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Matt Toeaina expected to start again

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Look for Matt Toeaina to start again at defensive tackle, ahead of three-time Pro Bowl selection Tommie Harris.

But, Harris appears set to at least be a part of the rotation Sunday night against the New York Giants.

Lovie Smith has been as diplomatic as possible. But the reality is, with his decision to deactivate Harris, the Bears coach definitely sent a message to Harris and all of his players.

Don't play up to expectations, and the guy behind you will get a chance to shine.

But, Harris has seemingly handled all of this well. But will it matter on Sunday, when he steps onto the field?

Will Harris, who had just one tackle in the first two games, make the sort of plays that made him one of the league's elite interior linemen?

At the end of the day, the Bears are hoping that the deactivation -- for a Monday night game, no less -- will inspire Harris. They need him, because solid defensive tackles are rare and hard to find.

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So even if we get a decent game out of Harris tomorrow night (I do not think he is capable of a dominant game any more), history has shown us that his "motivation" is short-lived...How many times did we hear in the offseason how he was going to prove the doubters wrong? How many times do we have to hear talk without backing it up before we stop listening? Tommie Harris is still an immature baby who has no heart for football. When you get dominated by single blockers, you are not a premier player. Julius Peppers dominated the game Monday night, causing penalties, drawing double-teams, and wreaking havoc all over the field. Tommie Harris doesn't even draw attention in the game planning by the other team any more. Sooner or later, Tommie has to be honest with himself, and he is nowhere near that.

Talking is all he does. If he wants to make an impact, try putting some heart in to collect that bloated paycheck every week. People put their hearts into jobs every day for a yearly salary less than his weekly check. He owes it to the Bears to put some effort into his game as an employee, to say nothing of what he owes his teammates for backing him up through all of this crap he pulls year in, year out. Yes, injuries have been a factor, but we are seeing an even less effective Tommie Harris than when he was recovering from an injury, and he was in the whole offseason program and training camp. What he is doing now is wasting a roster spot that could be used on someone who gives a crap.

Joe couldnt say it better myself. Dont let Creighton bother you by saying that Peppers didnt have a dominating game because he had no sacks. Peppers had a game we have not seen in a long long time.

Tidbit: Chicago Bears have won the last 5 games against the Giants in New York. That dates back from the 60's and the last time the Giants did win at home against the Bears was in the Yankie's Stadium.

There is something more here than meets the eye. This isn't a case of Lovie sending a message that "if you don't perform up to expectations, the guy behind you will get a chance to shine." It's not Lovie's M.O.. He hasn't done it with anyone else over the years.

Either T. Harris has done/said something in a meeting that they feel is insubordinate, or he just doesn't have it any more and they realize that. Or possibly they saw that in a film session, brought that to his attention and he went off. Either way, I was suggesting that they cut him before camp to free up that money for a safety.

If this is about "performance" then Lovie is walking a fine line. If you are going to be one way to one player, be that way to all the players. It is also hard to change your "style" after 5 years on the job and have people take you seriously. Why not have this same philosophy towards say D. Hester? In 2 full games more than Aromashodu he's got..hold on to yourself here...1 more catch. And he can't block worth crap. That was evidenced in the Dallas game when Cutler hit Forte in the right flat on a 3rd & 8 with Hester out in front to block and he just whiffed on the defender causing Forte to get stopped 1 yard short. And the Bears still don't have a tall end zone threat other than Olsen and that's not his "cup of tea". Or how about having this same "philosophy" with Omiyale before he moved to LT? He was a walking turnstyle with yellow hankies.

Trust me, I don't mind T. Harris sitting, I just wish it was on his couch rather than the bench.

Have to agree completely with Joe.

T Harris has been as selfish as they come, his immaturity and lack of heart in desperate game situations has brought him to this point.

The Bears, Lovie and Angelo had to act to make a statement to players that give a half arsed effort like Harris has done now for at least the last three years. Harris is not the leader he professes to be on this team, far from it.

His approach of me first instead of the team first is exactly why he is not that valuable to the Bears.

I do not know if it is in him to correct his flaws and grow up. I hope so but a trade of T Harris may be in the Bears best interest.

Matt Toeaina deserves a shot and reminds me of the efforts of DT's like Steve McMichael in the past.

