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Mark Anderson is released, Charles Grant signed

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In a surprise move, the Bears have released Mark Anderson and replaced him with veteran defensive end Charles Grant, according to two league sources.

Grant, the 25th pick in the 2002 NFL Draft of the New Orleans Saints. Grant had 5 1/2 sacks last season for the Super Bowl champion Saints, but he was released in March.

Grant played for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League, but he was released earlier this week. After his release by the Saints, he was with the Miami Dolphins for training camp.

He had a possible four-game suspension looming in the NFL for the StarCaps situation -- along with Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams -- but a ruling has been delayed.

He was indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter stemming from a February 2008 altercation at a nightclub. In that incident, a pregnant woman was shot to death outside that Georgia club. Grant insisted he was not involved in the fight, and he pleaded guilty to a charge of public affray. He paid a $1,000 fine and got a year's probation, and ordered to pay $20,000 for the cost of the investigation by the sheriff's office. Grant still faced a civil suit by the family of the victim.

An NFL spokesman said the league will review case involving Charles Grant's plea under the Personal Conduct Policy.

Since tallying 12 sacks in 2006, as a rookie, Anderson hasn't come close to reaching that number. This offseason, he lost a battle to start opposite Julius Peppers to Israel Idonije, who had a sack Sunday against the New York Giants.

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wait wait wait... so we cut Alex Brown, who goes to the Saints, and pick up Charles Grant, who the Saints cut and replaced with Alex Brown??? Wow, good move Chicago.

It's official Charles Grant was just signed. This is and excellent move, and Grant is very similar in his play style to Alex Brown. Beyond our concerns with the offensive line, the ability to generate a pass rush outside Peppers is a major hinderance to our defensive productivity. The nice thing about Grant is that he is physical against the run and is a solid pass rusher as well. Great move by the Bears, now we need to figure out a move or two across that offensive line, althought I do like the ability of Edwin Williams as our center of the future when Kreutz retires.

Oh no I can't belive it. I knew just knew he would be a pro bowler. Ok Creighton I will pull down my trowsers so you can give me a spanking.

They should have kept old Oven Mitts Alex Brown. Pair him with Peppers and it would be a tough combo. Still pissed they cut Brown. Will we finally se if Wooten can play?


Bet they're wishing they just hang on to Alex Brown.

Hello Jerry it was the offensive line that needs help! McNeil or Mankins asap and just give up the draft for them. Cutler and season(s) to come depend on you doing something for the offensive line!!!!!!!

Jerry Angelo actually was prepared to offer a 2nd round pick for Grant, until Roger Godell informed him that the UFL doesn't accept NFL picks. Way to go Jerry!!

Gosh I sure wish I had the insight to see that Anderson was not a very good player. Or that he should be cut. If only I could see things with a critical eye.

It's funny for the first 3 weeks of the season the Creighton bashers where out in force. Not so much this week. Did something happen?

He gone. Hey if Anderson is cut because of his poor play, which he should be. How is Tommie Harris still on this team? I mean Harris has been benched and lost his starting job. Way to go Rod, Harris is usless and your guy who you love and talked up for two off-seasons just got cut.

Well now we may actually see Wootton play.

Hey should we give Rod credit for Coaching up Peppers just like he coached up Rice and Sapp. Hahahahahaha.

The defense has been good for two reasons, Peppers and Urlacher. Briggs has been good but it's pretty clear he is not as good when Urlacher is not on the field. I love the way they are using Peppers too. He gets to go out on the field and basically do what he wants. That's play calling.

Oh and this just in, Lovie was at the game also. He wanted everyone to know that. Maybe next time his QB is getting killed he can do his head coaching job and tell Martz to run the ball a little bit.

DFord McNeil is a Charger, he signed a new contract. Mankins is a stud but I doubt the Pats let him go mid-season.

Hmmmmm Bumstead, that's a big no. Armstead to, he is not getting a spanking either. That's a little to , just no.

I have problem with grant.

"Grant was indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter stemming from a February 2008 altercation at a nightclub in which a pregnant woman was shot to death outside a Blakely, Georgia nightclub. Korynda Reed, 23, and her unborn fetus died after being taken to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan after the fight early in the morning of February 3, 2008. Grant has said that he was neither an instigator nor a participant in the fight. Grant was arraigned on August 15, 2008.[7] The criminal case was resolved in May 2010 when Grant pleaded guilty to a charge of public affray, he was assessed a $1,000 fine and a year's probation, and ordered to pay $20,000 for the cost of the investigation by the sheriff's office; the more serious involuntary murder charge was dismissed. Grant still faced a civil suit by the family of the victim"

Sean this is off topic, but I read that this was Cutlers 3rd concussion which I didn't know. I also read that some players who have suffered from concussions struggle with the stadium lights in night games. Given Cutlers history in night games could it be possible he has a problem with the lights and may want to try a visor to help reduce the glear?

