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The longest yard

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After two more failed attempts from the 1-yard line, including an interception, the Bears are now 0-for-9 while attempting to punch it in from an opponent's 1 yard-line this season.

"To pull out some of these close games we have to be better in red zone in general but especially inside the 5-yard line," tight end Greg Olsen said. "It's not easy. It's a tough area to punch it in but you have to be able to convert those. In the first five games we've had our fair share of tough times down there but we have a long way to go. We need to obvioulsy do a better job when we get down there."

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Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!!! How many times do you crash into that wall before you realize you need to go AROUND it. ust blows me away. Where do I send my OC resume'?

Middle screen, misdirection, spread, slant, off tackle, throw on 1st down; ANYTHING except what we're doing now.

The good news is we could be seeing the 2001 Bears all over again.

The bad news! We could be seeing the 2001 Bears all over again.

When you save two Running Back spots on the roster for guys who are barely 5 foot 7 and almost strictly special teams players, what do you expect? Is this the only team in the whole league without a short-yardage back? Why don't the Bears have a 250lbs monster RB or FB who can move the pile one friggin' yard?
Further to that, the Bears barely have 5 reliable O-linemen, so of course the Heavy-Package isn't moving the other team. Even the blocking specialist TEs are looking poor, despite one or two good blocks yesterday.

The Bears don't have the personnel to make it happen with 1-yard to go, at least not on the field. Could I suggest putting Henry Melton in at RB with 1-yard to go? He was a RB in college.

Anthony it's the blocking one the one that is killing them, they can't beat man on man, heck they struggle with 7 on 4.

As for the 2001 Bears, they may actually be better than this team.

Walt Harris Pro Bowler
Tony Parrish Pro Bowler
Mike Brown in his prime Pro Bowler All Pro

So you know the secondary was better

Brian Urlacher in his Prime Pro Bowler All Pro
Warrick Holdman, not as good as Briggs but was good in that 2 gap system.
Rosy Colvin, good enough to beat Urlacher out for the Strong side Job, 10 sacks. Better than Pisa.

I gotta say draw at LB though because of Briggs.

Ted Washington one of the best DT ever, best NT ever, All Pro Browler
Kieth Tryalor decent DT when his weight was under control
Phillip Daniels decent End fit the scheme
Bryan Robinson decent end fit the scheme

Outside of Peppers that D-Line was better at three positions.

that defense gave up 203 points. Bears current defense is not on pace to do that and has yet to play the good teams.

The Oline
Kruets in his prime
Big Cat
Brockermyer may actually be better than Omiyale, that's a scary thought. Could run block a lot better than Omiyale

The line was much better they gave up 17 sacks and the current line already blew past that.

QB Cutler no question

Current Bears are better at TE even though CLark should be out there.

Reciever is a tough one, neither group was excellent and Booker was in his prime and pretty good.

Bears are better at RB but with this system and line it matters little.

Both teams where/are older teams at the their best positions and many of the best players where FA.

I pointed out earlier the Bears go and get some big names to make their teams viable once every 4 years or so. The 01 team, the 05 team, this team. The entire d-line of that team was FA. Just like the 05 team was almost all FA and none of the guys where Angelo draft picks on that line.

That's how the Bears organization works do just enough to keep the fans intrested. If the Bears organization was as intrested in accountability as the current coaching staff, Angelo, Phillips and Lovie would have all been let go. They are good at pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. If they actualy had a good staff they wouldn't have to continully sign and trade for players they can't draft or develop: Cutler, Peppers, Omiyale, Garza, Shaffer, Taylor, Anthony Adams, Gains Adams, Pace, Clark.

Can you imagine what the Angelo/Lovie team would like with the players they drafted? Take out Cutler, Peppers, Urlacher, Taylor, Omiyale, Shaffer, Adams, Olin, and Garza? Not that all those guys are good but jeese take out Peppers on the defense and this team is probably winless. Take out Urlacher and they are definantly winless.

Marinellie was billed as the guy who would develop the line. Well outside of Peppers that line sucks, Izzy is playing pretty good but that's because of Peppers on the other side taking all the attention. Althoug hI am sure Lovie will give him Credit for Peppers just like he got Credit for Rice and Sapp.

In the new high powered passing offense the Bears recievers have one TD among them. I am pretty sure thatclaim Martz made about this being the best group of recievers he has ever worked wit his a lie.

It was Angelo that claimed they would be the best drafting team in the nfl. No one made him say that. And he lied, oh god did he lie.

C-man, the Bears are 4-1. They beat some good teams (heck you can put the Lions on that list b/c they're not at all that bad) in close contests where they actually held at the end. Those close games were the types they would have lost in the previous years. While I understand you're concerns and some are valid, the team is 1st in the North and are obviously doing some things right.

You just make it seem sometimes like the Bears are the worst team in professional sports. The thing is the NFL is a league designed, on purpose, with parity between all 32 teams (which are all competing with each other btw) and with things such as injuries and off-field incidents, winning teams are hard to maintain. For instance, there are some good teams out there with loads of talent that haven't come close to the big game in recent years; teams like the Cowboys and the Chargers. There are seemingly elite teams like the Colts who, come time for the playoffs, just implode. Even teams like the Pats and Steelers, who do win Super Bowls more than once a decade, have down years and will miss the playoffs for whatever reason.

