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Martz says Collins clear-cut backup

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If Jay Cutler doesn't play against the Panthers on Sunday, Todd Collins will get the start, offensive coordinator Mike Martz said.

You would think it would be a tough call since the Bears were content to start the season with Caleb Hanie as the backup before he was injured, prompting the team to sign the veteran Collins.

Collins was ineffective after replacing Cutler at halftime of Sunday night's game. He completed only 4 of 11 passes for 42 yards with an interception and a passer rating of 8.1. As previously pointed out on this blog, however, it was a tough spot for any quarterback, especially considering neither Collins nor Hanie get many reps in practice.

Hanie completed 3 of 4 passes for 36 yards during his brief stint.

As the more mobile of the two, a case could be made that he would be more effective. Martz, however, doesn't buy it.

"That's our judgment," Martz said when asked why Collins is the clear-cut No. 2. "That's the way we judge it. Todd's a guy who has played a great deal and won, and played exceptionally well at this level. We know what he is. He's demonstrated that in the preseason. He can play at a high level. It's just a question of getting him a little bit more familiar.

"We're very excited about Caleb and where he is. Caleb easily could be No. 2 right now. But because of the experience, and being in this competitive situation and knowing how to respond, and managing the game; these are things that are a little bit new to Caleb.

We know, at least I feel good about Todd, in those pressure situations, and we anticipate him managing the game very well and playing very well, and that's why he's the No. 1 (backup) and that's just kind of how we feel about it."

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The only reason Collins is ahead of Hanie is because the Bears pay Collins more! Nobody can convince me otherwise! Collins is horrible! The clowns at Halas Hall think us Bear fans are stupid! Keep on losing then clean house!

And this is one of the main reasons why this team can never develop a player. They always choose proven mediocrity over unknown potential. Granted it was just a few plays for both of them, but everyone could see Hanie did a better job against the Giants than Collins. Still, they'd rather play the guy who was out of work until the Bears called over the kid they've spent three years trying to develop. As if sitting on the bench is going to give Hanie the game experience Martz is looking for. This stuff drives me nuts.

The Bears are always releasing, benching and trading players that are better than the ones they receive or ignore (Orton for Cutler, Collins for Hanie, Thomas Jones for nothing and the list goes on). Good players seem to not want to come to Chicago, or if they're here, they don't play up to their potential until with another team (I wonder why?). Can someone explain?

I just got word that Todd Collins with start Sunday and Cutler will not play.....bad decision...I would stick with Hanie. What a waste of young talent. I've been a Bears fan for a long time and they still know how to mess up some good talent.

Hanie is certainly better. THe biggest problem with the Bears is Lovies arrogance! This team coudl have been to two or tree Super Bowls in the las 7 years if it were not for Lovies "I'm the man" attitude. He has wasted a very talented defense and why Angelo puts up with that i will never know. I guess this is because the bears are a business to the Halas family... I am sure George is rolling over.

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