While I agree that we should be focusing on the offensive line, I do not agree with giving up anything significant for Mankins or McNeill. I would see if either team would give them up for a 3rd rounder, and if not, go sign Chester Pitts or start raiding practice squads for offensive linemen. Heck, why not elevate Marten from the PS to the active roster? imagine a field goal block unit with Peppers, Idonije, Marten, Webb, and Wootton up front....All 6'6 or taller, with long arms to boot....

As far as the DL, I don't know that I would have dumped Anderson, but now that they have, they should have moved Wootton up to the active roster. I know Lovie and Jerry are in "win now" mode, but how can you be sure that Wootton would not produce more than Grant, who was playing in the UFL because he couldn't get a deal? I would rather take my chances on the kid, but then again, my job isn't on the line.

Creighton you were clamering for Brandon Marshall. That dude is nothing but trouble. Now you have a problem with Grant? Yeah Grant was their when the shooting took place but had no involment. You werent their and neither was I but the evidence says he had nothing to do with any of that. Wrong place wrong time. Kinda like Ray Lewis.

Good move to let Anderson go never was a fan of his.

Before you go all nuts on me Creighton, I do not make it a habbit of mine to bash every player that I dont like. Garza I have in the past but not my Forte.

Woot Woot-ton

In an off-the-wall idea........It would be really awesome if Grant would do something big to help the Bears beat the Queens. Sounds like he is part of that trumped up legal deal that keeps the Williams "wall" playing even after they got caught doing steroids. It would be poetic justice if they had to pay the bill because Grant was along for the same ride.

Joe thumbs up. There is no O-Lineman out there that could do any better then what the Bears have. Sad but true. Sickens me when people(DFord) just spout off at the mouth without looking at the players that are out their. Bringing in an O-Lineman at this point is just waisting a spot. Trade for a established O-Lineman would be the thing to do. Thats a fat chance.

By Brando on October 5, 2010 4:06 PM

"Creighton you were clamering for Brandon Marshall. That dude is nothing but trouble. Now you have a problem with Grant? Yeah Grant was their when the shooting took place but had no involment. You werent their and neither was I but the evidence says he had nothing to do with any of that. Wrong place wrong time. Kinda like Ray Lewis."

Actually he was involved in the fight the caused the murder. That's what public affray is. Granted it's not his fault but I don't have to like the ccopany he keeps. And Lewis covered up a murder and everyone knows that.

"Good move to let Anderson go never was a fan of his.'

This is a lie.

"Before you go all nuts on me Creighton, I do not make it a habbit of mine to bash every player that I dont like. Garza I have in the past but not my Forte."

Well you have no problem bashing Cutler like you did today. And you Bash Garza as you pointed out. The fact is you don't bash a lot of guys because you think all of them are great. As you have pointed out time and again you state Angelo is the best GM in football. But I have never said you bash players. You claim to like all the players in hope a that you will latch onto one and eventually be right. I don't really think you care about the team anyway. If you did you would have been worried about the line and the health of the QB. Instead of bashing people who where worried about it. Like me and Gearhead. In fact you been bashing me for years, the last three weeks you been a regular role.

Not such a big mouth this week are you? What happened was I right about something and now it's time for you to be all quiet? But what do I know right? Hey the Bears face a beat up Panthers team that is not good to begin with this week. Maybe you can talk up the greatness of you and the Bears against that team.

By the way did you just call Matt Forte, your Forte? Is there something wrong with you? That you always feel a need to lay claims of things and people. "My Bears", "My Hester", "My Blog", "My Lovie", "Don't woory guys I will stop Creighton he is my enemy", "stay off my blog". What are you an only child? I got news for you, it's not your team, this not your blog, and you are nothing but a joke to me. Get a clue, I have a right to my opinion and don't tell me what to say or write. You got the nerve to bash me on a regular basis, but boy when the #### hits the fan it's all "don't be mean to me Creighton" You like one of those guys that likes to pick fights and talk big but never shows up for the fight. You run and you hide and you lie. Your a phony fan, your phony person, and your a loser. Branod just because you want something doesn't mean you get it, grow up. And don't you ever tell me what team I can or can't like, what I can write or can't write, how to be a fan or not be fan, who to like or who not to like. Worry about your own damn posts. Little Girl Brando picks a fight but boy when the worm turns you sure do act like a sissy. "Don't go crazy on me" You go crazy on me all the time.

