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Turner promoted

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The Bears also announced that Barry Turner had been elevated to the active roster from the practice squad.

An undrafted free agent from Nebraska, Turner had 115 tackles, 34 tackles for losses, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and ranks eighth in Cornhusker history with 17 career sacks.

Turner's promotion means the team has a practice-squad vacancy.

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Sure, why not? He probably is an upgrade over Anderson and Grant. Or, at the very least, the same. He is younger. James Harrison was and undrafted FA for Pittsburg, and he is pretty good. It could happen, but not this year.

If we see him play much, it probably means the Bears are playing out a bad season.

But WTH, if the Bears suck, new regime comes in (I think. If McCaskey will actually "eat" the rest of Smith and Angelo's salaries).

Hey Neil -

what freaking position does the guy play? great journalism here


You shouldn't get mad at neil. He is doing this part time and is still learning to speak english.

Hey nick, the position doesn't matter. If the Bears brought him in, he's Pro Bowl, HOF talent. Period, end of story.

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