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Mike Martz shoulders blame for offensive issues

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz insisted throughout his press conference that there was one person to blame for Sunday's miserable performance by his unit: himself.

"Let me tell you guys this. I just feel terrible. Defense had a great effort in that game. I just tried to do waaaay too much in a short week, with these guys," Martz said. "They're not ready for that. We've got a bunch of young guys, trying to learn how to play, and we lost our poise, and we got on our heels, and we couldn't do much of anything right. That's just an old coach's fault right there.

"You pin that one right on me."

Martz noted that the Bears had a short week, playing a Sunday night game after a Monday night game.

"We just asked them to do more than they're ready to do and handle, and I know better than that," he said.

So will he go back to the basics?

"People who do that, don't believe in what they're doing, and I believe in what we're doing," Martz said. "Just trying to do too much too soon, is what that is. We're fine. They'll be good. They'll be fine."

Here are some other highlights from Martz's presser:

* Martz on Todd Collins being ahead of Caleb Hanie on the depth chart: "If something should happen, where Jay was not able to play, then Todd is clearly our backup.

"That's our judgment. That's the way we judge it. Todd's a guy who has played a great deal and won, and played exceptionally well at this level. We know what he is. He's demonstrated that in the preseason. He can play at a high level. It's just a question of getting him a little bit more familiar. Very excited about Caleb and where he is. Caleb easily could be No. 2 right now. But because of the experience, and being in this competitive situation and knowing how to respond, and managing the game; these are things that are a little bit new to Caleb. We know, at least I feel good about Todd, in those pressure situations, and we anticipate him managing the game very well and playing very well, and that's why he's the No. 1 (backup) and that's just kind of how we feel about it."

* Martz on Jay Cutler: "Obviously, it's OK to be out here. But, it was a very light workout. Those kinds of questions, I'm not qualified to answer. I'm having a hard enough time just being a coach."

* Martz on Kurt Warner's comments that Cutler needs to get rid of the ball quicker: "You know, I'm not going to comment on that. We could all have done everything better, especially me, in particular me. I just wouldn't comment on someone else's comment. And I love Kurt to death. He's like a son. Everyone's going to have those kind of thoughts. but really, I'm the reason why that stuff happened, so let's just leave it at that."

* Martz on Cutler's confidence in his protection: "You know, when you start worrying about confidence in your players, we have the wrong guys, and we don't the wrong guys. We do not have the wrong guys. I promise you we don't. It was a coaching issue, period. That's all it is."

* Martz on if he's worried about this carrying over into another game: "No. That would true, if I wasn't so sure I knew and understood why it happened. So I know why it happened, in my mind. Clearly, clearly, we're doing too much. Not the wrong things. Just too many things. Our guys are trying to think under pressure in pressure situations in a short week, and things start going bad, and you can't regroup, and things snowball, and been there before. I've gone through this before... I'm just being very blunt and very honest with you. It's painful to tell you that, to stand here and tell you that, but that's just where it is."

* Martz on short-yardage issues: "We have to go back and look at what we're doing entirely on those down and distances. Make sure we're doing the right things first. It's not a personnel thing there. We just got to make sure we're not doing too much there, too.
We got to clean all those things up. This is a good wake up call for all of us. We need to go back and make sure... When you win, you kind of look past some things. You accept some things that you normally fix, if that makes sense to you. You won, in spite of something."

* Martz on seven-step drops: "You're talking to the wrong guy. Really, somebody feels like our deal is all seven-step drops, and that's a very small portion of what we do, actually. So, I think we all believe in the system, to be honest with you. It's not what we're doing, it's just how well we do it. It's new to everybody, and we got guys learning just how to play, on top of it being new, in a highly competitive situation. You just got to grind through that stuff. If I didn't believe in this - if we didn't believe in this - we obviously wouldn't do it. If we're doing something we don't believe in, or we're suspicious about, certainly wouldn't do it."

* Martz on halftime adjustments: "Let me just say this about that: we did adjust quite a bit, actually. It didn't work. It didn't work. When your adjustment works, everybody is excited. When it doesn't, everyone is not so excited. We didn't play well. That's my responsibility. For some reason, I didn't see it coming. When we got there, we just didn't have our pizzazz and we just weren't ourselves. And that's a coaching issue from the get-go."

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Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it seems he's talking out of both sides of his mouth. He says he's taking blame but at the same time he's blaming it on the players.

This is really not encouraging. To continue to deny what we are seeing is the worst type of condescending double talk. We know it's not the coach's fault the offensive lineman cannot block. Doing too much? Like what? Blocking, throwing, running and catching? We didn't see any of it on Sunday.
Denying there is a personnel issue on short yardage situations. Yes, there is. Forte runs like Peter Pan and Taylor hits holes harder. Not to mention the lineman can't get any movement.
No, I would say it's not a matter of "doing too much" in short yardage, it's very simple actually.
I hope I don't have to listen to this double talk all season.

I realize Todd Collins has more game time experience, but to me, Caleb Hanie seems like the better option because of his ability to move around in the pocket. Also, Hanie seemed a little sharper hitting on 3 of 4 passes in limited action. I'd go with Hanie if Cutler can't go sunday.

Another change I'd like to see in the lineup is at right tackle, I say let rookie J'Marcus Webb start, the 6-8 320lb tackle locks onto his guy and takes him out of the play almost every time I noticed, the kids got potential, I say give him a shot. Interior wise, hopefully Lance Louis will be alright, and this Edwin Williams seems alright, but all I know is this april Chicago needs to go into the draft and bring in some blue chip talent inside with their 1st and 2nd round picks. Thats not gonna help right now, so hopefully Louis and Williams can step up.

