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Marinelli talks about Tommie

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Rod Marinelli said Tommie Harris is playing better as the season goes on.

"I thought the last couple of weeks that he's been better and better," he said. "He's gaining ground every week. We thought he had a pretty good game last week so we've just got to stay the course and when you really start pushing the effort and fundamentals, the plays will start coming to you."

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Better and better compared to whom? For how much they are paying him, he is horrible!! He'll be gone when the new coaches come here next year!

You know, all we ever get from the Bears coaches is 'happy talk'.

Did everyone see what Michael Lombardi wrote this week on Smith?

This team needs a new management/coaching team, period.

Typical bears BS !!!!

This meathead should have been cut a year ago, at least.

Another waste of a pick by anjello. The Bears were told by team doctors, this guy has the body of a 35 yr old. BUT, anjello and all of his so called wisdom, still drafted him, and then a few years later, gave him a 40 million dollar contract.

This organization is owned by fools, who hired fools to run and coach the team.

You get what you pay for.

5 and 11 or 6 and 10 at best.

Make your decisions based on the consistencies you see over time.

Gaining ground on what? Wasn't he healthy for th first time all offseason, and able to participate in the full training camp for the first time since 2005? Shouldn't he have been at full-go for the season opener?

How can they possibly look at him and think they should keep him on the team? I would rather they kept Anderson, and dumped Harris. At least Anderson puts in the effort on game day...

Guys you clearly have not seen what Mr. Marinelli has done for one Julius Peppers. Peppers was almost a complete unkown before coming ot Chicago, he was so bad that his old team the Carolina Panthers didn;t even want him. Nobody did, but Rod got his hands on him and molded him into a Pro Bowl calibur player. Just like when Marinelli jump started the dead career of Simion Rice.

We need to get Gains Adams back. Dig up his corpse, straighten it up with a stick up his back, put him on wheels, and get him pass rushing. He and Tommie would be total beasts! Has a corpse ever made the Pro Bowl? I'd vote for it! Given that this is Chicago, I bet Gains will be voting in next week's election.

Remember last year, the Bears were gashed for over 40 points by the Cardinals and the Bengals. In both games, Tommie Harris was absent (he punched a Cardinal after the first couple of plays and got kicked out, which is a different story). I don't know if there's a direct correlation between the two, but I don't think it's completely unrelated either.

He's been criticized for being on the ground a lot, not making any plays, and some of that's true, I suppose.

But as I watch him, he still has the ability to slice through the line at times and disrupt plays using his speed, and he's not all bad. He's not particularly big by today's DT standards, so I can understand Harris needing that rotation with Toeaina (who by the way is playing pretty good). I'd say he's still a valuable part of the Bears D, and judging from where the D is ranked right now, I think I'm not half wrong. It's not like he's a hole in the D-line.

Is he worth the contract he got? Maybe not. But by hook or by crook, he's here now, and you play with what you got. Didn't somebody say that?

We already have a corpse on the line. That is Tommie Harris. The Bears play with only ten players when he is on the field. Harris spends his time laying on the field.

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