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No timetable yet for Major Wright return

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Bears rookie safety Major Wright, recovering from a pulled hamstring, is back on the practice field, but could not predict when he will play in a game.

''I feel fine. We're taking it day-by-day,'' said Wright, who suffered the injury against the Cowboys in Week 2 at the end of Dez Bryant's 62-yard punt return for a touchdown. ''I'm ready to get back in a game, but with this situation, I don't want to go back out there and re-injure it.''

Being back on the practice field at least broke the monotony of his rehabilitation routine: ''Wake up, come in, treatment,'' he said, ''more treatment, watch film, go in meetings and more treatment.''

He said he's made the most of his time off with extensive film study. Teammate Chris Harris has helped him keep up. ''He's guided me and mentored me,'' Wright said.

Wright said he's not concerned with getting caught up with ''the speed of the game'' after missing five weeks. ''The trainers are helping me get back in good condition and back in the game,'' he said.

With the Bears on a bye next after playing the Washington Redskins on Sunday at Soldier Field, the conventional wisdom is that Wright likely will return Nov. 7 against the Buffalo Bills in Toronto.

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Wright needs to be healthy when we put him back on the field. We can't afford to have another Mike Brown-type situation where repeated injuries happen to the same part of the body, and eventually that part of the body breaks down and won't hold up. We can wait another week or two to get him back. Between Bullocks, Steltz, Harris, and Manning, we have enough safeties to keep us afloat until Nov 7th.

Wright has a chance to be a good safety for us, but we need to decide where he is going to play. He seemed good at reading the play and getting to where he is supposed to be, better than Manning and Harris have been, so perhaps his best position for us is free safety. Considering how our safeties flop roles back and forth throughout the game, he will spend a lot of time in the box, as well as in deep coverage. That should allow his versatility to show through. Harris has been taking bad angles, arriving late, and missing tackles recently (although the missed tackles are bound to happen when you are on the field for 40 minutes a game). Manning has tackled well, and defended well in man coverage, but has been sucked in on combo routes in Cover 2 that leave Tillman or Jennings exposed on deep routes.

My thinking is that we should go to more man coverage to prevent this. We are athletic enough to show the Cover 2 shell, but still play man on the outside, and combo cover the TE and backs with the LBs and safeties. That should prevent the bad coverage mistakes we have been making, and also should help us stop making stiffs like Mike Williams look like All-Pros...

tillman can make anyone look like all pro.

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