As it stands, you're holding a microscope to all the Bears flaws even though they're winning and things could easily be worse like they are for San Fran or DallAss or even Green Bay which seems to be in decay-mode. The Bears are winning so enjoy it while it lasts with all the crazy things that could go wrong. Again, I do agree with you on some of the concerns you have had and in times past we've sniffed out the BS like when Marinelli came on board as the "best off-season acquisition of the 2009 off-season." Do you remember that? Guys like Kevin Armstead jumped in their cheerleader costumes and blindly believed that Marinelli would turn the bears defense around with his mere presence because the front ofice said so. No matter how much evidence we presented to the contrary, Armstead just kept getting angry that we weren't as brainwashed by Lovie Smith and Larry Mayer as he was.

Anyway yeah, enjoy the wins now Creighton because like the last three years, you could really have something to complain about.

Every Sunday/Monday, The (So Called) "Game Plan" Makes The Other Squad Look Good. Too Many Years Of 'Playing Down', To Whom Ever The Opponent Happens To Be. Man-O-Man They Were Seriously, Only A Pass Interferance Penalty Away From Losing On Sunday... A Game They Should've Been Pading The Stats With!! Please.. Please.. Just Fire Da Head Coach!!!

On short yardage either put Chester Taylor in with Dez Clark at FB with the big package or just spread them and use the outside or counter...Is it that hard and i'm sure everyone is saying o, they are going straight up the middle..why do that when the O line is not giving us what we want...Game Plan change...use the outside and or change it up in the backfield for short yardage....No Collins, Go Bears...

Creighton..Or is it C-man?

I see you have a new "friend". Thank the Heavens that Mikey sniffed out all the BS in the 2009 off season. Where oh where would we be if he hadn't. But, I can't believe he would even dare complain about anything JA or Lovie has done because that would be construed as WHINING, and we all know that Mikey doesn't whine.

You keep blasting the Bears management and coaching for their idiocies, and whether anyone agrees with me or not, I will do the same. The goal is not to win a few games against mediocre teams, and even Dallas with their disfunctional owner and Wade at the helm are a mediocre team. Not to mention their secondary and offensive line. The ultimate goal is to win a SB. And the fan base has to ask themselves {no matter how "giddy" they get from the kool-aid} is whether or not this management/coaching regime is going to make it happen. And unequivocally the answer is no. Do I want them to lose on purpose, heck no. But, I don't want a 10-9/9-7 record, a wild card berth and then new 3 year extensions for the whole cast and crew. If you jump on board with "the program" then you are enabling Bears management to continue to march 7-9 teams out there year after year with no consequences.

I like your assessment of the 2001 team. The only place I would differ would be with Colvin. Yes, he had double digit sacks for 2 consecutive years, but only finished with 52.5 for a career. And he was never a tackling machine or very good in coverage. And although Pisa doesn't have the sack total of Colvin, I think he's a much better all around LB. Colvin has been out of football since 2008, but is only 33. Just my assessment. And Brockermeyer was better than Omiyale. even with Cutler back there, the 2-3, 5 yard movement penalties per game are a killer to this offense.


You couldn't be more right about the coaching staff and Jerry Angelo. If by chance, they even go 11-5 this year and I doubt they will, and if that leads to more of the same with regard to drafting and talent scouting, I am going to pull out my hair. 1 playoff year every 3 to 4 years doesn't cut it for me. I have been reading the Sun-Times since I was a kid and used to steal the paper from my old man because it was easier to read the sports than the other paper in town. I have only been reading the on line version for a few months now. Some of the banter back and forth here cracks me up.

By the way, are you the same "Gearheadboy" that used to "fight" with North back in the day? Those were priceless. If it is, he hated you. Haha.

Quarterback sneak. It's not sexy stat-wise and it's not going to make the highlight reel, but it's very effective in short-yardage situations. I don't know why the Bears don't use it much.

The reason why Forte doesn't seem to be good in short-yardage situations is, I suspect, because he doesn't have instant acceleration. We all know he's pretty good once he gets going downhill. It's when he has to move left and right before hitting the hole, that he gets in trouble. It takes time for him to hit the top gear.

The reason why Forte is forced to move left and right before hitting the hole in short-yardage situations, is because Kreutz and the Guards are often getting submarined and are allowing defenders to penetrate. They don't have to make the tackle; they could just be rolling on the ground. But that forces Forte to sidestep the obstacle, lose all his speed going forward, allowing the other defenders the split second to rally to the ball. That's why it seems like he's getting engulfed by defenders in the backfield a lot of the time.

Taylor, who takes shorter steps, has a wider base, and has better acceleration, has better lateral movement and should be better in short-yardage, I think. Bell, who doesn't seem to have much lateral movement, is another guy that hits the hole fast and hard, and may be effective for short yards. Wolfe is shifty, but I doubt he would be able to bowl a defender over if he were to meet him in the hole, and should be better in open spaces than near the goalline.

So if I were the coach, which I am not, I would activate Bell, and use a combination of Bell or Taylor in short-yardage situations.

The wildcat and the QB sneak. Dont know if it will work for sure, but it can't be any worse than what they've done so far.

The Bears have a great chance to be 5-1 this week, even with the O-line not playing well. The defense needs to , once again, force Seattle to be one-dimensional.

When does Major Wright get activated again?

Creighton, I realize the Bears can't move ANYONE man for man on the line. That's why they need a spread w/passes or off tackle plays. The 'bunch' WILL NOT WORK! As for the 2001 Bears, my comment was only to the reference of 'records can be very deceiving'. Dick Jaurons Bears could have easily been 6-10 that year, if not for some smoke and mirror games. Same goes for Lovie and his Super Bowl squad. If this squad 'even makes' the play-offs with absolutely no offensive line and corners that have trouble holding back the bingo crowd, I'd say the Football Gods are vacationing in Chicago this fall.

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