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Tice: We lost "street fight"

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Mike Tice called last week's game against the Giants a "street fight." Not only did the Bears lose the game 17-3, but they lost the fight in a unanimous decision after allowing 10 sacks, including an NFL-record nine in the first half.

"When you go out in a street fight, you have to rise up and accept the challenge and fight back, and we didn't win enough fights," the Bears offensive line coach said.

The key to the Bears season is tied to how the offensive line responds to what might have been one of the worst performances imaginable, but Tice has kept his approach simple as he prepares his unit to face the host Panthers on Sunday.

"You work your asses off, and you get pissed off a little bit, and you have to make the hard corrections," Tice said. "If you don't make the hard corrections, and let them think that it's OK and acceptable, then that's the boundary we set for ourselves. Because everyone is saying we're not any good, and that's not a good thing.

"You make the hard corrections, and you look at what you're doing drill wise. You work on things they're not doing well."

Part of the problem has been a lack of cohesion resulting from left tackle Chris Williams' hamstring injury. Veteran guard Roberto Garza missed a practice leading up to the game because of a knee injury. He wore braces on both knees against the Giants, one of which broke in the the first half, the other in the second, according to Tice. He was eventually replaced by Edwin Williams.

"We didn't rise to the challenge, whether we weren't good enough or whether we didn't pay attention to technique," Tice said.

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That wasn't wasn't a street fight, the Giant's gave the Bears O-Line a Pumpkinhead beat down.

Oh if Chris Williams was playing it would be all better? Cause he was such a standout before he got yanked. Oh I mean hurt.

Why doesn't he explain Webb playing 20 snaps. Either start the guy or sit him but don't flip flop your right tackle because that is not helping continuity.

Didn't Garza play 54 snaps? Who filled in for Louis when he was out. Louis only played 26 snaps.

Sit Shaffer, give Webb the start, might as well it's not like the line can get any worse and if they like Webb enough to keep putting him might as well start him and let him get some continuity.

Cohesion may be what turns an average line into a good one, or a good one into a great one, but a lack of it had nothing to do with the Bears last week. When the player you're trying to block runs through you or around you, it's not due to a lack of cohesion. It' because you got beat.

I'm thinking the line will play better this week. That's not saying much since they really couldn't be any worse. But, they started shaky against Dallas and Green Bay and eventually did a decent job of protecting the quaterback. I think they'll do that again this week. But if the line plays like it did last week, they should put Cutler on IR and start playing Hanie. No sense ruining your franchise quarterback and Hanie could get the experience the coaches wish he had.

Hey Tice, you have to show up to a street fight to lose it. Agreed Creighton, Chris Williams would have done nothing but maybe allow sack #10 or 11 in the first half.

Rise to the challenge? How about not having to rise to anything go out and fire at the guy across from you and push him to NY. Make the other guy challenged. Just run your man back, control your own part of the ground. The bears need new blood all around. It's still a trench and sometimes the technique is smash your opponent.

Coaches know the best. Chill out. Creighton the people up stairs will get it correct.

BigBear no they didn't, the Boys missed 4 sacks because either Cutlers feet, bad angles and bad tackling. Plus more and more game film is out on the Bears protection schemes.

They have been bad all year. Not average, not good, bad. Can't run block, can't pass block, and can't and can't handle speed.

You want to wait a few years to see if this line can get it done. You think Cutler has that long behind this line? He has already been knocked out once.

Teams are learning more and more about the Bears, more film, more tells. Sure they should be better this week, Carolina is not good, and their D-Line is like the Bears D-Line without Peppers.

Garza and Olin will not be getting any better and are declining. So that's 2 spots you probably need to fill. My guess is they are going to give Williams another shot next year. Probably not the best move in the world. Webb will be given a shot at RT cause they like him. Louis has shown some signs so he will be playing RG this year and next unless he falls apart.

The Bears think they have the talent on the O-Line they always and it always hurts them. Time to actually address the problem, instead of dumping everything you have into the defense.

If you trust the draft picks fine. But the talent on this team comes from trades holdovers and FA. The line has not played well this year end of story. Even if they had given up half the sacks they did against the Giant's they would still be the worse line football. Are they run blocking? Can they run block and can they run when they need to on a regular basis?

Anyway anyone else theink the Bears want to sign Boone so they can cut Harris?

Webb and Lance Luis are gonna be pro-bowlers you will see ohhhhh yeah you will see Anon all day baby.

I'm all for signing Boone and cutting that wasted space Harris. Once he got his payday that was it, it was all about Tommie after that. Boone has size and may be older but he will give 10 times they effort Harris will.

OK I think we all agree that the O line played extremely poorly last week against the Giants and below mediocre for the year.

Yes, Cutler has had little time in the pocket during many of the plays this year.

I wonder why no one on this blog mentions that Cutler has been somewhat responsible as well for some of the sacks in the Giants game in particular. It is a simple fact that Cutler (the gun slinger) is holding onto the ball too long and not throwing to first and second reads that sometimes were open, rather he had a tendency to hold onto the ball hoping for the 40 yard strike down field.

Yes, lets blame the O line but let us realize also that Cutler did not help his own cause with the way he played, Kurt Warner and many others agree he did not have a stellar game either and it was not only the O lines fault, it was Cutler's decision making which at times has come into question in the past.

Do not get me wrong, I truly believe that Cutler could be the best Bear QB in their history but he had a bad game to and is still not Joe Montana when it comes to managing the game and its conditions.

**Anyway anyone else theink the Bears want to sign Boone so they can cut Harris?**

Creighton, Pat Boone would make a great defensive lineman. He's a little old and hasn't played football much, but I think he'd add some real mystery and excitement to the game! Oh my!

I have been in street fights and you do whatever to get the other guy or guys off of you. Street fights are not fought fair. That is why the sport of Boxing was invented.

Football is all about smacking the guy across from you harder than he hits you. In other words at the end of the day the person know they were in a fight. The Giants defense were not in a fight. If you have to take a personal foul penalty with a smack to another player head for your team to wake up then do it!

Though football is a professional sport, it is still about hitting, pushing and shoving the other guy in front of you out of your way.

Though Jay C. needs to take off running and throw more passes away depends on his arrogance wanting to be a strong-armed pocket QB. I tell you this much I believe other QBs would have incorporated running the ball after getting hit as many times as Jay C. has.

Just run for three to seven yards or throw the darn ball away. Jay needs to help his offensive line when it has trouble blocking. What the heck, he got a concussion for staying in the pocket and getting sack. At least if it happens in the open field I interpret that better.

Yeah, I know people do not want the QB to run the ball, but you do what is necessary to win the game. Jay C did not do that.

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