Joe could you define what you mean by significant? Would a third round pick or even a second be to much to give up for a 28 year old guard who is a top 5 player at his position. Is great at both run and pass blocking. Joe when it comes to the practice squad guys, if you couldn't get a starting job on this O-line or even worse be a backup to these guys then your probably not good enough to be in the NFL. Mankins like Peppers is proven. While I wouldn't give up a first for him I would consider a second sense I think the Bears should consider using a second on the interior of the line in the next draft.

Here is a simple fact, you basically need 5 starters, you won't find them all in the draft. Even if you do it will take years to build the line. You need a guy like Mankins, a stud player who can both run and pass block with the best. Granted you will only get 5 or 6 years out of him but given the the Bears draft history, I will take the stud guard in his prime. It won't come close to fixing all the problems on the line but it would help. I am sure Cutler would be happy and I am sure Brando's Forte would be happy.

They don't fix that line and fix it fast they will ruin Cutler. Remember Carr, look what that Houston line did to him a few years back. I don't care how tough Cutler is. You don't let anyone do that to your QB. How many times did you see a Bears linemen not even touch a Giants defensive linemen. Peyton Manning does not take hits and it shows what that can do for a QB. Cause when teams do get to Manning he is not very good.

At least we know why the Bears thought Anderson and Harris are good, them have been practicing against the Bears line.

I knew are a Packers fan. Over by here, we Chicago folks do not refer to the Vikings as Queens....only cheeseheads do helps them cope with the separation anxiety incurred with losing Brett Favre to the Vikes.
Creighton, please spare us any player evaluation you might have, as it sounds quite prepostorous coming from someone who has no idea how a
player actually performed or is evaluated. You might as well be Brad fact i think you are Brad Biggs. It would take a severe dummy to try to pass off his video tape evaluation of Jay Cutler's sacks, as an authentic thoroughly evaluated substantial NFL report, like Biggs has done....that is a move that has 'Creighton' written all over it. Hub Arkesh is your only fan. I want to make it clear, I am not Hub Arkesh.

Payton Manning throws the ball when he needs to thats why he doesnt get SACKED!

In regards to not giving up too much to get Mankins. McNeil is not leaving SD.

Back to Mankins.....

It depends on if they want to do something this year or for the future. Since Smith and Angelo have no future if they lose too much, I would expect a deal to be made. Mankins is a good O-lineman. Is he worth a 2nd round pick who would be cheaper than Mankins, but might also be a bust with Angelo drafting?

Somehow, I expect a move to be made. Because they cannot have any consistency with taht O-line performing that way. The protection calls were correct. The Giants rarely blitzed. This is not a coaching problem. This is a talent problem.

The O-line sucks. And it doesn't matter what system is in place. These players will suck. Olsen can't block anything, even a corner. Forte is the best blocker on the team. The O-line simply does not win any battles, no matter what the play call is.

I don't really care what they do anymore. If they make a move for Mankins (or someone else), they might be a playoff team. If they don't, then I don't see them making the playoffs, and Smith and Angelo will be gone.

It's a win-win situation.

Brando I know you don't understand the law but comparing Marshall who has had some domestic legal problems for fighting with his girlfriend, to a guy involved in the killing of a woman and her unborn child seems like a really bad comparison. Anything ot get in a fight with me right? Fine you want it? You got.

By Brando on October 5, 2010 4:06 PM
"Creighton you were clamering for Brandon Marshall. That dude is nothing but trouble. Now you have a problem with Grant? Yeah Grant was their when the shooting took place but had no involment. You werent their and neither was I but the evidence says he had nothing to do with any of that. Wrong place wrong time."

That is a lie, he was not a case of wrong place wrong time and he was totally involved in it.

First off he was not innocent, he plea bargined down to a lesser charge affray (public fighting) that he was found guilty of. He and his friends got in a fight with another group of people, if he did nothing and was not involved he should not have been found guilty of anything. He was found guilty of public fighting, it just so happens in that fight one of his friends shot and killed a woman. So yes I have a problem with him. His friend who shot her also was only charged with affray(public fighting) and involuntary manslaughter. So please tell me how he had nothing to do with it. Grant had also been stabbed. Yet you claim he was not involved at all.

By Brando on October 5, 2010 4:06 PM
"Yeah Grant was their when the shooting took place but had no involment."

Fact Grant was found guilty of public fighting.

Fact Grant is still facing a civil lawsuit, and he's also facing a potential penalty under the Personal Conduct Policy after pleading no contest. That's NO CONTEST.

Fact Grants friend Laquient Macklin shot her.

Fact Grant was 100% involved.

Fact You lie all the time and once again you have been proven wrong by me.

