighton is that Kyle Orton has out played Jay Cutler since the trade. Kyle Orton has played smarter football then Jay. Kyle Orton has a better throwing technique then Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler's BIGGEST problem starts with his feet and ends at his head!

What’s wrong with comparing Orton and Cutler? They got traded for each other, right (with a few extra picks, of course). Of course people are going to compare them. Why are people complaining about this?

Mr. Hayes, I would like to ask where these rankings came from. As of now, has the Bears 5th against the run, 16th against the pass and 5th overall. And if you want to be fair, they’re also 2nd in points allowed per game, which is pretty darn good considering how poorly the offense is playing. Am I reading the stats wrong?

On offense has them at 29th in rushing, 19th in passing and 30th overall; worse than you reported. They’re also 26th in points scored per game.

I won't be Mr. Popular after this blog.

First of all lets truly look at the facts about Cutler.

Since the trade he has been an average QB, great physical talent but he has simply not performed at a better than average perspective.

Of course everyone will blame the Offensive Line and Wide Receivers but how about lets put some direct blame right on Mr. Cutler, it is time for the city of Chicago to get over this love affair with Cutler and start to realize that he is long on style and physical talent and short on patience, lacks discipline and makes poor QB decisions, throws way too many interceptions, makes an effort for the big play at the teams expense when a shorter first or second read play is open and he holds onto the ball way too long.

I could back in time and recant a number of situations that have occurred that support my point but to be brief lets just go back to last weeks game against Washington, which the Bears would have easily won had Cutler played half as good as Orton.

Time to have Cutler step up and start using his noggin and think before he throws the ball. Four picks against the same corner, what was it an ego thing, he was so obsessed to beat the corner that was beating him and the receivers that he kept throwing his way into coverage......... He did it all day throwing into coverage when others were open.

Lets go back to just a few plays, how about the play returned for 92 yards, there was no way that play would have worked, the Bears were in a position to score at least a field goal but no he threw into coverage and somewhat across his body, did not look at other options and stared down his receiver who was not in a position at all to make a play or stop the corner on intercepting the play. That play alone cost the Bears a minimum of 10-14 points. 7 points for the interception touchdown and at least 3 for a field goal or 7 for a touchdown the Bears should have had on that drive.

How about the last three minutes of the game, finally Cutler was starting to consider first reads and short gains and had moved the ball past the 50 into Redskin territory with around 2:00 minutes remaining. Instead of having patience and using his brain, taking what the defense was giving, realizing that a field goal sends the game into overtime and a touchdown would most likely win it, instead he goes deep once again and once again against the wrong corner, the fourth and final blow to the Bears.

Cutler is not the leader he was portrayed to be. A great QB like Payton, Brees or Brady would have worked the clock taken what the defense was giving and worked it down the field to take a few shots in the end zone at the very end of the game and in a worst case scenario kick a field goal to tie the game but never, never throw into coverage and risk an interception which kills the team.

Yes Cutler is about average with nothing going on between the ears, yes great arm, maybe the best in the NFL. No Cutler is not a Montana, an Elway, a Steve Young, Brady, Brees or Manning. He may be as good as Orton but so far not any better.

I know lets blame all others on the team, the coaches, everyone except Cutler, well I think Cutler deserves quite a bit of blame and the Defense deserves quite a bit of Praise for coming into the break 4-3.

How about the lack of a challenge with the touchdown and Cutler fumbled the ball?

Lovie's record on challenges has to be one of the worst in the league, that had to be seen by the coaches up stairs on the replays and called down as a Touchdown and to challenge the decision on the field?


Ya know Brando, I have been in Cutler's corner ever since he got here but the film doesn't lie. I know some have been saying that not all the picks were his fault but that pick six on Sunday was by far all on him. He threw a horrible pass to Knox that practically floated in the air, DeAngelo Hall even said he thought the ball was tipped because of how long it hung up there. Pro QBs shouldn't be doing that.

Jay has bad habits. He throws off his back foot and throws into coverage way too often. He can be very accurate at times but other times he just gets lazy and throws some really ugly balls. Look at him when he's throwing screen passes to a WR. How often have you seen the receiver have to jump to make the catch because the throw was way too high?

I know he's behind the worst line in football but when he is getting time to throw, when the line actually does block, well, his mechanics just aren't there sometimes. He's inconsistent.

That being said, there's no way I'd want Orton back. If he was here, he'd be put on IR after week one behind this line.

Paul Washington is not a better team that they where labled. They suck they have no pass rush, you can run on them all day, even the Bears could run on them. The Bears just opted not to run.

Brando you don't have a clue about football, once again everything I said would happen is happening and everything you said would happen is blowing up in your face.

Brando you don't give a #### about the Bears, the only thing you care about is trying to be right about something. You have no clue about the game, you have no clue about schemes. All you ever do is want to fight with someone. Yo uare so desperate to be right about something that reach for anything you can.

"Jay Cutler is my favorite player" Brando after the Dallas game

"I hate Jay Cutler"

"I hate Kyle Orton"

"I love Kyle Orton"

You flip flop on everything you right. Kyle Orton sucks I don't care what his system numbers are. He is 3-14 in his last 17 games and has blown multiple games for his team. I am glad you can look at a passer rating on Brando, try watching a game for a change.

You know what your biggest problem is Brando? You wish you where me. Cause unlike you I know the game and I never back down or flip flop. I have people who either like me or hate me on this blog, but you? Your the blog joke. Boy week 1-3 you had a big mouth, not so big anymore is it. You know I am right again and yo uare just looking for a fight, someone needs to lash out.

You want me to do a comparison.

Fine Cutler has a different line.

Cutler plays in a different system.

Cutler has different recievers.

Cutler has different backs.

Cutler is on a different team

Cutler has a different OC

Cutler has a different Head Coach.

Cutler plays in a different place.

So where is the comparison made? Please fill me in. Break down Orton and Cutler for me oh expert of experts. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are the differences in the their respective systems. Kyle Orton is playing about as well as Matt Cassel in the same system. Thats about all you need to know.

If you know so much about football why was Hall jumping every three step drop Cutler made? Cause that's what he did, he jumped every three step drop and all his picks came on three step drops.

You know people keep telling me all Orton does is win games well 3-14 says you lie. Apperantly all he does is lose games. If every lose and every mistake is Cutlers fault as Brando claims, then the same applies to Orton. At least Cutler has upside, Orton can't even make every throw a QB needs to make. Thats why it's easy for teams to scheme him.

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