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Lovie Smith: Jay Cutler injury not long term

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While veteran Todd Collins will replace Jay Cutler at quarterback for the Bears on Sunday at Carolina, Bears coach Lovie Smith said after practice Thursday he does not expect Cutler to be out for an extended period.

''There's not reason to think that,'' Smith said. ''He's making progress.''

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While I agree with Smith, this is also the same guy who at his press confrence this week said Jay was fine and he expected him to play.

As for not being long term, Concussions are almost always long term and will have some long term effect in the long run. It's basically mild brain damage. Not usually a good thing.

I see Sean and Neil have brought in some reinforcments. This a one time thing Mark or are you coming on board?

Wow now Lovie's a brain surgeon. He should be specializing in motivation.

The perfect time to sit him, let his head get another week or 2 of rest. Jimmy Clausen will not tear it up hopefully. The Bears leave a winner, and the media can complain about something else. This Chicago media is a ride all the teams in town. You ride the players, the owners, and the other fans. All cities have the same problems as far as the sports teams.

Why does the media act like it is only the city the work it. Maybe because it brings the ratings up.

Chuck the only tears Clausen should see are is own. Unless someone comes up with the worlds worst game plan.

Not a long term injury Lovie? Really? As long as that o-line is trotted out there every game, concussions will be a long term injury for every passer and back that plays behind them. At one time I thought Angelo was the real problem with his bad drafts, but as Lovie continues to talk, he proves they both need to be replaced asap.

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