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What's up, everybody?

Hope you're all doing well this morning. Shoot me your Bears questions, and I will glad to answer them.

There's plenty to talk about, from what seems the weekly tweak on the defensive line, to the uproar over vicious hits, to what ails the Bears offense. Frankly, we could spend days talking about that last one.

But I'll let you dictate which direction we go.

I will have a live chat on Windy City Gridiron later today, at 3 p.m. CST, so you can join me on that.

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J.T. O'Sullivan was recently released...since he's Martz's guy, think the Bears dump Toddy C. and bring in O'Sullivan for a backup QB role?

I would like to know why Cutler has not been on a roll out pass play this season to help out his O-Line. He is a mobile QB with accuracy on the move. Likewise, why hasn't the D been faulted for allowing drive like they have. One cannot win when you allow the other team to begin within the 15 and then down the field each time.

Were the Bears looking for help at the trade deadline, or are they restricted from parting with any of their draft picks for 2011?

Also, how active is Ruskell in the day to day personnel evaluation of the team? Do we have him to blame for an out-of shape Grant being brought in, or was that Angelo?

Hey Sean,

Two questions on either side of the ball.

On defensive line rotation, who has stood out on tape and in practice? Toeina looked good up until Sunday and Melton and Harris ahve made contributions. Haven't heard a lot about Gilbert or Wootten.

On Cutler's responsibility for sacks from the backfield, do you think the problem is he's not seeing his hot reads? I'm sure no one wants to admit it but in a couple different games I've seen him get hit without even looking at the blitzing back. That tells me he is so concerned with pocket protection that his eyes never move off the D Line, which is why he is so susceptible to the safety blitz. Thoughts?

It's looking like Major Wright is about ready to be thrown back in the mix at safety. With the bye coming the Bears would have two weeks to reload at safety if they want. If you look at Tillman's play and the Jennings/Bowman situation, that could apply to the secondary as a whole. Do you expect any big adjustments?

With the O-line struggling to pass so much, I'm very disappointed that Martz hasn't called for more running draws, screens and quick passes. I know that it's not part of "his system" but other than the Cowboys game, I have failed to see any in-game adjustments, what do you think?

Given his lack of production, do you think this is Tommie Harris' last season as a Bear?

Before the trade deadline were there any serious talks about trading for New England OL Logan Mankins? Do you think we should made more of an effort to trade for him?

WHEN if the OL going to jell ? I really believe the problem is right there ! The Bears have to start protecting Jay. And one problem Jay has got to get that rock out of his hand sooner than later.

Why isn't there more talk of him being held responsible for where the Bears are right now? He after all brought in this no talent evaluating clown Jerry Angelo to Chicago.

what has happend to louis and shaffer on the right side of the line

How many more sacks and false starts do the Bears front line need to commit before the coaches start to discipline the players?

Sean, sense the Bears moved Chris Williams from tackle to guard is it possible for him to enter the HOF as BOTH?

Is Lance Briggs really a Probowl player or just a product of the type of defense the Bears run? It seems to me that everytime he misses a game, his replacement leads the team in tackles. I recall Jamar Williams having a career day with about 19 tackles in Briggs' place and last week Iwuh leads the team. What's up?

I do not recall ever seeing players on any team being moved around in and out left to right changing roles as much as I've been seeing with the Bears in recent years.

You have Omiyale being a LT with the Panthers going to LG with the Bears, going to RT and back to LT. You have C. Williams being a LT to start going to RT last year, back to LT this year and then to LG. Garza, supplanted by Louis at RG, going to LG, supplanted by Williams, which would mean he would go back to RG if he came back, supplanting E. Williams, who initially subbed for Garza at LG, but who supplanted Louis at RG.

But it's not just the offensive line. It happened to Idonije, too. He was a good DE, until the Bears decided he would be a DT, making him gain weight, ultimately to put him back at DE again. Was Gilbert a DT or a DE? Is Melton a DT or a DE? Manning is a S and then a NB and then a S again. Hester is a DB/returner, and now a WR.

Aside from the obvious "Doesn't this hamper player development?" questions, is this a "LOVIE THING?" Or is this something more prevalent in the NFL than we think?

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