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Where the Bears rank

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The Bears are ranked 22nd in total offense --- 20th and passing and rushing.

How's that for balance?

Defensively, they are fourth against the run, 19th against the pass and 10th in total defense.

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By Brando on October 8, 2010 2:33 PM
24-3 Bears win big but kinda ugly.

After sundays game against the Seahawks the defense will be ranked better and the offense has a chance to move outta the 20's into the teens.

Well, at least they are equally marginal in both aspects of the offense. We need to be doing a lot better in both phases. Collins should never be allowed to see the field again, unless it is to run out and collect the tee after a kickoff.

We need to continue to run the ball, but the passing game (mostly protection) needs to get in gear. Seattle is a good test, as they are not a dynamite pass rushing team, but they play good defense. We should be able to keep them guessing by mixing up the run and pass. I think it helps that Taylor and Forte are both such good receivers out of the backfield.

By Brando on October 12, 2010 8:10 AM
By Brando on October 8, 2010 2:33 PM
24-3 Bears win big but kinda ugly.

Congrats Brando! You were umm...actually you were wrong about the final score. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish by re-posting your failed prediction. It was close...good for you?

Maybe you want a baloon and a lollipop and for someone to slap you on the back and say, "Way to go, son!" I'm sorry I can't give you any of those. But hey, maybe your old friend Creighton will be nice enough to do that.

Yeah Mike that's not going to happen. I really don't believe in giving Brando anything he can put in his mouth other than his foot.

The Bears are rated above the Giants? That's intresting apperantly the Giant's don't feel the same way after beating the snot out of the Bears.

What should I give Brando after yet another Cry for attention? I know. Sense you like seeing your name so badly and are begging for attention.

By Brando on October 1, 2010 11:04 AM
"With Packers playing the Lions this week, the Bears have a must win to keep a game ahead of the Packers. The Bears players know that the media has doubted their record and if they are a playoff team. Beating up on the Giants isnt going to deem them the best in the NFC but a 4-0 record will tell a differnt story.'

"Bears 35 Giants 13"

How come you didn't post this one Brando?

"Pass the ball, pass the ball, pass the ball"

"Hanie would Pass the ball"

Yeah Brando who needs a run game when you can protect like the Bears.

I just ackowledged Brando. So how excited is Brando now? Let's check the power rankings.

Me and my Bo Kevin found these over on the trib blog and we couldn't agree more with Idc.

ldc on October 12, 2010 1:11 PM
"The Bears are a much better team with Cutler on the bench. Cut him now and give us a chance in the future."

ldc on October 12, 2010 1:27 PM
"You 2 are the idiots, Cutler is as bad as anyone we've had since Bob Avelini,and as soon as he is gone will be a better team. Sundays game was proof."

Me and my Kevy are tired of fans blaming the Bears studly line, it's all Cutlers fault. Let's give the ball to that blonde god Hanie, such a stud. Guide us to our destiny oh golden god of savvy.

You know when me and Kevin originally googled Bear we where not looking for football. But we didn't know that football players where so hot, and OMG those pants are yummy.

The Seattle defense is ranked #2 versus the run, and #28 versus the pass. The Bears running game is still poor despite the game against the Panthers - most of the gains by Forte resulted from running away from where the play was designed to go because the O-line could not open holes. Chicago will need to rely on its passing game to beat Seattle, which is a scary thought. I would not be surprised if the Bear O-line makes the Seattle D-line look fantastic.

This is what really makes me angry. If George Washington and Abe Lincoln can have monuments erected in their honor in D.C., why can't there be one for the greatest and bestest GM in sports ever, the Great Jerry Angelo?a


Enjoy while you can.
Won't last for long.

You should have also included that of the 4 teams that the bears beat, their total wins are 5 games after 5 weeks.

What a challenge.

Bears might get even bigger numbers if they play a team from the peewee league. Come to think of it, they did already. Well...they a have a couple more lined up. After that, their winning is over with and you'll have new stories to"What Happened?" or "Bear down....All the way down"
I'm sure you will think of a few more cute ones.

Mike with that failed prediction I put down 5 bucks and ended up with 50 bucks cause I was 5 points within the score as a whole. You know Mike 3+ from the Panthers and -1 by the Bears. You then add 3 with 1 and you get 4 I win so.... Yeah I may have failed in your eyes but this year off simply picking the correct score on the Packers game and comming with in 5 points against Carolina I am now up 550 bucks off 10 bucks. Alltogether I have put down 25 bucks and got back 525 so failed or not I still win!

@ Creighton on October 12, 2010 3:05 PM

“What should I give Brando after yet another Cry for attention? I know. Sense you like seeing your name so badly and are begging for attention.” ……. Apperantly …… etc… etc… etc…

- - - - - - - - -

And to think that we see this infantile crap from you – post after post after post.

To have you, Creighton, make such a statement about ANYONE else is totally laughable! Talk about a cry for attention! That’s your life.

Instead of spending half of your day on these blogs, you should be doing your homework.

You’re (NOT “your”) too (NOT “to”) ignorant to realize that “you’ve” (This one’s WAY to difficult for you to comprehend) become the laughing-stock poster boy for the uneducated on these blogs.

Do you REALLY want to go through life like that?

Two suggestions:
1) Get an education.
2) See a psychiatrist.

Creighton has to bash the guy that has been correct about the team the most this year. Creighton I openly said I ate crow after that Giants game. See Creighton with me I can be wrong and admit it with out a problem.
By Creighton on October 12, 2010 3:05 PM

By BrandoandKevinshareakiss on October 12, 2010 3:13 PM

By Kevin Bumstead on October 12, 2010 3:48 PM

All written by Creighton and Im crying out for attention.

