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Rookie Webb gets first NFL start

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If there was any doubt that the Bears planned to run and run often against the Panthers today, it was erased when it was announced that rookie J'Marcus Webb will start at right tackle for veteran Kevin Shaffer. The 6-foot-7, 328-pounder is a road grader who does his best work moving forward.

There were two other noteable lineup changes.

Edwin Williams will start at right guard for Lance Louis, who has had a store knee. Defensively, Tim Jennings will start for Zack Bowman for the second straight week.

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This should be a sure sign that the Bears plan on running the ball today. 2 big o-lineman against Panthers small d-line. Hopefully it is Taylor doing the running and not Forte.


lovie has options!!!

J'Marcus Webb is the bestest and wonderfulest tackle in the NFL, after Chris Williams and Frank Omiyale (the best pass blocker in the NFL). I can't wait to see him in the Pro Bowl this year. He should be eligible for the Hall of Fame right now.

I was glad to see rookie tackle J'Marcus Webb get the starting nod today. You could kind of tell the coaching staff has been wanting to get him in by the way they've been giving him reps in the last couple games. I've liked what I've seen from him, the guy locks onto his opponent and takes him out of the play a lot of the time. Webb made some mistakes today, but overall he had a pretty good first start, he's only gonna get better the more he plays. If Chris Williams can get healthy, Chicago will be on their way to having a nice young set of bookend tackles GO BEARS!!

Nice call rooted. Forte got 188 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns. But I'm sure Taylor would have done better.

This should be a sure sign that the Bears plan on running the ball today.But I'm sure Taylor would have done better.But I'm sure Taylor would have done

napanap he had 1 good game against a small d-line. Lets see what he can do against a couple of good d-lines.

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