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Roberto Garza expected to return to starting lineup when healthy

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Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice suggested that veteran Roberto Garza may return to the lineup as the starting right guard once he's healthy.

Garza has missed the last two games after undergoing a knee scope, and he did some work on the side of a practice field today.

"I hope he keeps making strides," Tice said of Garza. "I'd love to see him back in the mix. I think it would be good for J'Marcus [Webb] to have him back... and get a chance to help a young guy learn mentally and have some awareness.

"I could see that happening."

Tice later said he has "settled" in on the left side (Frank Omiyale and Chris Williams), center (Olin Kreutz) and with rookie J'Marcus Webb at right tackle.

"It might be a good blend to get the older guy in there, to help settle down the young guy even more and have him take one more big step," Tice said.

Against the Seattle Seahawks, Webb and Edwin Williams, who was undrafted in 2009 and signed to the practice squad just before this season, struggled with communication.

Against the Washington Redskins, Williams left the game with a back injury, and he was replaced by Lance Louis, who started the season at right guard.

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Right, so Louis supplants Garza at RG, moving Garza to LG, and then E. Williams supplants Louis at RG, Williams gets hurt and is replaced at RG by Louis, and now Garza will supplant Louis when he comes back from injury because he's a better RG than Louis, all the while it turns out that 7th rounder Webb and Omiyale were better Ts than 1st rounder C. Williams, but C. Williams is a better LG than Garza?

And we're all just findng out who's best where how many weeks into the season?

Better late than never I suppose.

I think they believe that if they keep shuffling parts around, we won't catch on to the fact that none of them deserve to be playing on an NFL roster. They are building this whole thing on a house of cards, and it is going to collapse at any moment.

I hate to say it, but Omiyale may be the only one proving his worth now that he's on the left side. Never thought that would be the case, and it's not like he is setting the world on fire, but he is at least playing decent enough to not get Cutler slaughtered...Kreutz is playing marginally at best, Williams, Webb, Williams, and Louis have all been barely passable...Garza has not been good at all, but he is at least good enough to see what Kreutz sees, and help Webb from the RG spot.

THe question I would have is: how many draft picks on the offensive line for next year's draft, and how many free agents to try and rebuild the line? We will have a lot of holes in addition to the OL, so we will either have to start trading our aging stars(Briggs or Urlacher, maybe Tillman, and potentially Olsen and Clark) to get some players or picks to help, or go aggressive into free agency, which is less likely considering how much we spent this year. This will be a rebuilding process over a couple of years, to reform the roster in the model of our next regime.

"I think they believe that if they keep shuffling parts around, we won't catch on to the fact that none of them deserve to be playing on an NFL roster"

Amen. The bears are the worst team with a winning record. How is that possible? Defense and special teams. The O-line should be fired, and they should bring in all new guys.

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