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Urlacher wonders what Philly was thinking

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Brian Urlacher said that not only has Chicago-native Donovan McNabb not lost a step but he still doesn't understand why the Eagles traded him to the Redskins.

"He's still good," Urlacher said. "I don't know why Philly traded him. It still baffles me. He's a good quarterback, one of the best in the NFL. He scrambles. He throws it well. He's got a great arm. He knows what you're doing on defense. He's just a smart quarterback."

Urlacher said the challenge in defending McNabb is not only his mobility but his ability to complete long passes on the move.

"There are a lot of times when McNabb gets out of the pocket and throws it deep," he said when asked the best way to defend McNabb. "They've got a lot of deep balls just from what we've seen on film. Just stay over the top of them and when he does scramble, get him on the ground if we can, and just try to keep him in the pocket."

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I would imagine a lot of people wonder what Philly was thinking trading McNabb to a division rival. Hopefully, it comes back to bite them in the arse.

This is why guys like Jordan and Urlacher should never be GM's. The trade of McNabb was brilliant. McNabb has always been at best a 7-8 QB on a 1-10 scale. He's not Brady, Aikman, Montana, or Manning. Philly put some pretty good teams around him and he got to 1 SB.

Unlike Manning who, based on the number of hits/sacks he's taken over the past 12+ years, is a "young" 34, McNabb is an "old" 34. {He will be in 1 month.} So, the Eagles trade him to a team that has no chance of going to the SB for a high 2nd round pick in a very deep draft due to all the Jr's declaring last year and chances are there might not be football next year. Even if there is football next year, it's probably not going to start on time. If they had waited even 1 more year, who knows what McNabb's value might have been. He's already been hurt {albeit in training camp} with the Redskins and even with Shanahan, they seem to be at least 1-2 more seasons away from being a legit contender for a SB run. And that is provided Shanahan finds some wide receivers that aren't older than 35 and pulls the defense up to some respectability. Will McNabb even be part of the mix when that happens?

With the pick from McNabb the Eagles added a pretty good safety, Nate Allen. I think the Bears had their eye on him. I wish the Bears had a GM that was as savy with trades and drafting as this. My guess is that the Eagle's biggest concern in their division is the possibility that the Cowboys dump Wade at the end of the year and bring in a Cowher. With that mix of young talent on both sides of the ball, they would be far and away the biggest threat to the Eagles and the Giants.

Gearhead, I like your post analogy of why McNabb was traded versus the other QBs you named. I believed two are retired and not sure which Manning you are speaking of. With your great insight you could be speaking of Archie Manning. Therefore, we have one QB that you can possible compare McNabb to.

Brady is not a McNabb either. In other words let's give McNabb the same receivers Brady worked with, then we can debate McNabb's abilities

Now what is your analogy? I don't need to know, just think it over a little bit more before you try to rank a good QB the next time. Because with that snide assessment stating "at best" remark, I really believe you think McNabb is not in the top 50% on a scale of 100%.


Reading and comprehending are skills. Ones I am not sure you have. Montana and Aikman are retired you say? Wow, where has the time gone. I was comparing him to guys that have won SB's. And if my memory serves me correctly, Moss got to ME after the 3 SB's and the guys Brady threw to {without going to google} were named Branch, Brown, Patten, Givens, and Watson. Hmm, let me go the the HOF and see if any of those guys are there. Funny how Brady never won a SB with Moss there.

And lets see I gave him a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale. Now I am no math wizard here, but I do think that would put him over the 50% mark there. Maybe the new math is different. And bottom line, what I said is dead on. I don't dislike McNabb, but see him for what he was/is. Have a good day.

Hey 54, why don't you focus on kicking his butt instead of kissing his butt.

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