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Martz addresses short-yardage woes

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The Bears have had nine opportunities to score a touchdown from their opponent's 1-yard line this season. They are 0-for-9.

"The goal line has been a real frustration for us," Martz said. "We have to continue to address that and make sure we're doing the right things. I'm kind of dumbfounded about it. But we'll address it. That's got to get resolved. We've got to get that resolved this week. Enough's enough. That's more of a coaching deal on me. You can do too much down there, and we've just got to let them play."

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This was mentioned on the ChicagoBears Chalk Talk, but I seriously think it would be a good idea to see what Henry Melton could do on short yardage situations, even if he just serves as a FB.

Melton isn't a William Perry experiment. He is an individual who had more than 100 carries and 16 TDs as a short-yardage specialist at Texas. The team needs to block, but having someone who can power a yard (as a runner or blocker) would help the situation.

The team also should activate Bell and see if he can do the job. If they must keep Wolfe active, find someone else to sit.

But Forte and Taylor are certainly struggling.

I second, third, and fourth using Melton on short yardage. I would love to see Melton check in as eligible and imagine how the crowd would go nuts to see him jog out to the huddle. He won't have a big size advantage like Perry did, but I think that his actualy, legitimate ball handling skills will make up for that. Then when the defense starts to key on Melton, you open up the play action and bootlegs.

At the very least, you get Jim Flannigan at fullback on the goalline, and he was pretty good I think. At best, you get someone like Perry who can bulldoze through and get 5 or 6 TDs for you through the course of the season.

Having Melton try to go through a hole that is not only plugged up, but also two yards further back at impact is like spitting on the fire to put it out.

Play action, motion and spread formations will open things up. I oppose the notion that a spread allows a better chance for the 'D' to slip a gap. D'oh!!! Zero for nine slips the gap.

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