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No Cutler press conference today, whatever that means

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Jay Cutler will not hold his typical Wednesday press conference, which could be ripe with meaning.

Or it could mean nothing at all.

All indications have pointed to the concussed quarterback playing against the Panthers on Sunday. If it was that clear-cut, however, you'd think he'd follow his same routine and speak with the media today.

It's also possible the decision has yet to be made. Cutler must undergo a series of tests this week before being cleared to face the Panthers. He may not be able to satisfy the medical staff until later in the week.

It's also possible that Cutler will play Sunday but the Bears want to keep the Panthers guessing this week.

More on this as it unfolds ...

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If he doesn't play which will really suck, they better start Hanie because he gives us the best shot to win. Please don't start old, waste of money Collins who will have a crappy wasted 1st half and then they will shove Hanie in to try and bring us back.

Collins is a waste.


What it means is the Bears don't want to face the questions.

I wouldn't mind seeing Hanie get the nod for starting. There is absolutely no need to rush Cutler back in.

Neil, I think there's a typo in the title.

Well he practiced, and he is not allowed to do that unless cleared by an independent medical exam. I can't think of a concussion scenerio where he would be cleared to practice, but not cleared to play Sunday.

So.....It looks like he is well enough to play football as an NFL quarterback, but not quite up to fencing with the media. Makes perfect sense to me.

It's Panthers, let the man recover, heck could start and give the Bears a decent shot at beating the 0-4 Panthers.

Look we just have to wait to see when the doctors clear Cutler. That's it.

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