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Nothing new for Peppers

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Julius Peppers had what may have been his worst game as a Bear against the Seahawks, when the defensive end was credited with just a tackle and an assist, but it wasn't because Seattle was doing anything that other teams hadn't tried before, according to Smith.

"What else can you do to him?," Smith asked. "He gets double teamed each week, he gets chipped, the tight end stays in. He's going to get that each week, so there's nothing new. He's going to have to deal with that. It's part of life for him."

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One bad game for Peppers. No big deal. The defense got out schemed all day by the Seahawks. Good game plan coupled with a rookie O-tackle who looks really good had something to do with it.

what has happend to lance louis and schaffer they have to be better than the 2 thats there now ,what in the hell is lovie doing

Peppers is good but is he earning his $100 mill?

One week yes and one week no, Peppers disappeared against the SeaHawks as did so many Bears.

The top Players of today are spoiled and not nearly as motivated as players in the past. The passion for the game lacks, why because they are set for life. They get millions of Dollars for lackadaisical play as evidence this last week against the SeaHawks.

Why not create a game paycheck for each player that reflects their individual game time performance or how they rated out after the game?

I am a genius and don't even know it.

JA think about this idea and incorporate it into the incentives.

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