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Mental mistakes lead to sacks

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Smith said the team's ongoing protection problems aren't the result of any specific detail that he can pinpoint and correct. The Bears allowed six more sacks Sunday, and are now on pace to allow 72 for the season, which would be a franchise record.

"We've had some mental mistakes," Smith said. "Then it comes down to maybe [something] as simple as just blocking guys a little bit better, not turning a few guys loose, getting rid of the ball a little bit quicker. All of those things kind of add up. But to say it's just one thing, it would be hard for me to say that. We all had a part in what happened, and we'll continue to fix it with our 4-2 record."

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Call it what you want Lovie.. the OL is just plain bad. Tice is throwing combos left and right because he has nothing to work with. When will Lovie and JA take responsibility for this train wreck. Cutler is going to get killed out there. Martz is doing his own thing and Lovie just stands there with that blank look. Its a joke. The team got lucky so far. Lions won the opener.. dont care about that stupid rule.. Cj caught the ball and it was a TD!! Packers owned us,, but penalties got them. This team is weak... Giants beat us like a JV team. How JA and Lovie still get paid is beyond me. In '08 JA comes out and says we need a legit QB. Never said a word about the god awful D that costed them at least 4 games that year.. nope. Its all on Kyle Orton. (oh.. and the OL sucked that year too) Here comes Cutler..still no OL.. D still not all that great.. Creative accounting. JA/Lovie and the whole crew have no idea what is going on. Clueless. Add to that owners who could care less and hold nobody responsible and you get this... The big losing streak is in progess.. Cutler will not finish the year.. hes gonaa get seriously injured.

"It comes down to" the linemen we have aren't good enough. It comes down to our general manager doesn't draft offensive linemen, so the ones we have suck. It comes down to even when he does draft them, he doesn't know what he's doing.

To the original question about mental errors?


The answer is, a blind pig would have seen some of those pass rushers.

How an OG and OT could consistently block down and double team on one rusher while the outside rusher was left free, dumbfounds me.

Pathetic, Pathetic.

It was not just the O line that was the problem the whole team was Pathetic and that is the coaches as well.

I vote for change except I would like to see some positive ones and the referendum is now, it starts at the top with Lovie, Angelo and Phillips,they simply gotta go.

Agree dahlillama, to much down blocking...

How do the G and T both block down, If Kruetz is leading the unit, then he needs to get out there kick them in the A$$, and say listen to the line calls, I love the idea, 4 of the sacks were on blitzing D-Backs, thats not right - atleast 3 times I saw the T's not looking in front of them and just blocking down on their first step. if the DE is on your inside shoulder or over guard, why are we double teaming them, and allowing the blitzers a free pass. I think if Tice wants to earn his Rep, we need to bring 2 TE's Clark on one side...Brandon M, on the other. run the ball or use them as checkdowns when there is no blitz on that side. BLOCK and do what we drafted Forte for ....RUN THE DAMN BALLL

Lovie says "... we'll continue to fix it with our 4-2 record."

He can hang his hat on the record, but not for long. The Bears will likely be 4-3 after the Redskins game. Chicago started 3-1 last year and we all know what happened after that. I expect similar results this year with no trip to the post-season.

This O-line is like blood in the water and opposing defenses are circling like hungry sharks. It is a shame to watch this line struggle when Cutler and the play-makers show such explosive potential. If the Bears figure it out, it will probably be too late.

Bears' defense will be among top thre eat the end of the regular season. It's a lock.

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