Hey Gearheadboy, Hester did all right on that play and was instrumental in Forte' getting as far as he did. If he had been benched, the two great punt returns also would not have happened. Letting him in Looks to me like a damned solid coaching decision.i was thinking Harris would and shoul probably start Sunday, but in retrospect I like the decision this week too.He can still work his way back to starter is the message, but doing so is not a cut and dried decision.

They should trade Harris for Haynesworth, while they still can. Both players are not helping their current teams, but a fresh start in new positions might revitalize both. Haynesworth should be 3 technique, and now that Tommie has lost his burst, his only chance is play DE on the front of a 3-4 team. I think he could be productive there. Heck to sweeten the deal, the Bears could even trade Aromashadoo with him, as the Redskins really needs some WR help. If Haynsesworth was revitalized in Chicago, with Peppers and lach and Briggs, they truly would be Monsters of the Midway again. They would dominate

GHB-- You have to also remember that Hester made the game changing plays in the last two games. The TD and 38 yard catch and run in Dallas were world class, and the two punt returns in the Packer game weren't so shabby either.
I don't really get why fans clamor for DA so much. Yes, he's a big target but that also may mean that Cutler targets him too often. And frankly DA didn't exactly "light it up" in the first game.

Does Sean not have an editor? Most people over the age of 10 know that you don't have to use a comma after every 'but.' I know this isn't football-related, but it's distracting and, doesn't reflect well on the Sun-Times.

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I still believe Tommie Harris is capable of having a dominate game. All you have to do is look back at the last four games of the 2009 season and you will see it for yourself. The man was playing at a high level. What happened during the offseason to change that? It might be hurting and keeping it secret. If the Bears ever let him go, he will become a Pro Bowler some place else and people will be blaming Angelo again. Damned if we do and damned if we don't...

P.S...Crap-ton you are too funny dude, I'm always flmao @ you...


what game were you watching? How did Hester help Forte get that far on that play? By yelling "LOOK OUT MATT!!"? He completely missed his block which cost a 1st down. I never said to bench Hester. And his receiving has nothing to do with his punt returns. I never said to take him off of punt returns. The TD pass in Dallas was good, but he's far from a #1 receiver. As for the run after the catch?? You mean the same things other receivers in the league do when the spot on defender misses a tackle.


Sorry, but your comments on DA don't make sense. Go back to the archive section on the blogoshpere and one of the blog titles after the Detroit game was "DA was Jay's go to receiver." I didn't create the blog. And he had 5 for 71 in the first game. {And I am not sure if there were any others that were called back due to penalties.} No other WR came close to that. And the statement "That also means Cutler may target him too often." huh? if a guy is open and can catch the ball and also provides match up problems then how can he be targeted too often? You mean like back in the late 90's/early 2000's when T.O. was targeted too many times against the Bears and caught 20 passes? Now DA is not TO, but just making a point here.

And speaking of points, my point was that Lovie needs to be consistent in his treatment of players. Outside of this situation with T. Harris, the Bears don't adhere to the above philosophy. Usually the determining factors are: Where you were drafted and are you a player that the management and coaching staff is trying to make a statement with. {I.E. Hester being a #1 receiver.}

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin (shaking my head). Did you let the cat outta the bag?
Creighton has always been king of B.S. savantism.We all know that and you Kevin, portray his personality well. Creighton has been wright,right, rite, write (however the King of B.S. Savantism spells it)on a percentage less then when he is wrong.

Yeah he did say the O-Line was going to be bad and well they havent been impressive. He also said Urlacher wasnt going to be a force(to old, injury proned and lost a step. He also said.... alot wrong on this season. Cowboys were going to "run over the Bears" and the Packers were going to win by 7.
However now I do not see a prediction from him???...hmmmmm. Is he in jail, hospital or did he just break his computer altogether because I have been almost spot on every game this year.
Now I havent been spot on on player productivity but in the end the Bears are 3-0.

Go Bears!!!

Why all the ragging on Tommie Harris? He's had some major leg injuries and will never be as good as he was before. Did he lack the work ethic that's needed to make a successful comeback from his injuries? Did he work as hard as he could in rehab? Could he have had a complete or near-complete recovery if he had worked harder in rehab? I don't know the answers to any of these, and the CIA, er, I mean the Bears, aren't telling. But his legs have been shot for years and he'll never be the dominant player he once was. There's nothing he can do about it now, even if he could have during rehab. So there's no point in blaming him.

