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Prediction time: Collins or Clausen?

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We know what both teams want to do --- run and keep it conservative, which is why you could pound out both game plans on stone tablets using chisels.

It's going to be an ugly game, folks.

But the Bears will win, 16-10.

That's my prediction, anyway. What's yours?

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If I may vent for a second. I live in N.Carolina, but I've been a devoted Bears all of my life and I grew up in the midwest. The Bears only come to Charlotte every once in a while, and when I saw they were coming to NC I wasted no time in reserving my tickets...which cost me over $200! I know it's a negative way to look at things, but ultimately I paid all that money to see Todd Collins play....Todd Collins?!?

I understand the Bears decision to sit #6, and its the right one, but the selfish Bears fan in me wants to see him play, and the pessimistic side of me (from a lifetime of being a Cubs fan) says, "Jay Cutler has never sat out a game in his NFL career, but of course the one I go to is the one he misses for the first time."

Okay, I'm better now. At least I should be heavily entertained by Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers and Co.

Oh, the point of this forum is for fault.

Bears 20 Panthers 12

See you in Charlotte!

Bears 24- Panthers 10......The "D" will get it's first TD of the year!! Game ball will go to Chester Taylor!

Panthers win, 14-6. The Bears have had no running game at all this year, and now they'll have no passing game. There's only so much the defense can do, especially without a pass rush. Clausen will burn them just enough, and the Panthers will run them over in the second half. But we will see Caleb Hanie get meaningful playing time Sunday.

If Collins plays most of this game, Panthers 12, Bears 9.

Bears 31- Pampers 6.........Good guys in a rout. Running game is back and Peppers will dominate. Tommie will be inactive again. Charles Grant will play inside and Whootton will play outside! GO BEARS!!

Collins can handle it for this week but would rather see Hanie. 17-9 Bears

24-3 Bears win big but kinda ugly.

Even without Cutler, this is a game Chicago should win. At quarterback for Carolina you have Clausen who is a rookie and is only completing 49.3% of his passes, thats dismal any way you look at it. Yes Chicago's stud player (Cutler) is down, but so is Carolina's (Steve Smith), so that kind of even things out. What do the Panthers have to replace Smith, Brandon LaFell, nice size at 6-2 211 lbs, but through 4 games, LaFell has only caught 4 passes and has yet to score through 4 games. The other receiver David Gettis is a nice target also at 6-3, but all he has so far this season is 7 catches to go along with 0 tds. Carolina's passing game shouldn't be a factor. The strength to Carolina's offense is in their running game lead by DeAngelo Williams, and the left side of their o-line, LT Jordan Gross and LG Travelle Wharton. I look for Peppers to be lined up vs right tackle Geoff Schwartz. Chicago defense should have the advantage going against a rookie passer and a set of young receivers who haven't been that productive. Chicago will key in on the run making Carolina one dimensional.

The other side of the ball will make or break Chicago, the Panthers strength is in their linebackers. Carolins front four isn't impressive. If Chicago's o-line can come to play, Collins should have a nice game. The Panthers have a pretty good corner in Chris Gamble, who has yet to pick off a pass but has 4 pass break ups through 4 games. Gamble will take out one of the Bears receivers, but the other corner for Carolina isn't much of a factor, Richard Marshall, who like Gamble has yet to pick off a pass. Gamble will probably do a good job vs Knox, but who's gonna take Hester, Bennett, or Olsen. Chicago 13 Carolina 6 GO BEARS!!

24-13 Bears

This could very well be the first 0-0 game that goes into overtime we've seen in.... well, a long time.
However, I predict a Robbie Gould field goal in OT will clinch this thrilling victory for Chicago, 3-0.

The REAL Bears show up this game.....

...meaning the one's that can't run, can't pass protect, can't pass, can't defend the pass, can't get wide receivers open when bumped at the line, can't draft, and can't coach.......

