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Not a first half for quarterbacks

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All you young quarterbacks out there, cover your eyes.

The halftime stats are bad as you might expect, especially if you're a quarterback. Todd Collins has completed 5 of 11 passes for 26 yards with three interceptions.

Jimmy Clausen has completed 3 of 6 for 20 yards with one pick.

If you combined their quarterback ratings it would only be 30.2.

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Any questions about who is the best QB on the roster now? Any? Talking to you Brando. Mr. Pass the ball. Mr. Bring in Collins, Bring in Hanie and pass pass pass.

What did I say all last week? I believe run the damn ball.

You want to know how I know the running game is vital? When the Bears run the ball 40 or more time, they are 62-2. Crazy right.

Anyway Bears only took about 19 drops and gave up 3 sacks. That's Carolinas season high by the way.

You know what Tice likes to do and what he is good at doing? Teaching run blocking and running the ball. That's his Forte. You know what he is not good at? Teaching pass blocking. He doesn't like his guys going backwards.

Creighton I loved watching the Bears win yesterday.I never once said anything about who is the best QB on the team. Anyone with a brain can see that.
Jay Cutler held onto the ball vs. the Giants way too long period. That is why I was saying up to this game the QB whoever it is needs to throw the ball. By you saing and puffing your chest out that the Bears need to run the ball vs. the Panthers is like saying you need to wipe after taking a number 2 in the bowl.

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