Creighton made up Bumstead and Brando K. Schrute to counter Crap-ton. Both are lame with no creativeness and is like a broken record.

Creighton as you and Mike say "crying out for attention" at least I am positive about it. Unlike some when the Bears loose here comes Creighton telling all of us how bad the team was and then go's off on how the whole team needs cut besides Jay Cutler.

Creighton your gonna be a sad little man because your prediction on the Bears was something like 7-9 they only need 3 more wins heck they can get to that in the next 3 games( Seahawks, Redskins & Bills).

I have the Bears going 11-5 and that was before the season started and Im sure Im gonna be wrong beacuse when they GO 13-3 and have a first round bye we the true Bears fans will be excited and pumped up to see the Bears in the playoffs.
I will also be excited to see the coaching staff come back after they do make a stong push to the Super Bowl.
Im not one to root against my beloved just because I hate the coach, GM or the owners cause that isnt being a fan that is what we call a selfish person that only wants to see what HE wants to see.

And Creighton you have said in the past I hope this season is bad so the Bears can fire Lovie and his crew along with Jerry Angelo. How can you be a fan when you say things like that. Im not selfish even though Im not a Lovie fan but I want the Bears to win the Super Bowl and if that means Lovie and crew is back for another season(2011) then I hope they can make another push to the playoffs.

"Even though I am not a Lovie fan but I want the Bears to win the Super Bowl." Isn't that an oxymoronic statement? is Brando really Mike? Now we are being lectured on what a real fan How about holding your coaching staff and GM accountable through these blog posts, comments, and radio call in shows? As I stated just the other day, the Bears fan base has to ask themselves if JA and Lovies "crew" can get them to another Super Bowl. I believe the answer is no. And as i stated the other day; do i want the Bears to lose on purpose? Of course not. But I don't want a 10-6/9-7 record, a wild card berth, and then 3 year extensions on the clowns. And keep looking for another 7 wins. let alone 9 more. NE, Jets, Miami, MN 2X, at GB, and the Lions game won't be a push over either.

The Bears have, by far, the worst GM in the league. While others are giving up 3rd and 4th round picks for Boldin and Moss, he's giving up a 2nd for a guy who couldn't play from the first day he arrived in the league and only by the "luck" of his death did they sign Peppers. You can't suck at the draft year in and year out and then every 3 or 4 years bail yourself out with knee jerk free agency moves.

If I had a choice of the Bears going 7-9/8-8 this year and knew that the whole idiot brigade was going to be gone and Cowher would step in and the Bears would be a solid SB threatening team for the next decade vs. a 11-5/12-4 record this year, a early exit from the playoffs, JA/Lovie returning for 3-4 more years of mediocrity..I will suffer the 1 year. Looking at the BIG picture is being a fan. You need to "play chess" with the problem. Not checkers. Look 4-5 moves down the road. Am I happy the team is 4-1. heck yes. Life is much more relaxed in the Gearhead household. But other than Cutler and Forte what excites you about this team for the future? Briggs is getting up there, Urlacher is on back side of career. T. Harris spends more time on his a** than tackling opposing runners. Does Knox do it for you? Bennett? Hester? {outside of being a returner?}. Chris Williams is moving to the place I said he would 2 weeks ago. Joe F. on here and I debated it. And before we put Ja. Webb in the pro bowl, he needs a lot of work.

Do you really want JA trying to put a team around Cutler or someone else doing it? I will take someone else. Being a fan isn't sucking up to whatever the team offers you with regard to players, moves, and on field performance. A real fan gives praise when deserved, but also holds the GM and coaches accoutable for the product on the field.

By Gearheadboy on October 13, 2010 8:27 PM

"'Even though I am not a Lovie fan but I want the Bears to win the Super Bowl.' Isn't that an oxymoronic statement?"

No it's not. In fact, it's just like someone being a proud American and wanting the country to succeed, but not being a fan of the President, Congress or certain policies. Do you understand? No, probably not. By your logic Bears fans have to either hate Lovie, Angelo and the entire team and hope for their failure or, want the Bears to succeed while cheering on everyone associated with them.

Also, I don't understand how you claim to never want the Bears to lose and then state that "if you had a choice" you would want them to lose this season. ???

Hey Mikey,

Rocket Scientist..mensa society member...that wasn't my quote...that's why i used quotation marks. I was quoting someone else. But I might have to slow it down for you. I have come to realize that you are quite possibly the most ignorant person posting on here.

Let's try this one more time for the mentally challenged. When I sit down for a game every week, I want the Bears to win. But if given a choice of a season in which the results meant that this whole regime would be gone and a more competent one brought in and the Bears would be a NFL contender for a decade vs. a 10-6/11-5 season this year, early exit, and new 3 year or more extensions for JA, LS, and the crew, I would suffer {not wish} the former. Have you ever made a logical point on here, Mikey?

Now, go back to whining, sucking up to Creighton {referring to a grown man as C-man? old are you, clown?..17?}, and talking out of both sides of your mouth. Let's hope for voting sake that you have a little more geo-political sense than you do football.

BTW,'s that TO signing in Cincy working out? Didn't you want him in Chicago? He's tweeting, "offering" up play calling advice for the offensive coordinator, and commenting on how his 2 million dollar contract is like "playing for free." Who knows, maybe your buddy Jerry Angelo can trade next years first for him before next Tuesday.

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