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What Moss-to-Vikes means to Bears

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The Randy Moss-to-the-Vikings is a done deal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

That will make the Vikings that much more difficult for the Bears to beat --- twice.

I just went through the rest of the Bears schedule and see them rocketing to 6-2 before eventually falling between the 7-9 and 9-7 marks, which is right where I had them pegged at the beginning of the season. They have a favorable stretch right now with upcoming games against Carolina, Seattle, Washington and Buffalo.

After that, though, the schedule is a killer.

If Sunday night's game taught us anything, it's that the NFL truly is a week-to-week proposition. Therefore, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Dope it out yourself and post your thoughts below.

The Pats will get a third-round pick for Moss. I can't blame the Vikings for making the deal. Favre has wanted to play with Moss forever. I don't totally understand it from Bill Belichick's point of view, however. With that defense, the Pats are going to have to outscored teams in order to win later in the season and in the playoffs.

The Packers, meanwhile, missed out on their opportunity to replace injured Ryan Grant with Marshawn Lynch when the Bills dealt Lynch to the Seahawks for undisclosed picks. Instead of dealing for Lynch right away they waited to find out there wasn't a replacement on their current roster.

The indecision could also play a role in the division race.

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The Moss trade is certainly interesting, but I don't know if it will be enough to elevate Favre and the Vikes over the long haul. It will result in a couple more wins for them, and keep them in playoff contention late in the season, but based on watching Favre in the first few weeks, I feel he is starting to look his age. I think they will be vulnerable as the season wears on and his body starts to give out a bit more. If they can continue to lean on AP then it could buy him Favre time, but @41 it gets harder each week to come back from the types of hits that he bounced back from @33.

I think the Bears can get a split w/the Vikes and keep a hold on the wild card spot if they can adjust to their weak o-line and restore Cutler's health and confidence.

They should play Haney on Sunday though and give Cutler the extra week.


On the surface, this might seem bad, but if you look at it a little deeper, it's not a bad move from the Bear's perspective. Moss is nothing like he was 3-5 years ago, and yes the 1 handed catch against an out of shape Revis was very nice, but this is a guy in his mid 30's who the vikings are going to have to give a 2-3 year contract extension to. The NFL Network was reporting that the deal would have to be around 10 mil. a year. They lured away Berrian from the Bears 3 years ago with a nice contract, and Rice is going to be up for one here in the next year or so. That doesn't even take into account the Harvin contract from last year {late 1st round money} and if Shiancoe is up for a contract extension. And then there is Peterson who has to be close to the end of his rookie contract and that was probably a pretty hefty one to start with. He was the 7th player taken a few years ago.

And as I said about V. Jackson 2 weeks ago. Randy Moss doesn't make Favre any younger or infuse youth and vigor into that damaged ankle of his. This is a one time grab for glory by the vikings and if they don't do it this year, there is no way Favre is coming back again and how's Moss going to be with a weak spined head coach and T. Jackson as a QB...that's an implosion waiting to happen. This move also might indicate that Rice might not be on schedule for an end of the month return.

BTW, Neil, go check your "Anderson Get's Cut" blog and read my post there. I predicted a 3rd
rounder based on the desperation of the Vikings.

What Moss-to-Vikes means for the Bears = We're screwed.

Too bad the Vikings might already be out of it. I don't see the Vikings winning any of their next four games (with or without Moss), that will leave them at 1-6 before even playing the Bears.

it means absolutely nothing. Rex is our quarterback. We'll go from there.

Great move by the Vikes, exactly what they need besides a fountain of youth.

Their offense just got that much scarier for the Bears, but let's be honest. It's not the O that shuts our team down. Our defense can keep it close with any team in the league if the offense just keeps the TOP battle close.

That said, I agree the Vikes just notched themselves a win I wasn't banking on originally. I had the Bears at 11-5 coming into the season, then ramped it up to 12-4 once I decided they'd beat the Pack on MNF (and they did).

Now I think they lose @MIA, @DET, @MIN, v JETS, and @GB to finish 11-5, or 10-6 with a surprise lost in their somewhere.

I expect them to beat the Pats because they are a better team than one that loses its last 5 games. I inlcuded Detroit because they played us hard and have a chip on their shoulder, but if its not them there's another.

If we finish tied with GB it'll be because they lost twice to the Vikes or split with all three NFC North, meaning tie breaker will come down to NFC opponents.

We lost to the Giants, but if I'm right about our other losses that'd make us 9-3 in the division and have a decent chance at the division or wild card tiebreaker.

Sounds like they are reporting the Pack offered less than a 3rd for Lynch, so they were at least in the hunt for him.

What this does for the Vikes? The best move Favre has left is the "oh sh!t" heave it into the air pass, which will have a much greater likelihood of success with Moss than with anyone currently on the roster. Now that there is a legit deep threat, 8 in the box to stop Peterson leaves you exposed to Shiancoe on the other side or underneath. Unless you have a great coverage LB who can run with him, you are going to be in trouble. We have that, but we are going to be trailing him down the field, because we have to make sure that Peterson does not have the ball.

This is actually a good move for them. If Rice makes it back healthy, that gives them 2 tall receivers who are capable of working down the field. Shiancoe, Harvin, and Peterson rounding it out makes this the most disturbing offense to play against in the NFC in my opinion. If the Pack still had Grant or got Lynch in a trade, it would still be up for debate, but I don't think anyone else touches that diversity of talented weapons.

The only question is whether old man Favre will be able to stay alive long enough to take advantage of it.

