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Weekly call for questions

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Post them here and I'll answer them to the best of my ability on Friday. Thanks!

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Has Devin Aromashodu told the coaches that he does NOT want to play the slot receiver?

If there is a lock out in 2011 how will that effect the draft?

I know the line has not come together the way the team has wanted it to. If Logan Mankins is out there for the taking, don't the Bears explore that option, sit Lance Louis for one year, let Mankins start at guard, and begin to build cohesion? It doesn't make too much sense to pay for a franchise quarterback and not improve the line to protect said quarterback.


This isn't really a question you could ask any of the Bears players, coaches, or in management (because they would all deny it) but I am seeing increased acts of desperation by Bears coaches and management this year (and during this past off-season).

For 6 years (since Lovie showed up) all we (as fans) ever got from management and the coaches was, "trust us", "we know better than you", "we know how to fix it", etc.

Now what we are seeing is:

- essentially giving up your 2009 and 2010 draft for an above-average QB
- throwing enormous sums of money at free agents this past off-season at positions where you had at least somewhat credible players
- players pulled out of games for "poor play"
- players not being activated on game day for whatever reasons
- players being cut (Anderson) and re-treads being signed (Grant)
- going for it on 4th down when the percentages argue against it
- major changes at defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach with high-priced failed head coaches

I really can't ever remember these kind of actions out of this group and it looks to me like they are grasping at straws and just trying anything to make it look like they are "doing something".

And again, just like in 2006, because they were 3 and 0 to start the year they thought they were smart (rather than lucky). So when last Sunday's debacle occurred they start running around some more and cut Anderson so they can "look like they are trying to fix the problem", when the problem has always been Lovie and Angelo and their consistent incompetence.

I attribute all of it to job preservation - so at the end of the year they can say, "Yeah, we didn't make the playoffs again, but look at all we did to try and win, should let us stay around another five years."

So I guess my question is: Are you seeing what I am seeing?

I understand that Mark Anderson has underachieved since his rookie season; however, this season he tallied 6 quarterback pressures, which seems like decent production considering no one else on the defense has more than 2 sacks. These pressures and qb hits count for something. Is there another issue that has led to his release? After all, Tommie Harris is still collecting a paycheck.

Who will start, Hanie or Collins?

Chris Collinsworth mentioned this...and I had noticed it before, that Tommie Harris seems to end up on the ground on just about every snap. Could this be a case of needing to strengthen his legs? or possibly work on his balance? Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, due to the Bears needing a second pass rusher....but it seems like it's a correctible issue? Your thoughts?

First Kevin drops the ball on Crap-ton and now you post your email Brando. Along with most of your last name. Reverse search. Gotta love google.

What's this? Brando Timmer is it? Hmm that's so funny cause doesn't a Timmer post here to? Oh wait, hey that's you, you do post under other names. Thanks for letting me know what your last name was though and your email address. You said you lived in Indiana. But their does not seem to be a Brando Timmer in Indiana. So I guess your not friends with all those ND players you claim to know. Hmmm this strange the only Brando Timmers seem to be from WI. Gosh that's intresting.

Time to sign you up for some things. Hahahahaha, don't worry you wont have to pay for them.

What are Lovie and Co. going to do to make sure this doesn't happen again?

(Arizona is to the New York Giants, as Cincinnati is to ????)

I don't know if anybody brought this up, with all the talk about the bad OLine, but Daniel Manning quietly had the worst game in the history of worst games. You have to see it to believe it. He simply is not cut out to be an NFL safety and yet starts for the Bears because of Lovie's man-crush. I need somebody to agree with me. Mr. Hayes?

Ever since Tim Ruskell was hired, we've heard nothing else about him. Can you help explain what his role is now? I'm hoping he and Angelo are busy looking for every possible addition they can make to the offensive line. Logan Mankins seems to be "available" and one would think that you could get Marcus McNeill for the right draft picks. I realize that we've suffered in the last few drafts without any high picks, but if you get an established Pro-Bowl caliber tackle like McNeill, isn't he worth a #1 or #2 pick? We're going to have to use our first pick on an O-lineman anyway, so why not use it on a proven Pro Bowler?

Considering how quickly Houston picked him up, was there a missed opportunity in getting something for Anderson? Maybe even a conditional late round pick? It just seems that we continually miss on chances to get anything for the value we do have on the roster. Granted, there isn't a ton of value on the roster that we would be willing to part with, but Anderson getting signed by a team in need of pass rush help tells me that they thought he was a better option that Ogunleye to help Super Mario.

Seems like we wait until everyone in the league knows we are going to get rid of someone, and by then no one will give anything up. Anderson has at least looked halfway decent (at least he tries hard on every play, which puts him one leg up on Tommie Harris, no pun intended), so why not put it out there that we are looking for either draft picks or developmental OL for Anderson, and see if anyone bites?

Or is Jerry only good at making trades with Buffalo and San Diego, and is scared of all the other GMs because of how bad he gets abused in the trade balance?

Oops. Ahh well Brando is not my real name and neither is Timmer my last name. You know Creighton not everone puts their real name for their e-mail. If you want to know both Brando and Timmer are nick names I have have been called over the years. That is why you google it and nothing comes up. If you google my real name it comes up as a former NBA player.
By the way Tim is my middle name cause I HATE HATE HATE my first name Im not even called by my first name ever.
There ya go smart one.

I believe last Sunday night's game will have historical significance as the years go by. For sure both Bears fans and Giants fans will be talking about the game for a long time. Hey if the Bears go on to make a playoff run, it will definately have a lot of significance THIS year. Hey it could happen!! Whether the year turns out good or bad, the players, coaches, and fans are going to look back at how the team responded to this game.

My question is: What do we call it? It needs a name. I'm not usually good at names, but my vote is "Meltdown in the Meadowlands".

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