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Perspective from Peppers

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Julius Peppers has kept the Bears three straight wins to start the season in perspective. He was asked to put one of the most diastrous losses in perspective and had this to say:
"You take the wins with the losses and the losses with the wins and you realize all these teams are good and you have to play well to win and we didn't play well," Peppers said. "Give the Giants credit. They whipped us tonight."

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The defense played well. They did not lose the game it was the offense that lost. The o-line needs work, maybe try some rookies, can't be any worst than what happened with the Giants. Julius whipped the giants, just think, if he had some rest with a couple of first downs from the o.

The defense started out playing extremely well, but after being on the field for 40 out of the 60 minutes, there is only so much they can do. I think we need Major Wright in a big way. Harris was not good as far as tackling, so we need the rook to get back as soon as possible. We also need to put an end to the Tommie Harris fiasco. I counted at least 5 times where he lunged at the snap, and forgot to bring his legs, and the Giants guard just tossed him to the ground. Way to disrupt Tommie...He did absolutely nothing in the game, and needs to be traded/released/repositioned as the waterboy or something. Melton, Wootton, Harrison, Idonije, Peppers, Toeaina, Adams, and Anderson are the group that needs to get it done. Let's stop wasting time on a guy who doesn't put in the effort on game day...

While I do think Chris Collinsworth is a tool, he did have a point where Cutler was trying to get the big play rather than take what the defense gave him, even after getting sacked 4 times. But it should never come to that. There is absolutely no reason for a professional offensive line to be beaten so soundly, so repeatedly, by a 4 man rush. Garza, Omiyale, Shaffer, Louis, and Kreutz were all abused. Williams didn't fare much better when he was in there. I don't think Webb got beaten for a sack, but there were so many that I lost track of who gave them up. And it isn't like they ran through our guys either. One move, and they were past them. That is the most disappointing thing about it to me.

Cutler will never survive this season with protection this poor. Garza and Kreutz were awful, and Louis wasn't much better. Hopefully his injury is not too serious, but We need to get our best 5 linemen on the field regardless of position. Shaffer and Webb should both be out there, and if that means you make Shaffer and Omiyale your guards, and Williams and Webb at tackle, then you do that. You cannot allow 9 sacks in the first half! I don't care if you are facing the 4 best pass rushers in history, that is ridiculous...

The look on Collins' face said it all. HUH???

The defense played well but the Giants could have put up 24-27 no problem. They took a knee on first and goal on the three. Not to mentioned a punter that can't handle a snap and caused a missed field goal.

Peppers was a beast again.

Melton showed some promise.

But, Tommie Harris is done. Whether it's lack of motivation or lack of knees, there is no reason for him to suit up for the Bears ever again. He just doesn't have it anymore. Cut him, and pluck somebody from a practice squad. They may not be better, but guaranteed they won't be worse than Harris has been.

Pumpkinoodle, they only have 1 rookie o-lineman and he is a 7th round pick, and he did play #73 WEBB. The o-line is something that is going to take 2-3 yrs to fix and thats only if JA is fired. You can't have a good line when you draft 1 o-lineman a year in the 7th round.

As Creighton said, the offense lost this game--big time. The Offensive line was miserable, and the backs anmd tight ends were just as pathetic. Yes, Cutler could have released much more quiockly, and when he did have time,he still did not release. I can't believe the Giant pass coverage was that bad. Luckliy, it's only one game and the opponents get a little weaker for a while. Let's all hope Cutler is healthy and ready to go next week.

That game was totally on the offense, the defense played well enough to win. The Giants defense would have worn down if they were on the field as much as the Bears defense. The offense did nothing to help them. Like Lovie said, there was enough blame to go around on offense. It was just one game and there are many more wins to be had... Go Bears!!!

Peppers is right, take the wins with the losses. giants played for their season and I give them credit. But let's move on, still 3-1.

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