A major let down this year so far has been the play of tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, he seems to be really struggling in his pass blocking, he needs to step up. Manumaleuna was brought in to block, he's really been a non-factor, the only thing I can think why he's been so off this season is maybe the knee is still bothering him, I don't know but somebody needs to become more of a factor as a blocker from the tight end position, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Martz shouldn't put too much blame on himself. I mean, it's not like the Giants blitzed. They only rushed 4 most of the time. I think there was one corner blitz that got a sack, but the other 8 were from D-lineman.

Martz should be blaming Angelo for giving him this collection of scrubs on the O-line. Better yet, he should march up to his office and punch him. Actually, Cutler should be the one doing the punching since he is a punching bag at this point because of the scrub O-line.

Well according to Jon Beason the LB for the Carolina Panthers, when he was asked about what he saw in the film of the Bears/Giants game he had this to say: "The Giants secondary jammed and kept the Bears recievers in check most of the night, this forced Cutler to hold onto the ball longer and allowed the front 4 of the Giants to really bring it."

Martz uses a rythem and timing offense, it was Bill Belichick in 2001 that showed teams how to really handle the Greatest Show on turf. They Jammed Holt and Bruce all night and went after Warner. That was a much Better Rams offense then what the Bears have.

Little things that also happened in the game where Hester continuing to lineup in the wrong place which Cutler corrected. However Bears recievers where not breaking off their routs when they needed to and more than once they ran the wrong routs like When both Knox and Hester where running the same streak rout down the sideline for 40 yards. Knox was the only reciever who was suppose tp be running that rout.

Now this does not excuse Cutler, he made mistakes too. And if Cutler makes a couple mistakes in game like every QB does you can get past it. If a reciever makes a couple of mistakes you can get past it. The line the coaching etc. However when all of them are making mistakes at the same time you get a SNAFU. Which is what you saw. We will never no how good Cutler can be until he has a good line, good weapons and a good coach. That's all their is to it.

Martz should be sorry, he had no buisness calling a 7 step drop at the end of the half inside his own 20 with almost no time on the clock. You take the knee and you get out of the half down three points. That's not bad. Instead he put his QB at risk with risky play calling when he knew they could not protect and the recievers and run game where struggling.

Zoran you basically figured out Mike Martz.

Hey Kevin finally showed up. High Kevin, so what's new? Oh I see you like a bunch of the Bears offensive linemen. Surprise, surprise, you are known for your great taste in Bears talent. So how is Crap-ton he isn't sick is he. I have not seen him recently so I was worried about him. The flu is going around and you can't be to cearful.

Kevin why d oyou post the Bears better do this or that with their forst two picks in the next draft. You know it doesn't matter what position they take, you will fall in Lovie players, lable them all as future Pro Bowl players and get made at me when I don't like some of them. Then when I am proven right again you will have a tantrum and do your Crap-ton thing and I will laugh.

I actually kind of buy this explanation by Martz. They seemed really unsettled, starting with Omiyale's false start on the very first play, and then guys lining up wrong. On one play you had Olsen going one on one against Umenyiora with Omiyale just standing there with nobody to block, on another you had Manumaleuna one on one with Tuck while Shaffer and Forte were stumbling over each other, and then you had Webb and Edwin Williams letting a guy waltz right through their gap. It wasn't one guy, it was the entire line, and when you can't block 4 guys with 7 (8 on one particular play), you got to blame the coach. They seemed really tentative out there.

Of course the line didn't play well, but changing Gs and Ts in and out every other series probably makes matters worse, and then abandoning your running game early, especially with Taylor getting some good gains but getting only 3 carries, and letting their rushers tee off against a struggling Oline seems to me like bad coaching.

Creighton, I'm not crap-ton, someone is obviously playing with your head and doing a good job of it. While I admit the whole crap-ton thing was funny the first 3000 times it was posted on here, it isn't anymore. I have no idea why Hayes and Jensen even post them? Again, its not me, I have no desire to be involved with you and whoevers kid games on here, all I wanna do is come on here and give my opinion on the Bears, and thats it. Want proof I'm not crap-ton, every time I post something, my name will be in blue letters underlined, the mystery crap-ton's name is in bold black letters like almost everyone eleses. Creighton, laugh at me all you want, but obviously someone else on here is laughing at you, now GO BEARS!!

This was what needed to happen, Martz stand up and take one for the team. He is certainly on the list of people responsible.

The Bears had a bad game, that's it. Martz may be a genius, but there are no adjustments to make when the defense gets to the QB rushing 4 despite the offense keeping 6 or 7 in to block. Three step drops don't work when 7 guys are playing 3 or 4 receivers in press coverage. Draws and screens don't work either.

It's football. You can't effectively play a finesse game while you are getting your butt kicked.

It was a bad game. The Giants are not as good as they showed last Sunday, and the Bears are not as bad either. This same O-line consistently blocked 5 and 6 quality rushers every play in the second half at Dallas. They played a decent game with a quality defense blitzing from everywhere when at home against Green Bay. I'm not saying the O-line was great, they clearly are a work in progress. I just know they are not the Pop Warner line we saw Sunday.

I look for the Bears to play a lot better in Carolina.

This is why Martz was sitting on TV begging for a job. This is not 1999 and no one is afraid of this stuff anymore. Everyone should've been fired and started from scratch. Teams are built from the inside out-not from the outside in. Peppers wasn't important-an oline player was.

Kevin, what your not crap-ton? Someone is also posting under my name saying "throw the ball Jay" and getting Creighton all fired up. Funny yes and have you seen that after a loss Creighton wants to bash every and all on here. Creighton is so blog happy after a loss so he can say See See I Was Correct See See. Is that a Bear fan or someone that is so sour that he wants to bring everyone down on his level. Creighton this skit/bit is for you.

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