Dear N.Y. Giants,
THANK YOU, on behalf of all Bears fans, for finally exposing our inept team leadership on national television and laying the groundwork for their eminent departure at season's end. Also, THANK YOU for helping to save Tom Coughlin's job, as Chicago will now be the prime destination for Bill Cowher as coach and GM in 2011. Hopefully we will get to return the favor for you someday.
Frustrated Bears Fans

The Viqueens would've beaten us once w/o Moss and now will sweep us with Moss. The Bears are 3-1, but just like last year, the quick start won't equal a playoff berth. They will be 8-8 at best

It's a big move for the Vikes. Moss gives them that deep threat, freak of an athlete that will stretch the defense and give All Day even more opportunities. It will be interesting to watch.

"BTW, Neil, go check your "Anderson Get's Cut" blog and read my post there. I predicted a 3rd
rounder based on the desperation of the Vikings." -Gearheadboy

Dude, shut up already. Hey Neil look at me I made a prediction and it came true. Hey Neil, Neil I'm a special little boy. Neil? Neil? I can ride my tricycle with no hands. Neil! I demand praise from you! Now give it to me!!! WAHH!!!!

At least I know why you refer to yourself as "boy" given that you act like a five year old. Maybe you can also bring to Neil's attention how you thought Packers safety Morgan Burnett was a total stud while Major Wright was a bust. Not only did Morgan's pass interference call lead to the Bears game winning fg over the Pack, but there's also this: Packers S Burnett out for season with torn ACL.

Oh but how can that be? You just totally knew Morgy was a special player, superior in every which way over Major Wright. And yet it didn't come true. Hmm...

Can we give the Pats a third for Mankins? Please?

Mike what is with the Gearhead hate? Guys are always jumping all over this board with the prediction stuff and I made a prediction stuff. Some of us don't really care about it but will often use a prediction to rub a certain persons face in the dirt. Not that I would ever do that :o

It's not like would ever have to remind certain people that I am in fact a Bears fan even though I look at the team with a critical eye. Which is my choice, and after a certain game was just played my eye is not looking to bad, right Mike? Don't worry you don't have to answer. I just prefer it when people don't go around telling me how to be a fan or that I am not a Bears fan because I have my own opinion. We cool again or are you still upset because we had a different opinion on the team? Should I still go find another team?

Your really upset cause Kevin isn't around? You miss that bad boy don;t you? Did you know he was Crap-ton by the way? Seriously he busted himself out on the board last week by accident. That's probably why he is in hiding.

Anyway I agree Moss gives them that deepthreat and opens up their passing game. When Rice comes back it's a bigger problem because you have two tall backshoulder recievers with speed. Favre loves to throw to the back soulder. Plus they have Peterson. What worries me more is that the Bears don't play them for awile, which means they have a chance to gel and Moss has a chance to learn the offense.

Gearhead, a piece of advice for you let someone else post your predictions. Unless you rubbing someones face in it, who deserves it, and that happens often on this board. Then it's really just bragging to brag. I am not saying that's what you should do, do what you want. It's just some advice.

Mankins, 3rd rounder, a must. Cutler doesn't have three years to wait for the Bears to rebuild the line, they are going to need some good experienced players with leadership who are still in their prime to compliment some rookies. It would still take time for him to learn the scheme but the guy is nast pass and run blocker.

Just a little perspective people. The Bears gave a second round pick for a known bust in Gains Adams last year. The Vikings gave a 3rd for one of the greatest recievers of all time who is still young enough to get it done and had a big year last year.

That is what I like to call the Angelo effect.

It means Peanut Tillman has his old friend Randy to stick all game again. Top it off with Calvin J, and Chuck Tillman(the weather reporter) will have a fun second half of the season. Actually, it means nothing to the Vikes as someone said, unless Favre can have ankle replacement surgery. He's toast back there now.

But it does make the Pats weaker this year. Like that since they are on the schedule.

This is the best blog week ever. Brando just posted his email address which contains his first and last name. Brando Timmer from Wis no less. So yes he is the Timmer that posts here and he is from WI not IN. Thank you reverse search. Such a good day I need a little Rappers delight.

Please tell me you that wierd looking kid from Watertown WI on Facebook. Cause I know your on Facebook you always post stuff from their.


Pay no attention to the clown behind the computer screen. Mikey has been lurking around talking out of both ends of his body, but that's ok, right Mikey. The same guy who's accusing me of Whining and all i had to do was find some of his old posts from over the past few months and low and behold, there he was crying like a little B!@#ch on certain topics.

BTW, Mikey, that's not the only thing I have predicted over the months that has come to fruition {I know that word is a little deep for you, means come to pass or actually happen.} And as we on the right say, "it's not bragging if you can back it up."

As for Burnett, you can't predict injuries, but let's see, he walks into mini camp and earns the job from day one and performs pretty well until he blows out a knee. Wright on the other hand has had a what?? A PINKY injury. isn't that something that would sideline you, Mikey? And a lame A** hamstring "injury" where he pulls up after getting run by like he was a statue. And wait, you're going to bring up a pass interference call??? You really are pathetic. Hey rocket scientist...If Zombo hadn't hit Cutler under the chin strap for a P/F 3 minutes earlier, the Bear's wouldn't have even been down that far on the field. Leave it to someone with the football I.Q. of a special ed student to narrow a 60 minute game down to 1 play. As i proved last week with the exposing of your hypocrisy over the "whining", you're just a fair weather, kool-aid drinking, suck up. I am guessing that the only way you have ever been to Soldier Field is from the free tickets given to "Little City" so you "special" people can see a game.

Maybe if the football gods ever smile down on us, Mikey, the Sun Times will throw a football fan bash and we can then see who's the boy. Until then, keep posting your dribble. You take care, and remember, trikes are bikes too.

While I'm sure the Patriots had their reasons to make this deal, there is no way to paint this in a good light for our Bears.

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