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Tillman makes no excuses for tough day

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Mike Williams never gave the Bears any trouble when he was with the Detroit Lions in 2005-06. Not even Mike Martz could make him a serious threat.

But Williams was a handful for the Bears and Charles Tillman on Sunday. The 6-5 former USC star had 10 receptions for 123 yards in the Seattle Seahawks' 23-20 victory over the Bears at Soldier Field.

''Big body, big boy,'' said a chagrined Tillman in the Bears' lockerroom. ''I think [Matt] Hasselbeck did a good job of putting it where I wasn't -- away from me. With his body and his size, he made some good plays. I have to play better.

In three games against the Bears with the Lions, Williams had five receptions for 49 yards. He had a chance to beat the Bears with a leaping catch in the end zone of a 20-yard pass from Jon Kitna on the final play of the game. But couldn't hang on to the ball, with rookie cornerback Devin Hester defending, and the Bears won 26-21.

Tillman also was burned by Deon Butler for a 22-yard touchdown pass from Hasselbeck that tied the game at 7 in the first quarter. He had seven tackles and one pass breakup.

''They just played better than us,'' Tillman said. ''We got our butts kicked. No excuses. We just got outplayed.''

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And so begins the rapid downward spiral we call the 2010 Bears season. 0 for 12 on 3rd down , 0 sacks , 0 interceptions. Coordinators who can't get out of each others way, a head coach who looks completely lost , but who is capable of looking you in the eye and LYING. A General Manager who must use darts and a blindfold during the draft. Unfortunately, Bears fans are also aware that the Brain dead McCaskey clan will stick with this crew of misfits because they would NEVER part with the millions they INHERITED, not worked for.

He's just another over-paid, underachieving bigtime loser! I'm done with these clowns!!

This was the defining game for the bears. They stink nothing else to say, but they are overpaid for what they put on the field. Talk about their cars, cooking, clothes.The players should give back at least half their pay. They are just small time bandits. The bears are not worth watching it looks like maybe 1 more win and that's it.

By Omay on October 17, 2010 10:39 PM
He's just another over-paid, underachieving bigtime loser! I'm done with these clowns!!

Chicago Bears nation dont need fans like you anyway Omay okay.

Anyone else exhausted with how the Bears are playing and coached? I certainly am. I am also very disappointed and disgruntled. I can't look at people and say I want the Bears to win because of how they play (above story), how they are chosen/drafted and how the owners don't care for the fans and only the $$$. I really wish that we the fans could do something that would truly send a message to the owners that we want change. But as long as they keep making their money they will keep these hoorible coaches and GM, and pres. on deck as long as they have siged them for. I am truly worn out by my anger, anguish and disapointment toward our team. :(

vintage charles tillman. same thing we've been seeing for how many years? any time opponents need a few yards- there is a pass in front of charles tillman. sure he makes the tackle, sometimes strips the ball but the yards are always there for the taking. everyone knows it. when they signed him and vash to extensions i could only shake my head because i figured they we exposed to this for years to come. vash is gone but they never got anyone any better. sound familiar? still havent replaced mike brown. all of the bear db's are average at best. we need one stud safety, with a mlb like urlacher he could be a monster. major harris has the atributes if he gained about 10 to 15 pounds of body wrenching muscle.

A big WR...that's a great idea ( ANGELO ) why didn't we draft any ( ANGELO ) because you can put the ball where the smaller CB can't get it ( ANGELO ) but your big WR can ( ANGELO ) !!!!

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