Young Gun,
Haynesworth? You're kidding, right? If people think Harris has a bad attitude, wait till you get a load of this guy. As a former coach once said about him: great player, terrible human being.

You guys are much too tough on players on your favorite team. I too still believe in Tommie Harris, and he still gets double-teamed, so it’s not like he’s slacking off or not doing his job; all you have to do is watch the Cowboys game. But still, he didn’t have a very good game against the Cowboys. Over-pursuing on one play, getting caught off guard on another, getting pushed around on a couple more. On the other hand, Matt Toeaina made a couple of good plays against the Cowboys, and the coaches felt it merited more playing time. That’s fine. But the way it materialized is a bit confusing to me.

I don’t know if Lovie’s changed or not, but I do think he’s always been very inconsistent in his personnel decisions. It’s the weak link of Lovie’s tenure. Yes he did bench Vasher and Payne after the first game last year, but he also let us suffer through roughly half the season with Omiyale (first time around at guard), and Afalava and Manning at safety. Knox not being on the same page with his passer a bunch of times (resulting in interceptions) didn’t merit him being yanked in favor of Aromashodu. Neither did a slowed Forte, even though his substitutes Wolfe and Bell were averaging a good 5 yards per carry. Neither did Cutler on his off days where he was throwing multiple interceptions. Worse yet, remember Benson over Thomas Jones, or even Babich as DC for an entire year? Yuck! I don’t see how Bowman missing one tackle is the ideal timing for a switch to Jennings; if Jennings earned it, he should’ve started, right? Letting Tommie Harris come off the bench might be a good way to change things up a bit for the benefit of the defense, but deactivating him just seems weird. Smells like a message move to me. Harris can be cool about it because it happened last year, too.

By the way, Toeaina and Harrison combined for a grand total of one tackle against the Packers. Granted they’re cheaper, but until they show they can produce at the same level as Tommie Harris when he was good on a relatively consistent basis, or Harris falls below them in terms of production, replacing Harris would be the wrong move.

Brandy sucking up to everyone.

Oh Kevin shame, shame, shame, how can you let something like that slip? Kinda of knew it was you but it's still more fun if it's Brando, so it's back to being Brando, your just to girlish to be any fun, Mr. Post this bad boy. Althoug I will admit I have some respect for you now, not much but some. Bit of a Phony too. Not my fault I am right about the players and you couldn't pick a good football player out of a paper bag while blindfolded. By the way Bumstead is not me and you still think it is. I kinda want to know who Bumstead is, I always thought it was Mike or Coach. I can't believe your actually funny, when did that happen? You should stop being Kevin and just be Crap-ton he is a much better character, your real personality is so girl like. Like a 12 year old cheerleader. Oh well Kevin ooops. You could have just left the regular post up.

Kevin the Phony Armstead, gosh fellers it's just my opinion. Show respect people.

Enjoy it ladies, I have been giving it to you guys for years. Sun has to shine on a dogs you know what ever now and then.

Toeaina has not played that well, but he tries to stay in his gap. He could have a big game with the giants center being out.

Everyone enjoy the Packers vs. Lions game. Ugggggg. I tell you what. Detroit is scrappy.

Anyway who knows, maybe I have let my dislike of Angelo and Lovie blind me to how good the team really is. Maybe they are just one of those teams that beats you with opportunities. We will see by the end of the year, I just don't see the talent.

Bt the way Brandy being good once every 4 years does not make them a good team it just means they are having a good year. Rams and Chiefs are off to good starts too, maybe it's Bizarro year. Besides if you look at history the Bears have a big spending year about once every 4 years and make the playoff's on average once every 4 years in the last 20 years or so. So it's about time. I'll take my min 75% accuracy over your 25% accuracy any day of the year.

Oh and Kevin thanks for ruining the mystery. I am disgusted with you, not be because you are Crap-ton, but because everyone loves a good mystery, and you ruined it. At least Bumstead is still out there, although you just gave him even more ammo.

Don't go hide either. Take your medacine like a man, if I have to show up on this board getting hammered every week, you gotta come hoping in here with your foot in your mouth.

How could you blow that? Crap-ton was fun and you just ruined him. You cheeky little cheerleader.

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Sorry if me having an actual opinion and insight on the Bears offends your sense of blind conformity. Perhaps you two should paint your faces orange and blue squeeze into a nice snug Jersey together and and say things like "Da Bears, Da Bears, Ditka, Da Bears."

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