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Smith said he felt good about game plan

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The day after the Bears failed to convert on third down in a dozen tries and suffered a half dozen more sacks, coach Lovie Smith defended his offensive coordinator and his game plan.

"We all went in with that game plan feeling good about it, Mike and everybody else," Smith said. "We didn't execute the game plan the way we wanted to but I'm behind everything we've done offensively and am excited about the direction we're going to continue to go from there."

Smith said the offensive line, which has been reshuffled frequently this season, will remain intact heading into next week's game against the Redskins. He also said the offense needs more balance after running backs Matt Forte and Chester Taylor combined for only 12 carries against the Seahawks. Quarterback Jay Cutler, meanwhile, attempted 39 passes.

"Third downs have really hurt us as much as anything," Smith said. "When you can't keep drives going, when you have short drives it's really hard to get a real flow going. We have to be able to do that. Realize we have to have more balance on the offensive side of the football and we plan on doing that. We've taken too many sacks. Again, we haven't established the run the way we would like to. We realize all those things."

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Lovie was happy with it? Really?

Lovie also said that game calling is ideal at 50/50 run pass. Well if that's ideal what the heck is 77/23?

Part of coaching is coaching on the fly. Lovie who seems to have little to no input in the offense needs to act like a head coach for a change and step in.

The next time Martz calls a 7 step drop he needs to go over to Tice and tell him the next time Martz calls a stupid 7 step drop like dropping Cutler into the end zone. That Tice should go over to Martz and punch him square in the face. Take the damn play chart from Martz hand it to TIce flip to the pages that say running "hahahah" and call some of those damn plays.

Lovie needs to go up to Cutler and say guess what you can audible. If you are having problems with the hot reads and the line is not protecting you go ahead and audible to a run play. If the linmen don't know who to block and the recievers don't know where to stand you tell them where to stand and tell them who to block.

Lovie indicated he was also heappy with the line. Does he know what color Jersey the Bears are wearing? Cause he must have been looking at the Seahawks line as a rookie tackle was shuting down Peppers and his D-Line accounted for 5 tackles on 40 run plays.

I can't wait for the second half of the season then I can listen to Lovie explain the Jets got 9 sacks and ran for 175 yards while Cutler was taken off the field in a body bag and how he is happy about it.

He actually indicated he was happy with the offensive line and excited they are going to be together for another week. WTF? Oh and Neil the F stands for fudge in this case.

The punching bags for the northwest just came into Chicago and kicked your teams butt, but hey your happy. Enjoy it now Lovie cause last I checked after Buffalo the butt kicking is going into overdrive.

Boy he sure is ready say they are going to get it together against Washington and Buffalo.

I swear to god Lovie must take yoga. He is the only guy I know who can bend over and kiss his own ###.

I swear to god Lovie must take yoga. He is the only guy I know who can bend over and kiss his own ###.

I cant take anymore of him.

Two questions for the fans
1. Why don't the Bears put Webb at Right Guard, he obviously likes blocking inside and allowing the outside man to run right by him?

2. How long until Jerry Angelo starts acting like Frank Omiyale was targeted as a Left Tackle for the future and attempts to grab at some credit for his average play at LT?

Week 7 prediction:
Washington 31 Chicago 19

Cutler plays 3+ quarters but does not finish the game. Not because of injury, just sits down and lets Caleb take a beating for about 8-10 minutes while he tries to count how many times he got picked, sacked and clothes-lined. His stats for the game are 14-38, 209 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT, 9 sacks, 2 Fumbles (1 Lost) and rushes for 18 yards.

Forte rushes 11 times for 30 yards. Taylor rushes 6 times for 15 yards.

Bears D produces a TD on a fumble caused by either Peppers or Tillman. Defense gets run over by Washington's fifth string RB. D McNabb goes off for 300+ yards and only 3 incompletions which were drops and not his fault.

Bears Special Teams gives Chicago AMAZING field position, again, only to squander it all into 4 Field Goals.

Bears Offense gets stopped on fourth and 1 from the goal-line again. Washington sets a franchise record for sacks in a game where their defensive players don't even get touched by offensive lineman.

My wishes upon a star:
1. Chicago trades one of next years picks for the rights to Logan Mankins.
2. Chicago trades the now ineffective Tommie Harris for any draft pick in next years draft.
3. Chicago cuts Shamu-maleuna now since he sucks at everything he was brought in to do.
4. As sad as this sounds, I almost wish Cutler gets put on IR for some minor type injury to save his neck for next seasons coaching staff.
5. Chicago team owners fire the staff and either promote Toub or hire River, Cowher or Fox to be the next head coach.

Season prediction:
I got to believe Detroit will tie. Maybe cause I don’t see the Bears winning and I don’t see Detroit losing.