Panthers - 16
Bears - 6

This is a game the Bears should win, but can they?

Can the Bears run?

How much will Martz dumb down the offense for Collins? At what cost to the offense?

With a franchise QB at the controls, the Bears have only scored one more point than they've allowed. Hmmmmm.

Panthers, desperate for a win, get one in an ugly game: 12-9

Boy, I hope they bounce back in a big way, and this is a game they ought to win and have to win. But something tells me it's going to be a close affair. 14-17, Panthers win at home. That's the prediction, but I hope I'm wrong and the Bears win.

bears 24 panthers 10

I bet XCreighton will pick the bears to lose and then come back here at halftime and say the bears will win. Then on monday he will be bragging to everyone how he knew it all along.

Panthers 21 Bears 10

Noodle Arm QB 3 Panthers 24 No way Bears win this with no running game and a QB who can't throw a 5 yard out without it fluttering. Panthers Crush hapless Bears. Oh and the Panthers Running game goes off for 200 yards.

This is going to be another one of those "I can't believe how bad these teams are" kind of games. But the Bears prevail, 14-9.

Never in my life have I ever predicted or bet against the Bears. In the late 70's I was too young, and as i got older, I just didn't do it. The thing that disturbs me about Martz is that Collins can't make all the throws in his offense and honestly, probably doesn't know it that well. BUT, he's out on a limb asking for a veteran backup, so now he's got one and Martz is backed into a corner. Hanie should be starting this game. Better arm, much better mobility, and I am guessing that since he's been around Martz since Martz has gotten to Chicago, Hanie has a better grasp of the offense. If you have been watching the games, it is Hanie that is coming over to Cutler when the offense comes off the field and going over things.

Having said that, I don't see the Bears moving the ball much on offense and unless the defense and/or special teams can score or set one up, it might be an ugly day. Bears 10-6.

Mr. Cox:
Sir, as someone who frequents many sporting events around the country {NFL, Nascar, MLB, NHL} you never buy your tickets in advance. I was at the Carolina game vs. the Bears 2 years ago. Upper tank, 27 yard line, 8 rows off the rail. Paid face value 35 minutes before kickoff. 2-3 hours before kickoff the same ticket was asking double face. last year I was at the Cincy/Bears game. That was a hard one because Chicago is a 4.5 hour drive from Cincy and Bears fans travel well. 2-3 hours before kickoff, upper level seats were going for $150.00. 15 minutes before kickoff I got 37 yard line, 2 rows behind the Bear's bench for $100.00/ea. Where ever you are going, print off a stadium/track map showing the sections and buy your tickets as close to kickoff/puck drop/green flag as you can. At over 50 Nascar races I have never sat on a back stretch and at most "ball/puck" games I am on lower level. Just some friendly advice. I would have been there tomorrow, but an illness to my father keeps me away.

I wonder if this game shall be worth the time to give a properly entertaining prognosis. Remember the erie feeling back in the Grossman days when one spent most of the day-before just hoping that da Bears'qb would just not fumble a bunch of snaps? Yes,remember the pain of the incompetence with the center/qb exchange. Those kind of days are back in Chicago this week. And, you know what, it seems kind of right. Its kind of nice again to wonder about the possibility of other team's qb being worse than da Bears'. You know, Urlacher-led defenses always played best when da Bears offense was terrible.

The really good news is that it seems like Jimmy Clausen missed the potential destiny of being the perfect poster child for continuing the fine quarterback tradition we have in Chicago. If only da Bears could have draft Jimmy... ...he's from ND even.

Carolina is bad on the attack. Peppers is mad going back. And I am sad that we went to Iraq... and didn't lose. Da Bears don't lose 17-6

Point taken, Gearheadboy. It was an amateur 1 stuff.

Mr. Cox,

Honestly wasn't trying to be a smarta**. I hate to see fellow Bear's fans get taken by scalpers. Whether they be legal or illegal ones. Have a great time and Go Bears!

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