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Louis out with leg injury

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Guard Lance Louis has also been ruled out of the second half with a leg injury. He has been replaced with Edwin Williams.

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The worst game I have seen by Lovie. W@W not good not good at all. Defense was good, they did all they could do.... WoW realy bad very bad. Bad Bad Bad!

"If there is something positive it is only one loss"

Lovie Smith

Jay Cutler sacked 9 times in first half. Is this unexpected? The Bengals and Cardinals games last year both made me sick. This game ranks up there with them. I don't know if it can get much more pathetic on offense. Does the offensive line have no pride? No run blocking and no pass protection. What do you get paid to do? Get penalties, make sure the QB gets sacked or fumbles the ball. Here's your check. Spend your millions. And KNOW you're worthless

Well, this is exactly what I predicted when the Bears hired Mike Martz. I'm not happy to be right. I said that Martz's long-developing pass plays combined with the Bears' lousy offensive line would have Jay Cutler in the hospital by October.

The McCheapskys should be hanging under the Michigan Avenue Bridge. They are an embarrassment to the Bears, to Chicago, and to the NFL. The Bears are the only team in the league in a major city that does not have to share that city with another team (Jets & Giants, L.A. doesn't have a team,), and they should put Super Bowl-contending teams on the field almost every season. Instead, we get this bunch of clowns.

I've seen really bad offensive lines under Jim Dooley and Abe Gibron, but this is about as bad as I've seen. I don't know how the Bears won the first three games, but they'll be lucky to win more than one or two more this season.

.. If In An Effort To "Put The Best Players On The Field"?? They're Continuely Changeing-Out The (Terribly) Offensive Line.. (That Can't Block), They're Continualy Changeing-Out The Defensive Back Field.. (That Can't Cover), And They're Continualy Calling 7 Step Drop Pass Plays.. (That Don't Connect)..

Why Not Instead Attempt A Change That Will Actually Prove A Point.. And Change-Out A Head Coach, That Is Simply Incapable Of Any Type Of Motivation & Leadership?

Jimmy, Why Do You Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word?

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