OK, I know why Webb is at Tackle, so please spare me your over analyzed “professional” opinion.

A good and fine doofuss smith. Good, you felt "good" going in, please explain the complete, utter absence of a single adjustment on either side of the ball ALL GAME LONG? See, smith, MAROON, that is what a quality coaching staff would do. You showed a maddening tease of that ability against the cowgirls, so WUT THE EFF HAPPENED???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Really Lovie? Who in their right mind would believe one word this idiot utters! Get ready for the return of Donovan F. McNabb the Mount Carmel Caravan Flash!

Perhaps you meant... "suffered a half-dozen more sacks"?

The Bears don't need your help to add to their sack total Neil.

"He can take his and beat yours, or he can take yours and beat his."

That's what Bum Phillips said about the NFL greatest coach Don Shula. Making the point that it doesn't matter who the players are, a good coach figures out how to put them in a position to win. What would Bum say about Lovie?

"He can stand around and wait for his players to play like they did three years ago, or he can stand around and wait for his players to play like they did four years ago." Or something like that.

The Bears having a 17 percent third down sucsess where does the blame go? Mike Martz has to be blamed a little but the players need to be blamed the most. I have seen on about 98 percent of he time they pass on third down so Jay Cutler has the most blame.
Cutler has been starring players down, happy feet and just hasnt looked like a player worthey of two first round picks and a starting QB.
What I think is that nobody likes Jay Cutler on offense besides Olsen. Sacked 9 times against the Giants the 6 times against the Seahawks. But yet Collins and Hanie has only been sacked 4 times in as many snaps as Jay Cutler has had in his last two starts. Something is going on that we dont know about. They dont call Jay Cutler jerk face for nothing.

I'm still surprised every time Lovie Smith says anything...I didn't know cardboard cutouts could talk! .....Hey Jerry, the trading deadline is coming fast!!

Cutler doesn't have happy feet. He has scared-out-of-his-mind feet. 15 sacks in his last 2 quarters played? That is insane.

What happened to keeping 2 TE's in to block like they did against GB and Dallas? I have to give most of the blame to Smith for not making Martz change it up.

And the defense? What the hell was that out there? Pathetic. They got out coached, out hit, out run, and eventually out scored. It looks like they decided to not tackle or block in practice again all week. The 9 yard TD by Forsett was really bad tackling. And how many times does Mike Williams beat Tillman on a slant route before he makes some sort of adjustment? Oh yea, he never did make an adjustment.

4 times, a blitzer sacked Cutler while untouched. 1 time, OK, do it right next time. 2 times, make an adjustment with protection. 3 and 4 times this happens. It is stupid.

I was pretty angry after the game. I almost went to this game. Thank God I didn't. How worthless.

Don't really know what else to say about this performance.

Oh well, as a fan, it is still a win-win situation. If they make the playoffs, great. It will be fun to watch. If they suck from here on out. Great. New regime on the way in.

By BigBear on October 18, 2010 6:20 PM
"He can take his and beat yours, or he can take yours and beat his."

That's what Bum Phillips said about the NFL greatest coach Don Shula.

BigBear you misquoted Bum Phillips...Bum actually said "he can take hissin and beat yours-un and yours-un and beat hissin".

"We all went in with that game plan feeling good about it, Mike and everybody else,"

Custer felt really good about the upcoming battle, but had no idea it would be his last stand...

NASA felt really good about Challenger going on a mission....

Bottom line is that no matter how good they feel about a game plan, they have yet to execute one this season. They don't run, they can't pass protect, and the receivers still can't read defenses the same way Cutler does. This is a disaster on offense. I would almost rather have Ron Turner's offense, because at least then we wouldn't have the 7 step drops from our own 5 yard line.

Lovie is no longer an optimist...He is the guy who kept telling people on the Titanic that everything was ok, and there was nothing to worry about. Delusion is just one more sad step in his legacy as the coach of the Bears. Other teams when they see this type of disaster make a change, but we keep trying to do the same thing that we have proven cannot work with this personnel. The pocket is not being moved, we aren't running the ball enough to keep defenses honest (and draws do not count as running the ball). Cutler is going to turn into a vegetable if this beating keeps up, and we would have ruined the only franchise-talent QB this team has seen in my lifetime.

Mike Martz needs to realize that this isn't going to work, no matter how much we want to believe it can. We need to adapt, like he did in SF and Detroit, scaling it back to cover for deficiency in talent and synergy, which seems to be a major issue between the offensive line, receivers, and Cutler. Maybe Kreutz isn't capable of calling the protections in this offense, or he and Cutler are not agreeing on what they are seeing, but when the defense brings 5, someone is running free for Cutler, and that cannot happen.

Stop writting, and stop interviewing him because he's the BIGGEST IDIOT in Chicago. Until he gets the emotion gene...leave him alone.

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