You actually have the nerve to write this lie. Because you want to be right about something and get in a fight with me. Brandon Marshall has gotten in domestic arguments, Grant is involved in the killing of a pregnant woman and you think Marshall is the bad one andclaim Grant was innoccent and not involved. Bold faced lie. You think it's bad because I have a problem with this? Are you nuts? Your damn right I have a problem with that.

Please explain to me Brando how if he is found gulity of Public fighting, his friend shot the woman, and he plead no contest how he is innoccent and not involved at all and had nothing to do with it? Please explain your total lie of a post, while you sit there and defend a guy involved in THE KILLING OF A BABY and compare it to a domestic despute case the Marshall was found innoccent of.

Please because I would love to here this story. Explain your clear cut lie that he was found innoccent and not involved.

Here is the link to the report done by NBC.

Agreed Creighton, a 2nd round pick for Mankins is something JA has to investigate. The best thing for JA to do is just go ahead and resign. I am not one to get fired up like Creighton did but I agree, no one should be telling anyone what the should post. I am a poster who believes Lovie sucks and needs to go right along with JA and resign, he has taken this franchise and turned it into garbage. I have been a fan for 38 years and have seen to many great players but some pretty crappy teams. I hope Harris is traded or released, maybe JA should have packaged Harris,Anderson and a pick for Mankins.

No offense to Creighton, but it was me that was clamouring {correct spelling} for Brandon Marshall. And as I have stated many times, the past couple of seasons he's been a model citizen. He might be one of the few that was smart enough to realize that you don't mess with Goodell. I even brought up some reasonable and legitimate trade possibilities. I guess my "Bat" phone to Angelo's desk has been cut off. There would be less blitzing on Cutler if Marshall was lined up out there instead of the great Hester and/or Knox.

Once again, the Grant signing is another indictment of the Angelo/Smith talent evaluation ability. I am not going to be wishy washy and go back on what I said months ago about it not being a bad move to get rid of Alex Brown, it's just a shame that another mid round selection of Angelo's has fallen by the way side. Although he was the best cheerleader since the Honey Bears of 84. And this has also got to tell you that they see absolutely nothing that inspires them from Wooten. If they had, this would never have happened. You're not bringing in Grant to sit behind Wooten or Idonije. But, alas, the Bears got great value in Wooten. if this guy really was a "first round talent" he would be able to step in and make a contribution.

It's 10:00 P.M. and ESPN is reporting that the Vikings are going to trade for Randy Moss. It will be very interesting to see what the trade garners with respect to a draft choice. I am guessing that at Moss' age, it could be a 4th or 5th, but as desperate as the Vikings are, that could bolster it up to a 3rd. {Although, it's not Angelo making the trade.}


Easily one of the funniest posts ever on here. HAHAHA. That's Jerry to a "T".

Ryan I am going to guess you are a Forte fan by saying he is the best blocker on the team. He sucks at blocking, they had there best blocker on the inactive list(D. Clark). The money they wasted on Brandon M and not trading Olsen, just makes you got to love JA.

Man, this team is totally insane. I got the call this afternoon and made my brother repeat it three times, because I couldn't believe what he was saying. Not that Anderson was a great or even very good player, but who cuts starters or virtual starters in the middle of a season? And even more important, neither Anderson nor the defense was in any way responsible for the humiliation Sunday night. If they were going to cut somebody, why wasn't it an offensive lineman?

The good news is, it looks like the front office and coaching staff are imploding. If the Bears have another bad season, it will at least provide a chance, albeit a slim one, that they will clean house, beginning with the three stooges. Not that I expect this to happen, but all we can do is hope.

Mankins would be the best lineman we would have on this roster since Bortz and Thayer on the inside. Giving up a second rounder for a guy who would need several weeks to round into playing shape and get to know the offense is not great either. Cutler will be a Troy Aikman-level vegetable by then...

Looking at how we are playing, our second rounder is going to be the equivalent of a late first rounder (top 5-10 picks of the round), but I would give it up for Mankins. But the potential new regime is going to want all the draft picks it can get to rebuild around Cutler, so I don't think JA is being given that choice.

Long term, the play for Mankins is a smart move, but I do not think Angelo is being given any draft picks to play with. They are making him win or lose based on the roster he built over the last 5-6 years, and that is why we see so much desperation out of them.

The only choices they have are street free agents, UFL players, and practice squad players to improve the roster. So I say go after practice squad guys, because if nothing else, they are at least practicing every week, so they are in shape.

Let's see.....Harris still eating twinkies and taking a dive on every play, while Alex Brown & Mark Anderson, two popular players give exemplary effort on every play. Result: cut Brown and Anderson and replace with a frequently-cut defensive play with drug and legal problems. Sounds like a great winning combination to me.

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