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Thursday's injury report

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Cornerback Zack Bowman (foot) and guard Roberto Garza (knee) did not practice Thursday while Briggs (ankle), linebacker Brian Urlacher (groin), safeties Chris Harris (knee), Danieal Manning (back) and Major Wright participated on a limited basis.

For the Redkings, tight end Chris Cooley (concussion) was limited in practice for the second straight day.

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Who is the backup center with Garza out? Edwin Williams? Is he getting practice reps at center? And, who would have been in the Seattle game if Kreutz wnet down?

This seesms like a disaster waiting to happen

Edwin Williams would have moved over and Shaffer would have played guard.

Maybe they'll bring back Beekman? God I hope not.

Williams is the type of body that Tice wants at center, so that would probably be his first choice for that spot.

So Creighton, you think they would put Shaffer at guard, or would they move Webb to guard, and Shaffer play RT? I think Tice flips a coin to decide.

I am concerned that Urlacher is dealing with a groin, and Briggs is still battling the ankle. If Cooley doesn't play, we get Davis, who I think is a little quicker than Cooley is, in addition to the backs out of the backfield. Both Urlacher and Briggs are going to have to run a lot, and that is not a great thing when they are struggling with bad wheels.

So when does Corey Graham get his shot at CB? I thought he was our most consistent DB in the preseason, and he is tearing it up on special teams. Doesn't that earn you anything on defense?

Joe I think the fewer moves you do with a line the better. If you move Williams inside which you would have to because he is the backup Center, thats move one. Putting Shaffer at guard is move two, Shaffer also practiced at guard during Training Camp. If you move Webb over as well then that's three moves. Two moves would probably create fewer problems in the short term. It's the same reason Chris Williams was put at guard supposedly. One move instead of 2 or 3. Maybe Tice flips Martz to decide.

Graham is tearing it up on special teams and Jennings has played well. I am just glad they are giving him a shot on special teams. I have the same worry about the secondary every year. Some guy rises up puts up some big numbers and then sucks the next year. Some people are mad at Tillman because of the last game, but he is one of the main reasons they are at 4-2, he is having a good year. Graham is like a tweener Corner/Safety but his best position like so many Bears is SS. Just about every Safety they have is a Strong Safety.

Joe one of the reasons I think your starting to see some nicks and dings on Urlacher and Briggs is because of the amount of running they are doing. They are on the field to long to begin with and are burning out their legs. Both guys are also highly active to begin with running all over the place. High ankle sprains are a pain in the you now what. Biggest problem with them is that if you run on them and they are not fully healed, they get worse. Had one once I kept thinking it was ok would go for a run, as soon as I started to pick up the pace I in pain.

Urlacher seemed ok after the game, he may just be tight.

I would put Shaffer in at guard as well to reduce the upheaval, but I am starting to subscribe to the principle of least sensible option when it comes to moves made by this coaching staff. When you look at a problem and see a clear solution, you can count on this staff to do the furthest thing from that to solve the problem. And I can only hope Tice flips Martz to decide what to do...that would not only be entertaining, but good for the long-term health of our franchise QB.

If Urlacher and Briggs are out or even slowed for any extended amount of time, we are in big trouble. Peppers is not getting any real help on a consistent basis on the DL, and the secondary has been marginal at best. Without 54 and 55, this is a terrible defense.

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